~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Define your meaning of fun To me it's when we're gettin' it done I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop So get ready for another one Let's take a trip down memory lane The words circulate in my brain You can treat this like another all I'm saying But don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain It's been a long time coming And the tables' turned around Cause one of us is goin' One of us is goin' down I'm not runnin', it's a little different now Cause one of us is goin' One of us is goin' down! ”

{We fade into a hospital room. We see a man in a full body cast at his bed. We can't see who it is but we can tell that he is really been messed up. We see a nurse walk into frame.}

Ataxia: (cough) Can I get some water?

{The nurse takes a cup with a straw and gives the guy in the full body cast a sip of water.}

Ataxia: Thanks. Now I want to talk to GCWA about something right now. I want to talk about how to give a beatdown. I want to talk to you all about where crossing the line is. I want you to take a look at me right now...Eric! Eric!

{The camera pans over and we see Ataxia sitting in a bed looking pretty well. His face is all bandaged up. We can't tell who he is but he does have his mask off. Hair, skin, everything is covered up except for the eyes which we can't really tell what color they are from this distance. Also the mouth area is opened up. He is wearing a black “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt. Whatever else he is wearing is under the sheets. His arms have got a few bruises and bandages on them. His wrists have got some nasty bruises from the handcuffs. What we can tell from his arms though is that he has no tats but does have some interesting scars on them.}

Ataxia: What the hell are you doing filming that guy who was in that transfer truck accident when I'm talking to you!

Eric: You don't have your mask on. Plus I thought it'd be funny.

Ataxia: Yeah because wearing the mask would make sense with my face all bandaged up. Do I look like I'm in a happy mood right now? Do I look like I want to show some comedic twist to you?

Eric: No you look like like my mummy

Ataxia: You pun making privlidges have been revoked.

Eric: Aww.

Ataxia: Back to the subject at hand. So I bet the NFB is wondering what's going on? Why isn't Ataxia in traction like that poor bastard over there. Hell he even looks like he's doing pretty well right now. Well to be honest I'm not to messed up. Matter of fact it's the most wussy beating I have ever taken in my life. Apparently your daddies didn't beat you children up enough as a child to actually know how to take a guy out. I let you! I let you! I knew it was a setup and I went right into it! Three cops? If you were really intimidated by me you would have called in a whole swat team. A nice prelude with three on one for the rest of the night or should I say four. Oh I got a little nit to pick with your little mantra your pathetic team has. Nobody is better eh? Oh. I beg to differ. Matter of fact I aim to disprove it faster and more efficient than you three could ever do. You think just because you got some backing from the front office that things are going to change? Ha. You three idiots and the rest of these fools who align themselves with this rat are in for a surprise. The Great One has never been able to follow through with anything in a proper manner. So this comes as no surprise to me. This is nothing more than a shallow waste of your “talents”. No. I'm sorry. I can't even say your talented any more. All of you have truly proven to me at how much you can't do the job. I guess that's why I am here now. To make sure you learn a real lesson.

Eric: What about Xtreme?

Ataxia: Oh I have plans for him. I have a great plan indeed. See I've kept most of my identity to a minimum around here. I'm going to have to show exactly what I am good at right now. At Inferno, I hate to give spoilers, but I am putting in a call to the office. I am requesting. No. I'm demanding this. I want a flaming triple tables match!

Eric: Whoa. Are you sure that's a good idea Tax? {Ataxia sighs for a moment and then reaches from under the bed and pulls out a bedpan and chucks it at Eric. Eric gets out of the way. It's a clean bed pan but we get the idea. We focus back on Ataxia. } Ataxia: (BLEEP) YOU! I know what the hell I am doing boy.

Nurse: Be quiet Mr. (Bleeped out, we aren't that stupid).

Ataxia: My apologies. Look I gave my word to Xtreme at Ultimate Survival that I would face him in a hardcore match. I told him I would do that. I am many things. Mostly things that would make NFB pee themselves like the little boys they are if they knew. No I want to get a real beating. I want them to see how it's really done. These injuries. These attempts. These are nothing compared to what a real man can do when he wants to beat the ever loving hell out of someone. These boys are about to learn just how much punishment I will take. Because I am going to give Xtreme the same chance that I gave them. I'm going to take his best shots.

Eric: Tax. Don't take this the wrong way man but Xtreme has come close to putting down a lot of people in those matches.

Ataxia: I'm counting on it.

Eric: Do you have a deathwish?

Ataxia: Yep. Fortunately no one here can even come close to bringing it on. No one here has the balls. No one here has the guts. No one here is (bleeping) nuts! Everyone here thinks that they are some kind of bad mother (bleeper) who thinks they can take down anyone. I hate to tell you this but Biff is the world champion. Do you know what that says to the rest of the wrestling world. Welcome to the kids playground. GCWA is a joke. After what's all happened here I am beginning to wonder if I shouldn't just send down the last punchline and take it down myself. I really am so tempted to do the wrong thing again. I am so tempted to not put that mask back on and just do what I feel is natural. I should just go off and kill all of their little hopes and dreams with one fall swoop.

Eric: Your serious?

Ataxia: I'm trying hard man. I am trying so hard to be the good guy here. It's difficult. It really is. I don't know why I even bother anymore. They're all lost at this point to the machine. He'll chew those boys up and spit them out and I am trying real hard to justify helping them get out of something they don't know what they are getting into. I know his type. He's an animal in the worst way. See Xtreme and I have something in common. We admit what we are. Xtreme just wants to hurt people because he is hurting. I use to be that way. Blaming everyone and everything on how much my life sucked. I eventually got over it. Maybe facing me will help him out in a way.

Eric: Well that sounds nice of you...what's the catch?

Ataxia: See. That crap right there. Everyone thinks I have to have some angle to do what I do. Let me tell you something. There are people in this world who do the right thing not because they have to or to get something. They do it because it's the right thing to do. It's simple. Normally I don't follow this idea. Normally I beat the hell out of people, get my check, and go home. You know how often I think about Lori, Liam, and Landon during the week? This week in particularly? About five minutes before you showed up because they are nothing to sweat over. I only think about them when I have to work. I only think about my prey before I get hungry. Xtreme and I have a understanding. We like pain. We feed off of it! It's my bacon and eggs. TGO. He feeds off of talent. Since he never had any to begin with. A loser with an attitude. He's always been that way. Back in the day, The present, and if he is allowed to he'll still be a loser when his time runs out. There is no future with TGO. Ace is bad. Ace is a pain in the butt. But Ace isn't TGO. These little brats think they deserve something cause they gained some notoriety thanks to me. Don't deny it kids if I hadn't touched your lives you'd still be curtain jerking. You think your going to use me as a stepping stone. No kids. I'm going to use you just like TGO is going to use you. To push myself up and get what I want. Nobody's F'n Better eh? Well maybe if you had some talent in that stable of yours I'd be afraid. But you don't. All you have is a bunch of young pups and a snake. Come Inferno I'm going to teach you all a lesson. Come Inferno NFB is going to learn not to “F” with me. Come Inferno I'm also going to teach Xtreme just how much I can take.

Eric: Why are you telling them your gunning for them? We can edit that out.

Ataxia: Leave it in. I want them to see it coming. So when they think they have me they learn that I am SOMEONE BETTER!!

{Fade to Gray}