~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

ďMy Mama used to tell me if u can't find somethin to live for, you best find somethin to die for. Ē

ďMy only fear of death is comin back reincarnatedĒ

ďAnd still, the best of us build, and reach monetary gains. Some of us kill, but still, most of us can change. Ēí Quotes from Tupac Shakur.

{We fade in a darkened room. A fireplace ignites in the background and we see black marble with white veins flared in it everywhere in the room. A black canopied bed is in the foreground and sitting on that bed is Ataxia. Across from him we see a dummy. The dummy has the uniform Ataxia wears. Gray suit, white shirt, black tie, black gloves, black shoes, and the mask. The dummy is covered in the uniform but the man across from is just wearing gray pants. We, of course, canít make out any distinguishing features on the man as he sits on the bed but we know itís him. He pops his knuckles and then turns to the camera but still his face is hidden. }

Ataxia: I have sinned. I have sinned a lot in my life.

{He gets up. Walks closer to the camera sort of pacing a bit as he find the words.}

Ataxia: I have hated. I have caused man to hate. I have hurt people in ways that God, himself, will punish me for. Itís interesting. This week my opponent in his terrible fantasy of being a bad(bleep) has decided to get in a knife fight. I find this particularly amusing. Tell me. Did just shooting the mother (bleeper) just seem to darn stereotypical? Didnít I see this in ďDonít be a MenaceĒ? Appropriate name title for what should have been curb stomped into your head a long time ago Lori. Stop being a menaceÖexcept weíll just call you Dennis because the only one afraid of you is Mr. Wilson. Not Mr. Ataxia. You want to talk about ruining a career. You donít have the talent for that. Oh sure any man can beat a man when heís hung up on a chain. Any man can hit a man from the front with a camera. It takes a special kind of man to end another manís career because, dear boy, you have to be willing to put your own on the line. Are you really willing to risk that? On little old me?

{He laughs but not that maniacal laugh he usually does. No this one is more along the lines of sarcasm.}

Ataxia: I donít think so. Despite what you claim we all know your only in this for yourself Lori. You arenít willing to put yourself at risk to beat me. You never were. Thatís why I knew I could toy with you. Thatís why I knew I could bait you. The truth is Lorenzo Demarco is a poser in the worst way. You canít take what others dish out. Oh you want to talk like your something special but let me make it clear that you only are if weíre defining people as retarded by a politically correct name. You say Iím not entertaining. Good! Thatís the whole point. You think I walk around here trying to get attention. I hate attention in real life. I keep my business and personal life separate from the fans for a reason. No it isnít the mask either itís because itís none of the fans damn business when I go to take a crap. This whole gimmick is a parody of gimmicks. You know that character youíve been playing but in reality youíre the one getting played by it Lori. This isnít me. This whole thing is not about attention itís about getting a point across but your so ignorant Iím not even going to bother to explain it. You wonít get it. You couldnít understand it because you only give a damn about yourself. So when your gone you know whose gonna be the only one upset? You. No I take that back. Iíll be there. To dance on your grave. Wait. What am I saying. Your not going to die. Your going to have some miracle last minute save when Stubbs gets killed and you end up getting away free right. Now go rush out and change the ending. We all know where this is going. Your going to survive and even if you donít Lori your going to blame why you lost on your ďinjuryĒ. So go on out and make your lifetime movie of the week. Iím going to just be here laughing at how predictable itís going to be.

{We hear a buzzing sound. Ataxia stops and turns toward a intercom system next to the bed.}

Ataxia: Who is it?

???: Itís Jon. Open up. (Pause) I need to talk to you.

Ataxia: You timing sucks. Ah hell. Come on up.

{After a few minutes Jon comes into the bedroom and looks at the display going on. HeĎs wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans, sneakers, white t-shirt, and a pair of shades. Ataxia stands with his arms crossed looking at him.}

Jon: Filming a promo?

Ataxia: Trying to. What do you want?

Jon: Uh do you want to talk about this off camera.

Ataxia: No. I donít. You cuss me out and now coming into my house when Iím working.

Jon: Fine. Mike called.

Ataxia: And?

Jon: He said I shouldnít be giving you such a hard time. He said I should be willing to hear your side of things I guess.

Ataxia: Trying to play repairman again.

Jon: With our family can you blame him? I mean ever since his wife died Mikeís always trying to save everyone.

Ataxia: Donít speak ill of Allana.

Jon: Hey I loved Allana. She was at least nice. Hell you. The only time I saw you was when dad wanted to borrow money and you always had to egg him on about it.

Ataxia: Iím not going to speak ill of your father either. What do you want Jon?

Jon: I want in.

Ataxia: In what?

Jon: This. I want in the family business.

Ataxia: Have you talked to your dad about this?

Jon: He says I shouldnít.

Ataxia: Listen to him.

Jon: Maybe itís the only thing Iím good at. Like you.

Ataxia: Iím good at a lot of things Jon not just hurting people.

Jon: YeahÖsure.

{Ataxia looks at him for a moment and shakes his head.}

Ataxia: Talk to your grandfather.

Jon: He said no to.

Ataxia:ÖNow that I find surprising.

Jon: He said I should wait till I can really get over what happened with Hannah. He said the last time he started training someone before they were over something it didnít turn out well.

Ataxia: Yeah. It turned out to be me.

Jon: Look. Iím not like you.

Ataxia: Thatís a good thing.

Jon: Iím asking for your help.

Ataxia:ÖAll right. Iíll give you a number to a trainer I know who can teach you the basics. Ataxia: I got bigger things to worry about than teaching you a hammerlock. You survive this guy you might get good enough to hold your own in a match. When you get to me. Then Iíll show you how to dismantle a man.

{Ataxia walks over to the desk in the room and pulls out a card. He hands it to Jon.}

Jon: I guess thanks.

Ataxia: If this guy doesnít make you want to quit. No one will. Now get out of here.

Jon: What no hug goodbye?

Ataxia: Do I look like a hugger to you?


Ataxia: Scram.

{Jon leaves and Ataxia turns back to the camera.}

Ataxia: Yeah I know. Iím a hypocrite for bringing things like this to the forefront. However if he wants to get into this business heís gonna get enough of it when I finally unmask. You know the way you keep staying Ataxia stop doing these childish things I could say the same thing to you. Running all the drugs and doing all this gangland stuff is really childish donít you think. You think those people you roll with give a damn about you? Ha Ha. Remind me some time to tell you about ďtrueĒ gang friendship. Oh I do things for attention. Maybe itís because what I have to say matters compared to the lovely rhyme scheme you try to do. But then again thatís not about ego either right? NFB is nothing but ego. One manís ego filled up by five idiots. You being the king idiot. Your whatís wrong with this ďbusinessĒ. This ďcareerĒ as you put it is my life. A life I walked away from because I had it up to here with little (bleeps) like you running around trying to change the fact that their curtain jerkers! You say itís not propaganda. Bull crap. Your name says it all. There is no way you canít say that there isnít ego in it and not crack a smile through that bucktoothed grin of yours ya Nasty NiÖNo. No I wonít say it. Because your worse than one of those. Youíre a wannabe white boy. You want to be accepted. You want to have it all. I mean look at your ďbusiness partnersĒ. One of these things isnít like the other sell out. You havenít earned anything yourself unless you have stepped on someone to get it and the worst part about it is your fine with that. Your fine with trying these mediocre route. Iím about to clean this place of the crap that has infested my life. My business. You and I made this personal and I intend to end it at Capital. But you know. If by some means ďsomebodyĒ gets involved and ruins the evening before I get to you. Like that isnít going to happen. You donít want me fresh. You want me broken. So go ahead and set up your little trap but all it will do is prove one thing only. Iím F(bleeping) better! Also maybe I wouldnít have to make fun of you guys if you werenít such easy targets.

{He stops for a moment and sighs.}

Ataxia: Truth is boy this is already over before it even started. Now I could go into a ďLearn Your LessonĒ rant like I should to counter you ďPaid In FullĒ line of crap but Iím not. The thing is quite easily laid out. Weíre both going into this. One of us is coming out. Your right. We are the main event. Hell we are the draw compared to out ďgreat main eventĒ. Thatís the point. Thatís the whole point. No title on the line. No shots. Just two guys beating each other up. Yes I did use you. Youíve also used me. By coming after me the way you did you got the whole world to notice you. And what do you do with it. You hook up with those losers who will lose. You canít go against the system here and if you donít think Ace and Lurr arenít going to make you pay for it. Well you are as dumb as I say you are. I think we do understand each other. Fact remains though. To do what I have to do to save this place I had to sacrifice someone. You were the easiest target because of that fuse Lori. Maybe this will teach you a lesson about what to do with that temper of yours. I do remember Ninja Turtle Pies. I also remember one other thing Lori. My father saying to me ďNever judge a book by itís coverĒ. You think Iím just this sideshow act because itís what I want you to see. Itís all your ever going to see. Thatís why I did this promo totally out of costume. To prove a point.

{He grabs the mask and throws it close to the camera. The zipped up eyes and mouth make it look more weird when it isnĎt unzipped.}

Ataxia: You arenít the worst one I know. I donít even believe in the word. Truth is your ďskin colorĒ means nothing to me. I hate everyone the same. Iím about as anti-racist as you can get. However I do want to point this out to you. You think you can take out my career. To quote my father again. ďI have fought the best and the worst, I have been blessed and cursed, I have been rich in life and poor in wallet, I have bet the farm and I have bought it, I am the best and I am the worst, One thingís for sureÖyou wonít be the first!Ē My father said that before his first world title bout years ago. He didnít win. But the impression he made that night on me was one that stayed with me for my whole life. My father didnít go into that match to win the belt. He went in there to end a blood feud. Yes the other guy kept the belt. The next monthÖhe retired. My father had broken him. Which is what I am going to give you a taste of. The truth is Lori. I am my own worst enemy. I ran from who I was and wouldnít you know it. It took that mask to bring me back. A promise I have to keep. You and I arenít so much different. One difference is clear though. At Capital. Win. Lose. Or Draw. This is going to be a lesson for you all. Donít worry little boy. Iíll carry you to end then put you to sleep. If I hit you to hard and you see your momís donít worry. It happens when you get pushed over the edge.

{He walks over and picks up the mask.}

Ataxia: There is a time for peace, and a time for warÖItís time for war.

{Fade to GrayÖ}