~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell. I wanna kill you, I wanna blow you...away. I can do it you gently. I can do it with an animal's grace. I can do it with precision. I can do it with gormet taste. But either way. Either (way), either way. I wanna kill you. I wanna blow you... Away. I can do it to your mind. I can do it to your face. I can do it with integrity. I can do it with disgrace. ”

{We fade in on Ataxia in full costume now fully lite getting ready to star this promo. He stands arms out with a flock of ravens flying behind him. His cane in one hand and his top hat in the other. He is wearing his black suit and tie along with his black gloves and shoes. The mask fully released to see his eyes and lips, both painted black. His eyes the color of his teeth, yellow and dingy.}

Ataxia:AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Ahhh screw this!

{He throws down the hat and cane and walks away from the scene and just starts kicking things around. Tombstones, crates, etc. He finally just slams his hands against a wall.}


Eric: So we going to do this?

Ataxia:...No. Not like we usually do anyways.

Eric: So what are we going to do.

Ataxia: Let's cut the comedy for once. Parody can only be so funny without some truth to it. For example. Let's take a look here at my opponents. I got one really simple question and maybe you can all answer it for me? WHERE THE HELL ARE CHILD SERVICES! Seriously people? It's a baby. Responsible. I mean this so let me stress it. RESPONSIBLE PARENTS! Do. Not. Go. After. People. Who. Kidnap. Their. Babies! You let the police handle it! You let the state version of the FBI handle it. Hell you let the FBI handle it if you have to but for God's sake your trusting a complete stranger to save your baby from a complete stranger? Am I the only one calling for a reality check here? What is wrong with you people. You know if I was a parent. I would so be calling every child service person in the country and make sure that poor child that shares your genetic structure would end up with someone who is at least partially competent. Kind of like how CWF Bucky seems to be able to talk normal but yet GCWA Bucky has to be Larry the Retard! Now I admit my “gimmick” is a shame. Everyone knows that this is a shame. I admit the mask is to hide a great big surprise! I wear this to prove a freaking point and yet you try to act like we don't see the difference? I mean come on.

Eric: Kinda getting a little dark here aren't ya?

Ataxia: Oh I can be dark and moody and still be a good guy! Who says I can't be in the right and be freaking angry about it! This is a load of crap! Everything in this federation is a load of crap! Yeah I beat up those two kids but look at what it's done for the program. Everyone is wanting to know who is going to win and who is going to lose at Capital Punishment. I already tell you who has lost. It's me. I've already lost it! I beat your little wannabe butt into submission and I let you recover. Why? Why!? Why in God's name didn't I finish you off when I had the chance! Simple. Really. (Bleeping). Simple. Think about it Lori! You know. Use that brain for something besides attempting to rhyme this and that and hiss and dat and (bleep) and shat. Come on you little pathetic wannabe rapper wrestling superstar. It's easy. It's so easy that a two year old can figure it out. I set this whole thing up for one reason and one reason only. To make you a star!

{He moves in close the camera and then starts pacing back and forth as we follow.}

Ataxia: Think about it. Before I screwed with you. What was your biggest claim? Who saw you as anything else but a possible future jobber? No one. No one would have given you a chance. I saw what everyone else has. That your nothing. That your going to be nothing for the rest of your career. All I did was get you so darn mad at me that all you could see was me and red. Then look what you did with it! You pretty much eliminated the IC Champion! You got one up on him. Because of me you did that! Because of me everything has happened to you. Same for that other little crybaby! So you got hurt junior? Good! I'm glad! Because I know what's going to happen this week! You and your little “buddies” are going to get revenge. I hope you make it worthwhile because I am not going to stop you! I am going to let you do whatever it is you want to do! I want you to get it all out of your system! Then!

{He gets right into the camera. We refocus as the “Messiah Pariah” starts to preach.}

Ataxia: When I stand back up! When I take all you little wannabe's little attempts on my life and I still get back up! When I get up and I laugh maniacally I want you to know that I let each of you get there. I took you all up a peg in your game for one purpose and one purpose only! To make you all hated! Right now they hate you more than me! Right now they want me! ME! To bash your (bleeping) brains in! I turned you into the villains of this piece because I can and I will keep doing it until it suits me to throw you disrespectful little upstarts out of the way! You think you can get away with these niave and wannabe rapper promos in my world! You think you can get away with being a retarded little child in my world! You are all not even fit to get into the ring with the likes of jobbers I have broken! Liam! You will never be your father! You will never be anything more than a footnote in wrestling history but you'll be the one to last the longest! Screw playing nice! Screw doing things the right way! Screw trying to be something I am not! Screw all of you! Which is exactly what I have done since the start! When this mask comes off I will shock the world! I dare you to try it! I dare you to try and reveal who I am! I don't think either of you have the stomach to try it. Hell! Bring that little upstart stupid kid that came out of the rafters to do it. I will make him famous to as the third fool who I road killed into the dirt! There will be no peaceful tolerance for you anymore. No one will cry for you! You deserve everything that happens to you three because you haven't earned (BLEEP)! You will all feel my unmitigated fury! Starting after Inferno...the time is going to start to run out. Liam. Watch my match at Capital Punishment! What it hard! Bucky! Chucky! Your the last ones to face a SANE Ataxia! Because at Capital Punishment the lesson will be learned! I will show Lori just how much punishment I can take! All I have to do is ask one favor! I think it will suit you just fine Lori...We want to end this? You really want to end it! Well...IT'S NOT OVER TILL I SAY IT'S OVER AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! It's never going to be over! But I will put you away none the less! At Capital Punishment the real fun time starts for all of you! The real mission of Ataxia will start to unfold! The real face of true terror in GCWA will start to show itself! You will fear me! You will hate me! You will loathe me! And they...

{Ataxia claps his hands. Louder and Faster.}


{Ataxia rares back and punches the camera...Static...Then Fade to Gray}