~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

It's a Black Fly in your Chardonnay. It's a death row pardon two minutes too late. “Ironic”. Alanis Morrissette.

{We fade in on Ataxia sitting in a movie theatre. Behind him three or four rows of theatre seats are empty. He has a box of popcorn on the left and a big soda on the right. He is wearing his usual suit that he wears to the ring with the mask on, eyes and mouth unzipped. He smiles as the projector behind him starts to play.}

Ataxia: Wait something is missing...

{He pulls up a plate of rich cheese}

Ataxia: I always want some cheese to go with my whine.

{We start hearing the audio of Rishel's promo. Ataxia cuts some of the cheese and eats it as he watches the promo. He looks really interested for a moment and then puts down the cheese. As we hear a overplay of the audio he gets up and pulls out a fiddle from behind him and starts to play a very melodic tone as he walks away from the scene. We follow him out of the theatre and into the creepy set where he keeps playing this haunting tune until he stops in front of the coffin.}

Ataxia: Darling...I think we have a emo kid. What's that? Yes. I agree. He's being stupid. He thinks I'm going to make racist jokes about a white kid? Apparently. Yes. I agree. How could we be seeing a flashback of his father planning his kidnapping if he wasn't there to begin with. Or is this just something I am suppose to ignore.

As I sit there talking to my beloved.

Ataxia: What the hell?

I'm your internal monologue

Ataxia: Why do I need one of these?

To make you seem interesting.

Ataxia: But I am interesting.

You assume much.

Ataxia: Are you some sort of way I can make fun of Jaiden? Seriously this is annoying. Such a horrible idea. Really thinking that telling your thoughts would make you seem more interesting.

Ataxia: My thought exactly. So because you outlasted me by one elimination you think your better than me? Really stupid little boy. Crying because daddy didn't give you enough attention as a child? Oh. Cry me a (bleeping) river. If you want sympathy about bad daddy problems go talk to Shayde. Talk to another wannabe superstar just like you. Oh sure you won a hard fought match to qualify for ours right? Gee. You went in fighting the psycho brothers, bucky, and a girl. Wow. What a tough match for you. Me. I took on a real champion. I took on your partner and outlasted him because I played him for a sap. But that match did take a lot out of me. Am I calling sour grapes? No.

Something to consider when your fighting me fresh.

Ataxia: Now me. I can stand teaming with Linchy. Hell I am laughing at the idea. If he knew who was under this mask then he would be afraid. Just like you should be.

I know something you don't know...

Ataxia: And I know more. I know for a (bleeping) fact that you expect to be given things without earning things. Despite this mask keeping my true persona known there is one thing that I must say I am deep down even with the mask. I believe that people should get what they have earned. You. Have earned absolutely nothing. You expect Ace to just hand you a world title shot for what? Your pathetic. Coming from a man in the mask that should ring pretty true.

You like to criticize what you don't understand.

Ataxia: I find that quite humorous. Your lucky your dumb little presumptuous self didn't get sent back to curtain jerking. Me. I've made quite a name for myself in the short time I am here and your just daddy's little boy. Second generation superstar...not a wrestler.

You can't cut it junior.

Ataxia: In all honesty sir the name Jaiden Rishel is nothing more than a silly name for a silly little boy. Daddy didn't love me! Who cares. If I had a spawn like you I would ignore you to. Let's be fair kid. Your nothing like your old man. He's at least got a general idea of his place. You. You seem to think your some sort of godsend to wrestling. You sir are no messiah. Hell that's my gimmick.


Ataxia: Exactly. This is nothing more annoying than somebody trying to swaggerjack your mojo. To be quite honest thought at least your more entertaining than your so called partner. Oh woe is me I didn‘t “deserve“ to get betrayed. No? You. Got something you didn‘t deserve? Like that title for example. Oh I‘m sorry am I to assume you don‘t think that bad things don‘t happen to stupid people instead of opportunities in their laps. I think it‘s well deserved Chris.

Because you (bleeping) deserve to get your (bleep) beat down like a step child.

Ataxia: Exactly. Every dog has his day dog but this day just aint yours. To be honest your day of getting put to sleep is coming real fast. Lori screwed you over because I wound him up like a clockwork bomb and blew your chances out of walking out with something you didn’t deserve. Taking you out was easy. All I had to do was get someone so mad that he totally wouldn’t listen to you. You expected your team to function as a team and that was your mistake. Just like another one is thinking your going to bounce back. The truth is Chris. I’m not only here to take down Lori and now Shayde. I’m here to take everyone down a peg because that’s where you all belong. However. I find it funny that after seeing your promo I scarcely say you seem to have learned your lesson. For that. I applaud you.

Egad. Someone is hopeful.

Ataxia: However despite the fact that I am intrigued by this I do have to beat you. Sorry. It’s just what has to be done. This time however I’m not going into this with the same plan. This time I don’t have to wind up your partners to screw you over. You already got screwed. That’s not a partner, it’s a cry baby. Someone needs to get spanked. Oh and I think you’d like it you dirty little boy Jaiden. Fear not Chris. There is not a asspunch in your future. But I do have to say a paper bag? Does this mean you want to paperbag me and pretend I’m someone else? Do you want to meet my “darling” dear Chris Cortez?

You bring the bag…I‘ll bring the toe tag.

Ataxia: Before I go digging up dead things to do dirty things with I want to address one more thing with the dirty little crybaby. You want to get serious? Realllllyyyy. That’s funny. Because so far I don’t think your doing well with me just goofing around and having a good time. But if you want to get serious. Okay. In all seriousness little boy it’s about time for you to have a real try by fire. So you beat up a woman. You want a cookie? That seems to be the only think your focused on.

{We see Rei, the girl from the last promo show up behind Ataxia. She‘s wearing a black tanktop, black jeans, and boots.}


Ataxia: Sorry sweetheart. Parody time is over. I’m sorry but the convient girl showing up was going to take up the rest of this promo but junior wants to get serious. Okay. You want serious. I’ll give you serious.

Your gonna get it now…

Rei: What’s with the yellow boxes?

Ataxia: Trying to add some entertainment to a otherwise lackluster channel of promos.

{Eric, the cameraman, moves the camera to where we’re focused on Ataxia’s midsection as we hear the sound of the mask coming off. Ataxia walks over to the coffin and stands behind it. The camera moves to where we see him. Shadowed we can’t make out his face. The mask lying on the coffin fully open looking slightly creepy against the black coffin.}

Ataxia: No playing around little boy? Okay. You want to get serious and stop playing games then stop the whole whiny kid act before I give you a reason to go crying like the little (bleep) your acting like. Your better than this because your better than your father and you know it. You can pull this “I should get a world title shot” with anyone else around here. Chris Cortez even seems to buy that your going to get one at him. Linchy is probably scared to face you. Biff knows you can beat him by throwing a doughnut down on the ground in front of him. Everyone here should be slightly paranoid about you. You stayed out longer than anyone except Mobley. That’s a accomplishment. You even lasted longer than me. Again I commend you. But I want to point out something to you. Ultimate Survival was not me at my top form. This match is not even going to be me at my top form. If I go one hundred percent Jaiden it will reveal who I am. To teach you a real lesson boy though I’m almost willing to take off the mask and then watch the horror on your face as you realize just how much you have (bleeped) up. No. I’m not going to kidnap you to screw with your head. I’m going to do what your father should have done a long time ago. As soon as he found out your mom was knocked up he should have punched her in the stomach. I’m going to abort you Jaiden because just like Chris you are going to get what you deserve.

Rei: Nice.

Ataxia: Your still here?

Rei: Yep.

Ataxia: I’m surprised your not selling the truth out to make some cash. You know who I am.

{She walks over to him and puts her arms around his shoulders.}

Rei: Maybe. Just maybe. I like the man behind the mask.

Eric: On that note it’s my lunchbreak. See you to later.

Ataxia: Mood killer.

Eric: Eh always leave them wanting more Ataxia.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow

{Fade to Gray…}