~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Dragged ya down below down to the devil's show to be his guest forever peace of mind is less than never.

Hate to twist your mind but God ain't on your side an old acquaintance severed burn the world your last endeavor

Flesh is burning you can smell it in the air cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal, steal

So stand in line while they ink numbers in your head, you're now a slave until the end of time here

Nothing stops the madness turning, haunting, yearning, pull the trigger

You should have known the price of evil and it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah

It's your fuckin' nightmare ” Fucking Nightmare. Avenged Sevenfold.

{We pick up just where we left off with the priest and Ataxia in the booth.}

Priest: Your about to sin? Oh. Wonderful. Your finally taking some incentive and letting us know ahead of time to add to your long list.

Ataxia: Why father you seem to make me out to be a bastard. Priest: Young man. If I was allowed to write a tell all book about one of your confessions. Just one. I would be a millionaire.

Ataxia: Go ahead father. I'm not hiding anything.

{The priest looks at him for a moment through the screen.}

Priest: Then why the umm.

Ataxia: Poor excuse for a serial killer mask?

Priest: I was about to start humming the theme from Halloween.

Ataxia: Padre do they pay you to be sarcastic?

Priest: Do they pay you to dress up like an idiot now?

Ataxia: They don't know who I am Micheal.

Father Micheal: Then they are fortunate. Because those of us who do want to strangle you.

Ataxia: Sorry I'm too old for you.

{Micheal glares at the screen where we see the smirk of Ataxia.}

Father Micheal: Mother (bleeper) I will break you in half if you ever make a pedophile joke about me again. Got it?

Ataxia: Ahahaha. Why Micheal I didn't know you could say that in a church.

Father Micheal: God grants me some leeway dealing with the likes of you dear “brother”. Your not here to seriously confess. So what do you really want.

Ataxia: Howse the family?

{Father Micheal looks at Ataxia and gets up and leaves the booth. We switch views as Ataxia comes out of the booth as Father Micheal starts walking out of the church.}

Ataxia: Hey! Hey! I'm talking to you Padre!

Micheal: Outside. Now!

{Once outside of the church the priest waits for Ataxia to meet him outside in the courtyard and then he rares back and punches Ataxia square in the jaw sending him down to the ground. Father Micheal grabs his hand after he punches Ataxia.}

Father Micheal: Ahhh! Damn it! I forgot how hard your jaw was.

Ataxia:...Are you done making an (bleep) out of yourself?

Father Micheal: Shut your damn mouth!

{The priest looks like he's about to explode with anger as he shakes his head and just screams. He then looks up to the heavens.}

Father Micheal: God. Why do you tempt me so back to violence by letting him come through the doors? Is this some kind of test?

Ataxia: Jeez. All I asked was how the family was.

Father Micheal: Better now that your out of everyone's life except mine apparently. Why the hell did you come here? To try and make amends. That's a riot. No one in the family other than our screwed up little sister will even talk to you. You have burned to many bridges boy.

Ataxia:...Look ever since Hannah.

Father Micheal: Don't you dare bring her up. Don't you dare say anything. You had a lot of nerve even showing up at that funeral.

Ataxia: I was her Godfather! Father Micheal: AND A POOR CHOICE FOR ONE!

Ataxia: You wanna go holy man? Fine.

{Ataxia takes off his overcoat and his hat and just stands there.}

Ataxia: Hit me.

Father Micheal: Already done my good deed for the day.

Ataxia: Beat the hell out of me.

Father Micheal: Not enough heaven to do that.

Ataxia: Your mad. Make me pay for it. Come on.

Father Micheal: What's wrong with you? You think by paying you back with a free shot is going to make all of this better? Your a fool. We all hate you. I have to love you because I became a priest.

Ataxia: Look. Micheal...

Father Micheal: And take off that damn thing if your going to talk to me.

{We focus on Father Micheal as Ataxia takes off the mask. }

Father Micheal: Your really a pile of crap man. You've always hated everyone in the family and now because of what happened with Hannah you act like we should all welcome you back in with open arms. Your a bastard. In the full extent of the word if I had my way then I wouldn't have to call you brother. I wish that God would have taken you instead of that sweet girl.

Ataxia: Your not the only one Micheal!

Father Micheal: Oh yes Jon did call me about you being in the cemetery. So is that why your doing this? The mask and the stupid persona.

Ataxia: What? Were you actually watching GCWA?

Father Micheal: Just because I am retired doesn't mean I don't watch the game boy.

Ataxia: Hannah always told me she wanted everyone to cheer me just as much as she did when she saw me wrestle. So I'm trying to honor that wish.

Father Micheal: No selfish angle?

Ataxia: No.

Father Micheal: Bull(bleep)

Ataxia: Watch it Mike.

Father Micheal: You watch it. I know more than you think brother. I know what happened before you went to Mexico. I know what happened before you put on that mask. I know that you were thinking of ending it all.

Ataxia: And? What do you care? Father Micheal: Maybe because it's the worst sin you can do. Maybe it's because I think your better than that? Maybe because I don't want my younger brother leaving behind all his...

Ataxia: I get it. That's not the point Mike. Like you said. No one wants me around. So I'll take your advice. Have a good day father.

Father Micheal:...Stubborn as always.

{We pan back to see Ataxia has his mask back on and is putting on the hat again. He pulls the coat over his suit and turns from Father Micheal.}

Father Micheal: What are you trying to prove?

Ataxia: That maybe for once in your life your wrong about me brother.

Father Micheal: No mask is going to hide who you really are. No mask is going to save you from your own sins coming back up to you. Maybe you should pray for some salvation bro before it's to late.

{Ataxia stops and turns to him.}

Ataxia: According to you. And I qoute. “There's a special place in hell for you (BLEEEEEEEPPPPPP)!”

Father Micheal: Well to be fair...

Ataxia: No fair about it Micheal! You know what happened to me. And yet...

Father Micheal: Hey! No one denies you had it rough bro. The problem is you have to let it go.

Ataxia: I can't! Don't you understand that! What I did! I had no choice and now I'm damned for it! So why don't you just do what you always do and turn away.

Father Micheal: Every night. I pray for our family. I pray for my neices and nephews. I pray for mom. I pray for dad. The last person on the list is you. You know why?

Ataxia: Why?

Father Micheal: Because even though I think you a rat bastard. Even though I know everything there is to know about you bro. I still think you deserve forgiveness. At least from yourself.

Ataxia: We'll have to respectfully disagree.

Father Micheal: Go in peace at least.

Ataxia: Funny. I'm heading to a war.

{Father Micheal runs and cuts in front of Ataxia.}

Father Micheal: Has this person really deserved what your going to do?

Ataxia: What's that concern of yours?

Father Micheal: Damn it boy! Your going to let out all the pain you've been holding in since Hannah died on that poor boy.

Ataxia: He has it coming.

Father Micheal: Why? Who died and made you the executioner of people.

{Ataxia walks past Father Micheal.}

Ataxia: You know the answer to that question...Don't worry. I'll let him live.

Father Micheal: Yes because death is the worst thing you can do to him. No brother. Where as I try to save souls your job is apparently putting them through hell. A hell they can't recover from.

{Ataxia walks away from Father Micheal and walks back into the church. We hear a voiceover as Ataxia goes down and prays at the altar.}

Ataxia: So it comes to this idea. The idea of two men, one on one, beating the hell out of each other for the amusement of others. It has come to this. All the planning. All the preperation. For the ascension. The plan is going almost like clockwork. Now all I have to do. All I really have to do.

{We focus on Ataxia's eyes. With the contact lenses we can't tell what color they are other than the yellow color that they are. The look of intensity they show as he opens them is down right murderous. The voice over continues.}

Ataxia: Is let it out!

{The chimes of the church bells start to ring. Twelve play as Ataxia exits the church. He pulls out a cellphone with internet access and pulls up the latest promos from GCWA. He smirks as he gets outside.}

Ataxia: Wow. I guess I shut you up. I have done the impossible. Maybe I am divine in power if that's the case. Probably just waiting for Shayde to tell you what to say so you can get a “word up” on me. Let me save you the trouble. Cut the ghostwriting crap. Your trying to hard at this point. Oh yes Stubbs. Oh I love this. I really do. It's another episode of “How the Ghetto turns”. I must say I hope Big Dawg don't find out ya been screwing his baby momma and paying her off in food stamps. Oh I'm sorry am I being insensitive? No. I just don't care. You see most people would be intimidated by the likes of you. Something about a angry black man from the streets just doesn't sit right with most people. Trouble is I grew up around wannabes like you. You talk about that big black guy who beat the hell out of you. I was that white kid who hung out with all the black kids your momma said to stay away from. “He's that crazy white boy”. Truth is I'm not being racist Lori. I'm pointing out a fact it doesn't matter. So go ahead and talk crap about Obama like it isn't a stereotype to. Go ahead and talk about how rough you had it college boy. Go ahead and tell me that your tougher than me. We can do this compare battle scar crap all day and I'll still beat you. You aren't hardcore son. You don't have any cred when it comes to wrestling. By the way since when does how good you hustle crap in the street matter when you can't even execute a damn move properly?

{Ataxia seems to be waiting for a response as he keeps walking.}

Ataxia: Exactly. Nothing. It doesn't matter. I could tell you about how I use to roll with this guy with this crew or I could do my damn job and put you in the dirt. You also like to bring up that I'm not really fighting you in a street fight. Or a real street fight. Let me guess this is where I yell HADOKEN!

{Ataxia goes into the classic “Street Fighter 2” pose for the Hadoken}

Ataxia: Sorry. I couldn't stop myself from making a joke about this match because it is a joke. Only it's not really funny. No. Not because of me. Far from it. The joke is you thinking that this is going to be the end of it. It is for you but it's not the end of me. No matter what you do. No matter what “The Black Helmet” does to me. I'll still be a thorn in the side of the NFB. The difference is after I bury you in this match you'll have to watch as I do the same thing to the rest of your little clan of egomaniacs. I'm working my way from the curtain jerker up. See after all of this time you still have gotten no higher up in the totem pole. Let's look at what's going on with this group shall we? Your being your lackluster self with only me carrying your butt. Oh you beat Crazy Chris. Good job. Oh wait. That doesn't matter either. Because you apparently can't win your own battles without help. You got Liam Shayde, Landon Chase, Jaiden Rishel, and The Lost Soul outshining you. You might as well be the towel boy. I guess the only pre-req for your team is that you have to have a ego that overshadows your talent. In all seriousness you have to win this match.

{Ataxia smiles as he gets to the limo that dropped him off at the church.}

Ataxia: I mean let's be honest. Everyone expects me to lose this thing with how strong you guys have been. I should be scared. But I'm not. You know why? Because I got nothing to lose. Oh sure I could lose the match to you and get a lot of flack. The truth is though. If I lose, doors will fly open for you. Whomever is left standing will have to take into account that your a good draw. When I win though. Your going to have to figure out something fast or your just going to be the only member of the NFB B-team. This is a no lose situation for you. Either way I'm going to win. Because win, lose, or draw Lori. I'm going to take your “cred” and show the world just how much of a little (bleep) you really are.

{Fade to Gray}