~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

ďYo,This kind of music, use it, and you get amped to do shit. Whenever you hear some shit and you can't refuse it. It's just some shit, for these kids, to trash they rooms with. Just refuse whenever they asked to do shit. The type of shit that you don't have to ask who produced it. You just know - that's the new shit. The type of shit that causes mass confusion. and drastic movement of people actin stupid. ĒFight Music. D12.

{We fade in on the interior of a limosine. Inside of it we see, in the back seat, Ataxia. HeĎs wearing a white suit and black tie. White shoes. White gloves. Next to him is a long white box. The mask is unzipped and looks really cleaned up.}

Ataxia:ÖI want everyone to know I am not a racist man. So when I say this I want it to be made perfectly clear when I say you are the dumbest black man I have ever had the displeasure of hearing anyone speak. You spent a entire promo bashing Obama?

{Ataxia shakes his head and sighs as he puts his hand over his face for a moment and then looks up at the camera.}

Ataxia: Welcome to last year. Welcome to something that might have freaking mattered last year. You think anyone watching a wrestling promo gives a flying crap about your angry black man conspiracy theories? Because thatís all this is. A cop out. Just like what is going to happen after I kick your butt at Capital Punishment. You donít seem to grasp something. You keep making excuses for everything that is wrong with your life. Your excuse for college was you wanted to make momma proud? What about making Lorenzo proud? I never went to college, but if I would have I would have done it for me. Not to make someone else proud of me because there would be no pride in it for me. You always do what your told Lori. Thatís what makes you weak. It must really urke you that this white boy is still more successful than you are. Look around you Lori. Iím all by myself. I donít need two token vanilla boys to make me legit in this industry. I donít need TGO telling me what to do like heís the ďmanĒ. Your nothing more than a glorified errand boy.

{Ataxia pulls out a silver pocket watch and looks at the time. He sighs before he starts talking again.}

Ataxia: But wait thereís more. Apparently you think this is Christmas. Well allow me to be the ghost of Christmas Payback! You see every time you have faced me youíve all been wound up like a little toy and just come in swinging. I know you got a new strategy this time but letís face it. Itís going to fail. Hereís why. You think this is reality. No. In reality. In the real world people would be keeping a man like me off of a man like you. Theyíd say what I am going to do to you in this match would be a hate crime. The beating I am going to hand you is going to make all the little tiny amount of pain you have caused me seem like nothing and itís only going to be ten percent of what your going to get. Iím doing this with no backup either. Just because I have teamed up with Linchy doesnít make me a member of his little team. I am not aligned with The Danger Boiz either. Itís just me. Me against you and the dimwit cousins. You say I am desperate for attention? Look at you. You canít even talk about anything relevant to the issue. The issue is you versus me and all you can do is make fun an (bleep) out of yourself talking politics with some little crackhead who no one cares about. Your supporting cast is like the ugly girl on a cheerleading squad. No one cares! You think your making me desperate? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAÖ

{As he recovers from laughing so hard he looks at the watch again.}

Ataxia: Oh yes. Your pushing something all right. Your pushing yourselves into something none of you are ready for. You are going to get it with both barrels with me. You see I know how this is going to go down. Your going to pretend that your not a spoiled and angry little brat! The truth is though with me you got another problem. You are going to be facing me going fully unleashed. You are going to get to see just how adaptable I am compared to your one token trick running knee self. You think all I have is the fans. No little boy. I have a plan. I have a strategy. You know those things that you never have seemed to ever come up for yourself. TGO does it for you. Shayde does it for you. Hell I wouldnít be surprised if youíd follow Chase! Your right at Capital it all comes to a end little boy. Because at Capital Iím going to end you! Are we there yet?

Driver: Almost sir.

Ataxia: Good. That leads me to the quiet man. That leads me to Shayde. The one that is apparently trying to be the rag tag leader of this ďwild bunchĒ. Letís be honest here Shayde you just lost your leadership position even if you thought you had it. You got Rishel. Jaiden is probably the only other person out of the new breed that has a ego and can back it up. Unfortunately for you though itís bigger and badder than yours. Itís funny really. Your always trying to outlive your fatherís mistakes but your just repeating them like a doomed fool. The sins of the father have passed onto the son. Your trusting family. Bad idea. Letís be honest here. That dummy is going to do something really stupid soon and when he does your either going to have to bail him out or leave him to burn. I donít care either way personally. See unlike you Iím not being stupid. Iím not telling the world my plans before they come to fruition. You are perhaps even more stupid than Lori. Hereís why. Your picking fights you canít win. You think Ace doesnít have a little comeback for you? You donít think Lurr hasnít already called in a favor or two? Then you got me. Iím the wild card. I can just wait for all of them to take you boys out in a attack and then deliver the final blow. Iíve never been the strongest, fastest, or the most charismatic star Shayde. You claim to know who I am and yet this could surprise you. I make myself known through planning. I outthink my opponent. The sad part is every move you have made. Every thing you have done. I have been planning and counting on. At Capital Punishment I am going to take out your team hot head. At Capital I will take down NFB a peg or two. Then who should I go after? You? No. I should go after Rishel. Heís actually more talented and would make a bigger impression when I destroy him. Letís face it. Your just not marketable enough to be anything more than another stepping stone for me. Oh good weíre here. I will talk more about you next time Shayde. I got something more important to do now.

{Ataxia gets out of the limo as it stops in front of a graveyard. He walks up the hill of the graveyard and stops in front of a white headstone. The last name is blurred out but it reads ďHannahď. The rest is blurred out. He opens the white box and places a flower arrangement of mutlicolored flowers on the grave.}

Ataxia: Hi "Darling".

{Fade to GrayÖ}