~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“The good life is what I need. Too many people stepping over me. The only thing that's been on my mind. The one thing I need before I die. All I want. Is a little of the good life. All I need. Is to have a good time. The good life. All I want. Is a little of the good life. All I need. Is to have a good time. The good life. ”. The Good Life. Three Days Grace

Ataxia:...Are you ready?

{We see the camera cut on finally and we see a black and white video start up. It's Ataxia wearing his mask but in plain clothes. He's wearing a black “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt, black jean, and black shoes. His hand still have the gloves on. Opera gloves that go up to his t-shirt sleeve. It's right outside the arena and we see fans screaming when they see him! He's still a good ways off}

Ataxia: Ohhhhh did you really think I was done just so easily? Really? Brass knux and a baseball bat was the best you retarded fools could come up with. Oh snap he's got his mask on still I guess we'll just let him drown in his own blood while he wearing it. Really? I think the real reason why someone didn't take off the mask was because they were afraid they were wrong about who is underneath this. See you can handle a loss Liam but you can't handle being wrong. See when NFB doesn't work out and your dumb self looks like the fool that I know you to be we all know what's going to happen. When you are proven wrong! Dead F'n Wrong! When. WHEN! When that happens boy. I am going to enjoy crushing what little bit of a career, the son of the most over hyped pile of trash this industry has ever produced, that you still have boy! I'm going to love it! I'm going to enjoy taking everything from you! I will show you the true meaning of pain. You done screwed up. You had me. You had me hanging like a pinata and you didn't do anything! You tried to look bad (bleep) and you failed miserably. Oh but don't worry you did something smart.

{Ataxia walks starts heading over to the crowd.}

Ataxia: Your running buddies are stupider and have less talent than you do. Obviously the “Silence” gene missed a generation on the other side of the fence. Seriously I would wonder if this guy is as dumb as he's acting but if we see you dad's old promo's Liam we can see where Chase got his skills from. Such witty wording such as how “awesome” he is. Makes me long for the days when ASW was relevant. Seriously I swear this kid is more retarded than Bucky. He's going to be the freaking tag along of this stable. Although I did think it was funny when he thought I would bite him. Ha Ha! Oh man you really are teaming with the front runners for the special olympics. Yes I do realize that the GCWA legal department just crapped a brick. Let them. They're going to poop out a whole ton when I get done with Lori. Damn little white boy wannabe couldn't even beat a man down like a proper black man. Nasty Nucka you let me live? Nah. Dawg. Don't worry. I'm sure your going to enjoy what I have planned for you this week. It's gonna be fantastic. Now let's set out to do something fun.

{He gets right up the crowd and starts shaking hands and signing autographs.}

Ataxia: So how are you all today?

Fan #1: AWESOME!

{Ataxia smiles through on the mask and signs the kid's program for tonight's show. He signs a few more of these before someone comes over to him wearing a GCWA badge, suit, and a really bad hair cut.}

Guy: Excuse me folks! Ataxia has to leave now! Sorry!

Ataxia: What the hell are you doing?

Guy: Saving your (bleep) from ruining your image for tonight.

Ataxia: I'm wearing a rejected halloween lucha mask how the hell can I ruin that image?

Guy: These people shouldn't see you before the show. Your ruining the “storyline”.

Ataxia: Your new here aren't you?

Guy: What does that matter I've worked for other promotions. Your screwing up a big pay off tonight.

Ataxia: First off. I'm not screwing up anything. These people pay to see me, if they want autographs or pictures why not give it to them.

Guy: I don't know how about suspension of disbelief? Don't you know anything about drama? Everyone here thinks your halfway to dead.

Ataxia: From the beating those pansies handed me? Your kidding right? Trust me they'll get they're payoff tonight because I'm going to show them how to give a real beating with my match with Xtreme.

Guy: Like Xtreme is going to be someone they want to see. Everyone knows this is a squash match.

Ataxia: Excuse me for a second folks.

{Ataxia grabs the guy and pulls him up to the fans.}

Ataxia: You really need to learn to shut your mouth.

Guy: Let go of me! I work for the network!

Ataxia: Good for you? Want a cookie?

Guy: What are you so upset about? I'm just trying to do my job?

Ataxia: And I told you to buzz off! You did your job. You repremanded me. Then you insulted a fellow wrestler. Probably the one of the few that I look forward to facing. You people make me sick. Your what ruins this business. You act like the only thing that matters is winning. The thing that matters is these people get a show. Look at the card! Do you see any other match that anyone really wants to see?

Guy: Rishel vs...

Ataxia: I swear if you mention that M.C. Hammer wannabe in my presence your going to find out just how darn angry I can get.

Guy: You aren't going to hurt me. I could have you fired!

Ataxia: Your right. The old me would have kicked your butt. As a matter of fact I am really trying hard not to break your darn face in. I'm going to make a bet with you instead.

Guy: Okayyy...

Ataxia: I'll bet you that tonight these fans get really entertained by my match with Xtreme and if I win you have to be my new friend!

Guy: Okay. If I win.

Ataxia: I'll take off the mask and you can help the network decide how to debue my faceless form to the masses. You'll get the scoop of a lifetime.

Guy: Ha! You got a deal man.

Ataxia: Good. Now get out of here before I change my mind and give you a rectal exam with a metal pipe!

{The guy runs off fast as Ataxia turns back to the fans. He takes a step back and holds up his arms.}

Ataxia: I hate to cut this promo short Eric but I think there's really nothing more to say. I respect Xtreme. I think this is going to be the only match for a long time that I am going to look forward to because that man is at least facing me like a man. Not being a little whiny child and trying to gang up on me. One on one. Blood for blood. This is going to live up to his name sake. This will be Xtreme. Now put that camera down. HEY! Photo-op with my buddy here!

Eric: You want me in a photo-op with you?

Ataxia: Friends tend to do stuff like this don't they. Come on! It'll be fun!

Eric: All right...no bunny ears.

Ataxia: Wouldn't dream of it.

{Fade to Gray...}