~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“I hurt myself today. To see if I still feel. I focus on the pain. The only thing that's real. The needle tears a hole. The old familiar sting. Try to kill it all away. But I remember everything. What have I become. My sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away. In the end. And you could have it all. My empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you hurt. ”. Hurt. Nine Inch Nails.

{We fade in on the “creepy set”. Nothing appears to be going on. We see Eric, the cameraman, come into view and readjust a lens and then picks up the camera. We walk around a bit trying to find Ataxia and we finally find him in a room off to the side labeled “Dressing room”. We go into the room and we see the Ataxia costume hanging up and the mask on a manikin head. In the darkness of the room we see a shadowy form sitting in the chair near a mirror which still gives us no clue to who he is. In this room are pictures of the roster of GCWA. Also some new additions from CWF. }

Ataxia: What is it?

Eric: Well I'm here to do your promo? I've been waiting for a good hour for you to come out and do your little song and dance.

Ataxia: Do I look like someone who sings and dances to you?

Eric: In a word. Yes.

Ataxia:...I am not in the mood.

Eric: When are you ever with that mask off?

Ataxia: Touche.

Eric: Something's bothering you isn't it? Is it what happened at the battle royal?

Ataxia: No. Far from it. It's these two.

{Ataxia points to the pictures on the wall of Liam Shayde and Lorenzo Demarco.}

Eric: Planning your next move?

Ataxia: There isn't going to be a next move. I'm done.

Eric: Why?

Ataxia: Last Inferno I crossed a line I said I wouldn't cross again. I failed to keep a promise and my word has been broken.

Eric: Did you make the promise to ehh...

Ataxia: No. To myself. I want you to take a good look at the eyes of those young men after I beat them within a good inche of spending a week in the hospital. It was so easy. Rookies always make that mistake. They think they're untouchable. They think that no one will take the low road and bust them wide open. They think like all young people. That they are invincible.

Eric: I take it that was you at one time.

Ataxia: I lost my belief in being invincible a long time ago. Before I even laced up my boots. It was a act of violence when I realized that the man I admired the most at the time could be taken out so easily by something so simple. He underestimated me and I made him pay for it. That's been how things have been since I was a child. I have been betrayed and those who betrayed me I made them pay.

Eric: So this was because Shayde stabbed you in the back?

Ataxia: AHAHAHAHAHA. Who could blame him? Look at me! Look at me! Dear God I shouldn't exist. My first reaction to this wasn't that he was making a decision for himself and choosing a wrong choice. My first reaction was TRAITOR! Kill him! This crap with Lori goes back even further. I manipulated a man into a fury. A frenzy. Now he's going out of his way to beat me. He wants to break me. He wants to finish me off.

Eric: So fight him.

Ataxia: I am tired of fighting monsters I help create. I am tired of always being the one who goes over the edge to win. What's winning really? When you feel like everything you have ever touched in your life is nothing more than a shell of what it could have been. I have nothing. They have their whole careers ahead of them however short and meaningless they are. I put something into both of them. I put in my hate. I put in my rage. I put in my fear. They will never trust anyone again as long as they lace up as much as they would have if I hadn't beaten them and embarrassed them. You can win a match and anyone in this industry will let it go but if you embarrass someone in that ring. They will dog you until they get revenge. Hot revenge or cold it does not matter. They need to feel something right again after what I did.

Eric: So what are you going to do just quit?

Ataxia: I hate to say it but why should I keep going? What's the point? Those boys are already screwed up with my influence. My legacy is to bring about another me. I think not. No. I won't do it. Not any...

{The phone rings. Ataxia picks up his cellphone and answers.}

Ataxia: Yes? Hello Linchy. Howse the family? No that's nevvvveerrr happened to me before. I'm not sweating what happened. Little brat got the suit pants it happens. You did fine Linchy besides I don't care about wins or losses. Okay. So what's your plan. Uh-huh. HAHA! Oh that's funny! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Totally dig it man. Yes. Yes. Let me think on that and I'll get back with you. Yeah sure. All right. I'll talk to you later.

{He hangs up the phone still laughing for a moment until he looks back at the photos and the mask.}

Eric: Spoiling your fun again?

Ataxia: Have you ever regretted anything in your life Eric?

Eric: Yeah. I regret not taking Jenny Spencer out when she wanted to jump my bones back in high school. Of course she was a little runt of a girl then but later she turned out to be a super model. Now. Hell. She wouldn't go after a guy like me.

Ataxia: That's your one regret.

Eric: What's yours.

Ataxia: I have three hundred and sixty five of them for every year since I was nine years old. Every day I got up and I wanted to make something hurt. Even behind this mask it would be so easy to take The Johnson brothers and tear them apart. I could even rig it for brother to turn against brother. All for my own amusement. People are so easily manipulated. It's sad really how simple it is to turn one man's love into the same man's hate. All I would have to do is plant a seed. Oh they love each other. Oh they want to be there for each other. Just one slip from me in a strategic setting and Bucky hits Chucky or vice versa. That leads to anger and doubt. All I then have to do is every time we fight to keep doing this. Then the front office will notice. When that happens they'll be booked into a match with each other for Bucky's title if he still has it. If not a regular grudge match. I could make those brothers who love each other want to kill each other in a ring. Then all I'd have to do is after the carnage is over. I could stand their and laugh. Or. I could beat the hell out of both of them. It would hurt. It wouldn't hurt as much as what they just went through. Nothing is more painful or satisfying that getting in a fight with a family member.

Eric: How long did it take you to plan that out?

Ataxia: In the time it took you to take a piss. It's what comes through my mind when I'm bored. When I have time to actually plan something that's when things get interesting. People will end up in a life altering situation. It would be easy to turn Chucky and Bucky into polar opposites of what they are now. The would be vindictive. The would be hateful. They would be what I use to be, and sadly what I still am under that mask. Of course considering Bucky's attempt at a promo is nothing more than a television rated G performance of bumbling goof I really do not get why I don't do it.

Eric: So your not going to screw with them then?

Ataxia: Why should I? I mean back in the day I suppose it would be something to do. This just doesn't feel like I should be anymore. Eh. I'm waxing philosophically again.

Eric: Well I am not a philosopher. Matter of fact the only books I read are James Bond novels. However I think one thing might need to be said here that does from from that. You only live twice.

Ataxia: I don't follow.

Eric: You only live twice. One life for yourself and one for your dreams. I say if your going to give this whole turn around thing a though I say you stop being such a jerk with the mask on and start being what you want to be.

{He takes the Ataxia mask off the head and tosses it to Ataxia.}

Eric: Now I'm almost out of tape. If your going to do what your going to do. Do it. Or just sit here in the dark and be angry with yourself. I think your biggest problem is you have never forgiven yourself for anything you have done so you feel expected to be this bad person. Once they take that mask off of you and it is coming. Once that happens. Your not going to be able to hide who you are anymore. Your going to have to deal with everything you have done. Rather they cheer you or not. So you've got now till that time to make the difference. So do it. Or don't. Either way. We both get paid.

Ataxia: Thanks. I'll be out in a minute for the second one.

{Eric takes the camera and walks out of the room but we hear as we exit a haunting tune on the violin.}

Eric: What is that tune?

Ataxia: My own composition. I call it Peaceful Tolerance.

{Fade to Gray...}