~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“I'm invicible tonight...” Invincible. Adelitas Way.

{We fade in on “the creepy set” which is a traffic jam of activity with old set pieces being moved out and new ones being brought in. Sitting in his director's chair is Ataxia. He's wearing his mask, and the rest of his ring gear. He smiles as he waves the camera over showing that he's not wearing his gloves but his hands are all bandaged up from the fire.}

Ataxia: I won. Let's not dispute it. Let's not cry about it. I did what I said I was going to do and look whose crying like a little girl. Sorry Lori, go change your tampon. However my victory was bittersweet. Or shall we say a little to hot for me. So some a-hole decides to hit me with a cinderblock and the set me on fire. I was sure for a moment it was my ex-wife but she's more mainly than that guy.

{Rimshot. Ataxia looks around for the drumkit and shrugs.}

Ataxia: Things have been a little strange around here since that incident. I'm thinking I'm starting to revert into a more saner version of myself. But I digest. Or digress. One of those di things but I'm not dead yet! Nope. Apparently no one can do their damn job in GCWA but me when it comes to taking someone down a peg. By the way I think the brainbuster made it on a local television show called “how'd he live through that”. Anywho this week I get what most people would call a light match. I get to face the master of martial arts with Robert Santana. Well. Buddy. I'm going to tell you like it is. I got no problem with you. Hell it was only a few months ago that you and I were team mates albeit you didn't really like the idea. Can't blame you then. I was a unknown little psychopath who unleashed a madman on your team. Now I know you've not been having a good time these past few months. It seems like no matter what you do you get your butt handed to you. I wish I could say I will be the one to change all of that and lose to you but it remains to be seen. I hope that our match will stay clear of any interference. Because apparently Robert it seems that there is nothing more than uncivil war going on in this federation. We got Ace's group versus Lurr's group versus a glorified jobber's group. Sorry I got a bit of favortism with groups that actually have talent in them. So all that aside since I don't want to get involved with that I am glad to be facing you. Gives me a break from the bull crap for a good show or so. So Robert, I know you want to break me in half to get the win, and it suits me just fine.

{Ataxia motions over a man who apparently needed to talk to him.}

Tech Guy: All right just sign off on this here Mr. Ataxia and we'll get started on the set for your next promo.

Ataxia: Oh? Done with the estimates all ready? p> Tech Guy: Yes sir. It's not that difficult.

Ataxia: That's the idea sir. There ya go.

{Ataxia signs the forms.}

Tech Guy: No problem sir. Oh there was someone outside the studio looking for you.

Ataxia: I wasn't expecting anyone.

{Ataxia goes to the studio exit door and he quickly slams the door shut when he see's who on the other side.}

Ataxia: S(BLEEP)!!!

{Kicking in the door and sending Ataxia flying is a man in a black suit earing a bull themed lucha mask. He's about six foot one and over two fifty in pure muscle. He smiles really big as he looks at Ataxia crawling out from under the remains of the door.}

???: Ode Lay Masked Boy.

Ataxia: Now...Jose. We can talk this out like normal people. What's the problem.

Jose: You sent that little gringo to me gringo. I don't take students unless I check references.

Ataxia: You know who I am stupid!

Jose: I am El Toro Grande! I am not El Stupido!

Ataxia: Why do I feel like I'm argueing with El Brickwall-o!

Jose: Senior Ataxia. I ask only that you and I come to a understanding.

Ataxia:...is this about money?

Jose: Ci!

Ataxia:...You could have called me.

Jose: Ci.

{Jose stands there for a moment as a ding sound is heard in the background.}

Jose: Oh why didn't I?

Ataxia: CI!

Jose: Oh...because I wanted to see if you remember rule number one.

Ataxia: Be prepared for anything.

Jose: Yup and you were not. Come on. It's time for knuckle pushups.

Ataxia:...I'm not going to be able to talk you out of this am I?

Jose: Nope.

Ataxia: Fine. Can I finish my promo.

Jose: Oh ci ci.

Ataxia: Thanks. Well as you can see I got my hands full at the moment with company so we'll make this quick this time. Santana, you are one of the workhorses of this entire federation and it is a honor to face you.

Jose: Truth and Honor!

{Jose is posing and Ataxia just glares at him.}

Ataxia: Ahem.

Jose: Oh sorry.

Ataxia: Seriously you interrupt me again and I'm going El Kabong on your butt.


{Ataxia yanks on Jose's tie bringing him down to his eye level.}

Ataxia: We are switching you to decaffeinated burritos.


Ataxia: Nevermind. Go play in the corner.

{Jose walks off kind of pouting into the background. Ataxia regains his composure and starts up again.}

Ataxia: So what can we really say more than that Robert. I know in my next promo I will be making fun of you but it is all in good fun and I hope...

{We hear a loud obnoxious crash in the background like part of the set just fell down. Ataxia rolls his eyes and yells.}

Ataxia: What did you do now?

Jose: Nothing...

Ataxia: Cut the camera off I'm going to beat this fool like a red headed step child!

{Fade to Gray...}