~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“One of these days I'm gonna love me. And fill the joy of sweet release. One of these days I'll rise above me. And at last I'll find some peace. And then I'm gonna smile a little. Maybe even laugh a little but. One of these days I'm gonna love me. ” Your Gonna Love Me. Tim McGraw.

{We fade in where we left off in front of the grave of “Hannah”. Everything is blurred out that details her grave except her first name. Ataxia is kneeling down in front of the grave.}

Ataxia: The place they put you at looks good. Yeah I know I look stupid with this on. I wish that I could do this unmasked. It's what your deserve but what you wanted, without this, is impossible. I wanted to give them the face of what I am really about. Why I am really doing this. Everyone thinks your just some joke in a coffin. I guess that's my fault because I didn't want them to desecrate you. You. You don't deserve that. Just like I didn't deserve to have someone like you in my life. You know those little scamps seem to think they can ignore me. You know better don't you “darling”. I have the talent of being to annoying huh? You have no idea how much I miss you.

???: I doubt that.

Ataxia:...Didn't expect to see you here.

???: Didn't expect to see you dressed in a cheesy mask out here either.

{Ataxia turns and looks at the man. He's a young guy wearing a black suit and tie. He looks to be in his late teens to early twenties. He's got a short haircut with black hair and some light green eyes. No facial hair but he does have a eyebrow ring. He looks like he knows who Ataxia really is.}

Ataxia: Look...I...

???: Save it! Your out here with that damn camera making a video of what your doing this crap for. I knew it was you. It couldn't have been anyone else. I picked up on it when I heard from Dad you were down in Mexico when it happened. Trying to learn some new tricks huh (bleep)hole?! Then you dare show up at her funeral. You make me sick.

Ataxia: Good. Because I make everyone sick.

???: Your a loser.

Ataxia: Yep.

???: I hate you! You've done nothing but ruin my family! Your a freak! All you have ever done has been to get in the way. I wish you would have died instead of her. At least then someone who deserves to die would be in that grave instead of my sister!

Ataxia: Your right.

???: You...what?

Ataxia: I wish it was me in there. I was it was me dead in the grave. I wish I could give a place for everyone to piss, dance, and shit on so they could all get everything off their chest. Your sister never hurt a fly. Me. I'm the one who brings them their dinner. You hate me Jon. I don't deny you that. Your father and I have our differences to. I know he'd want to kick my butt like he did in the old days just to get at me. Jon. I don't pretend to want you to even like me. If you want to hate me. Go ahead. Everyone did save a few. One of those was your sister. That's what bothers you. How can she love this man when you hate him so much?

Jon: Your twisting her memory by showing it on television. They're going to figure out it's you! The name is the same as yours.

Ataxia: It's getting blurred out in editing. They'll only know her first name. No one knows about her or you. If you want I can cut this out to.

Jon: Why? Like you said. No one knows about us. All they know about is you. It's always about you. It's really pathetic what your doing. You know as soon as that comes off no one is going to look at you any different.

Ataxia: Your right. But it's the only way I could honor her wish. It's what she wanted.

Jon: Yeah.

Ataxia: I'll get out of here. I think you two need to talk some things out more than I do.

{Ataxia gets up and starts to leave. Jon grabs him by the shoulder.}

Jon: So tell me...why are you doing this?

Ataxia: Because she asked me to.

Jon: That seems pretty selfless. That's not you at all.

Ataxia: There are a lot of things you don't know about me Jon. A lot of things would surprise you.

Jon: With you the only thing that will surprise me is if you pull this off. No one will ever cheer for the real you. No one will ever want you! Anyone who did learn that lesson a long time ago. No one can trust you.

Ataxia: And no one should.

{He walks past the young man and goes back to the limo.}

Ataxia: Hopefully I won't see you again.

Jon: Same here mother (bleep)er!

{Ataxia gets back into the limo and motions for the driver to go.}

Ataxia: Maybe their right. Maybe this is all a shame. Maybe this is all just me trying to get attention. Am I really this shallow? I would hope I had moved past that point in my life. What is the purpose of this? To try and get recognition for being something I'm not. Hannah saw me as something more than what she should have seen. She saw the good in me that doesn't apparently exist. So maybe your right. Maybe Shayde. I am pretending.

{He pulls off the mask as we switch focus to his chest area not exposing his face at all. The bandages are still on his neck and chin from the previous attack.}

Ataxia: So maybe it's time that I just decide to stop playing games. Oh sure the jokes and games are fun but in truth what do they accomplish? Oh that's right. They're fun. Making you three, now four, look like (bleep)clowns is quite a fun job. I happen to enjoy it. The fans seem to like it so maybe, Shayde, it's just that your not enjoying being what you are. The butt of everyone's jokes. You want to make fun of Ace for hiring me? Because I wear a mask? Paranoid much. I call it as I see it little boy. Ah the comments I made back when I thought you had a brain. Well your right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry your so ignorant of the past that your destined to repeat it! Oh no I have Shayde's attention! AHHHHH!!! Oh wait. I'm not scared. In fact I'm kind of bored with you. Let's face facts. Your not the number one guy anymore. Matter of fact get ready to become co-captain. Then undoubtedly you will get bumped down to where Lori is now. Towel boy. It's sad but I see that cousin of yours actually doing well for himself more than you. You want to talk about Crazy Chris. Chris is the quiet one out of the brothers. You better worry about your own damn self when he starts beating you down. Liam, so far you've gone unchallenged in how things are run in your group. Yet. With how life is going to be treating you soon. I have to say that I am going to miss you. See. Be careful what you wish for little boy. You want to deal with the man behind the mask. Okay. Let's first start off by letting the world know just how much your screwed boy.

{He pulls out a cellphone from his jacket pocket and pulls up a number. The number is blurred out but the name is what catches our eyes. Silence. He dials the number and we hear the please leave a message tone. He sets the phone to speaker and begins talking to it.}

Ataxia: Hi. I figure if he's “figured” it out then you got a pretty good idea to. I know your watching your boy Silence. I know if he's figured it out then you probably got a good idea to. In case you don't know because that fragged brain of yours is sputtering out I'll remind Green to call you. That should give you an idea which (bleep)hole this is. I want you to understand this. Your boy has crossed the line. I was going to be nice and just teach him a lesson Silence. I was going to be nice for once in my life. I was going to let him keep his attempt at a career. I'm going to enjoy not only breaking his spine but of that little retarded nephew of yours. Now why am I telling you all of this. As a favor to you. I'm allowing you to get his final affairs in order. Now if you have it in your little brain to attempt to get involved in this I warn you. I've already got a plan for that. You think you've studied me so well Silence. I got you by the balls to. I am going to end your son. Your line is going to start ending in this business as of right now. This is about as much of a warning as you deserve to get. I'm being nice. Father to father. I'm sending your boy home in a chair. I'd tell you to say hi to your wife for you but...well. Toodles quiet man.

{He hangs up the phone and starts laughing. Not his maniacal laugh. Just a laugh, almost out of pity.}

Ataxia: What? Oh no. I'm not calling “Daddy” to try and get him to save you. That's just the point I was trying to get across. You think you've got me all figured out Shayde. Good. Keep thinking that. You say I don't know you. Those files. Those old tapes. They don't do me justice either. Friends? No. I never thought that. But you did turn on me to advance yourself. That right there is a betray the likes of which will haunt you your whole career. I'll make damn sure of that! Eh we did all right in the Survival match so that's why I thought you were going places. We worked pretty well together but you decided to turn your back on what gave you a shot and join up with a moron. Then you take a definite side in what's going on with me and Lori. So you've done a lot of stupid things boy. Oh but you are right about one thing. Your right about how you can't always believe what you hear. Like confidence. Right now. It's sounding shaky from my end Liam. I suggest you fix that and not by having a circle jerk over your broken coffee table. They'll never cheer me? Maybe. But I garuntee one thing I did make you Shayde. Because I got one thing over you ya little (bleep). Who lasted longer than you at Survival? Mobley, Rishel, and I. I outlasted you. I “beat” you! You had to beat me with trickery! You had to beat me with playing both sides! Smart. But you have never “beat” me! You never will beat me! You don't have the stomach to beat me! Your father never had the balls to actually beat me because he was scared of a line. A line he would not cross. Guess what. With me. There is no line I won't cross if I want to end you! When I said I made you I made a mistake. I'm “making” you. Not made just yet. Your still a little undercooked child. I intend to make sure you get WELL DONE!

{Ataxia then pops his knuckles through the gloves.}

Ataxia: That just leaves you. You really were fishing this week weren't you. You were more interesting in Liam's promo. I think I know why. Ghost writing works really well for you doesn't it? I mean seriously you even went back to your dog and pony trick of rapping. Good job. I guess I should really congratulate you on being a stereotype again. Oh I'm not on your mind am I? Mommy is. Mommy's gone. No one cares mommy is gone. Just like you don't care that Hannah is gone from my life. Oh and please do use that to get a “burn” on me. See what happens. See you. You can't back up anything you say. Everyone knows your a poser who is just a drug taker. Everyone knows your a quitter and a loser Lori. Your token of NFB. Your nothing without the NFB. That's the only way you'll ever beat me is numbers. That's good for the likes of you. That's what you strive for. You want to take down someone by any means. Yet. You wonder why no one respects you. No one will respect you. Your gutter trash. Your worse than gutter trash. You were a man with a opportunity and you can't even beat a white old man without a college education. Figure that one out. You claim to be smart but your dumb. Oh I know your going to try and not lose your temper with me. All well and good. I can't wait. I want it that way. I want you to be calm. I want you to be collected. So that when I still beat you! When I still break you! When I make everyone see just how much of a loser you are! You will have NOTHING to try and hold me down but “I just couldn't beat him”. You won't overcome this. Because unlike you. I got something worth fighting for. Honor. That thing that is not amongst little vermin like you. I thought you were made of sterner stuff. Well. I guess it's time to scrap all of you then. See you at Inferno. At Capital. Lessons will be learned.

{Fade to Gray}