~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Get up...I didn't hear no bell!” Mikey. Rocky V.

{We fade in on the set of what looks like a kung fu movie. We see Ataxia walk out wearing his usual ring attire. His mask unzipped. He stands smiling as he walks out. No strange music. No thematic jokes. He's just standing there smirking. }

Ataxia: So I bet your all wondering what I have planned now. I was going to do a nice parody promo making fun of Robert Santana. It was going to be called “Enter the Jobber” but I thought better of it.

{We see Ataxia walk over to a desk with many folders on it.}

Ataxia: I mean I could stand here and make all the jokes I want to about the man. I could make fun of the fact he can't beat Bucky Johnson. I could poke jokes that I won my match at Capital and how he lost. I could do that. It would be the easy thing to do. Like so many of the other wrestlers in the company right now I am wondering what is the right thing to do. Right now the right thing for me to do this minute is to not go this route with talking about Robert Santana. He's what we should be focusing on in this federation. Not me. Yes, that's right, Lori you can have your heart attack now. See I have already got what I wanted. The fans cheer me. I don't need any more “attention” so I won. Now it comes into question what is the right thing to do for GCWA. Is it to join up with one of these factions, or is it to just ignore it. This feud means nothing to me. My fight with Lorenzo Demarco is a fight that I wanted. It was a fight I needed to fight. It was a fight I needed to win. That's what I did. But this. This is not sterner stuff. It's filth.

{We see Ataxia pull up three folders. One says “The Cabinet”. One says “NFB”. The one he keeps up is “The Roman Empire” folder.}

Ataxia: It would be really easy for me to pick a side and reign hell down onto them. It would be really easy to go with The Roman Empire. My tag team partner is a member. I got no beef with House of Pain although we do have history. A history I have put aside because I don't want to bring up the past again. It's not worth the hassle. Then there is Lurr. What has Lurr really done for this federation other than make bad jokes at Ace's expense. Nothing. Oh we can talk about his wrestling career but in all honesty let's look at what he's done with his office? Made a few matches. Good job. He's actually doing his job but he's damn ego gets in the way just like everyone else with match making skills have here. So why should I join with The Roman Empire if the direction is by someone I find lackluster in what he's suppose to be doing. Oh sure we got this three way un-civil war going on because he will not be Ace's little lackey. Understandable. I don't see Lurr's ego letting him ever be anyone's lackey ever again. So the question remains. Do I join the “heroes” or do I become the villain?

{He throws away “The Roman Empire” folder and holds up the NFB one.}

Ataxia: I could join up with The NFB. Wait. What? Why would I even consider this to be a option. Simple. Whose to say I think Ace or Lurr are going to do a good job running this place? Maybe I should throw in my lot with the big money. I mean look at what I would have to go up against. Shayde, Chase, Lori, TLS, and then there is TGO. Shayde I can deal with because he's a little whiny child trying to live up to his father's legacy and surpase that. Chase is just an idiot. Lori is no threat at all to me. TLS is a punk little (bleep) that has always been a punk little (bleep) and shall always be a punk little (bleep)! So the only real person I have to worry about is the one who organizes these montly crew of morons. So then the question remains. What do I think of TGO. I think he's got Ace syndrome! I think he hates Ace because he see's exactly what he is in Ace. Both of them are just old retired farts who need to stop using their positions to try to retain their former glory. I stress that. Former at all costs. Oh I could say I am impressed with TGO because of OCW. However...I want to point this out. OCW sucked! Everything that came from OCW sucked to a degree. Some things less than others but the one thing that sucked more (bleep) than anything was The Great One. The Great One is only that in title, because let's face it Trevor Kent has never been anything special. You've always been a leech. You've always been a little crybaby who when you are beaten blame everyone else but yourself. What happened with Rishel I totally saw coming. So that reason alone is why you will never see me wear NFB colors. For the sure simple fact. Your an idiot. There is the reason why you fail. And when you drag those foolish enough to join you down into the road to hell paved long ago that you marked yourself. When that happens. I'll just sit up here in the middle realm and tell them...I told you so.

{He throws away the folder marked NFB and then pulls up “The Cabinet” folder.}

Ataxia: Then we have Ace. Ace, I have a question for you. You do know your retired right? You do know that no one here expects to hear your lame music anymore! You do know that no one here expects to even hear from you unless something gets out of hand! You have done the one thing that should never be done by anyone in the wrestling industry. You interfered in something that was none of your business. You put a fat fool as our world champion. Because of that very fact my grudge match with Lorenzo Demarco was watched more than that lame brain stupid cage match that we were already seeing people leave as soon as it started. You are the most uninteresting little fart I have ever seen so I wonder how did you ever become great in the past. Wait. I know. ODJ. Old Dirty Jack(bleep)! Only he could have rigged a situation where someone like you could get famous. I'll say this for you though. You still have more talent in your little pinky toe nail than Trevor ever will. Then we have your...(snicker)...stable. Sorry. But. They just don't work. They really don't. You got two talentless hacks that are only stars because you have security beat up their opponents and then fire them after they win through cheating. I mean where is the challenge. Oh yeah. The fact that none of that saved you from getting your butt kicked. That screwing over Lost Soul got him on TGO's side. Your stupidity is coming back to haunt you and I can't wait to watch you choke on it. So who do I join up? I got a idea. Here is a thought. Let's see if everyone see's where I'm coming from. Okay. First off. We have a guy who owns most of the stock in the company right? So as a “smart” business man what do you do? Not screw with the product. Okay. So Trevor leaves us alone. All right. Bear with me Trev if I am going to fast for you feel free to shut the hell up. Now. We have a president who doesn't stick his nose where it don't belong and actually affect the show other than his offical capacity of coming up with some interesting pay per view matches. He stays...for lack of a better term...AWAY FROM THE PRODUCT! Then. Then! We have a commissioner who doesn't cut promos on the show but just books matches and handles all the bull crap that the talent throws at him. That's the only person who gets beat up and takes up face time. Now Ace and Trev can definitely get behind watch Lurr be the only one getting beat up and Lurr can take it unlike the fragile twins. So I think if you all just adopt this policy we might actually I dunno...have wrestling matches instead of seeing whose ego fails in comparrison with the size of all of your white boy manhoods. Cool? Sweet. Now that we got that out of the way let's talk about what's actually important to the true meaning of wrestling. That's right kids. Two guys beating the hell out of each other for your amusement but this time it's a clean fight! What?! Ataxia in a clean fight?

{Extreme car breaking sound is heard. Ataxia pulls up a bar of “Lever 2000”. }

Ataxia: I even bought soap because we're gonna be squeaky clean. So you've been going through a lot with this Ripper crap and I understand that. Glad you and the lady are getting back together after all that time of waiting and wanting her back. Who knows...maybe she's just what the doctor ordered. Heck I use a little lady loving myself...the sheep are getting tired.

{We hear a “baa” sound in the background. Ataxia throws the soap off camera and we hear the sound of the sheep screaming cause it just got hit with soap.}

Ataxia: Yeah I know baaaaaad joke.

{Rimshot! Ataxia looks around for a moment for the drum kit.}

Ataxia: I swear to God I am going to kill whoever keeps doing that or at least maim them a bit. But getting back to the topic at hand. Robert. I salute you for all the struggle your going through man. You need a win. You crave it. You want to prove that all your hard work and your suffering is worth it and I agree whole heartily that you deserve a win. But I can't say that it's going to be easy. Like life, beating me is hard.

{Rimshot! He looks around again.}

Ataxia: That wasn't even a...I didn't say beat me off you goober!


Ataxia: I swear to Bob you've got Hood's sense of humor. Anywho. It's...difficult to beat me. I to am a follower of martial arts as well as wrestling my friend. I take the advice of Bruce Lee and be like water. That's how it's best to deal with someone of your caliber as my opponent is to just go with the flow and then use your own force against you. See I know your angry Robert. That's disrupting your game. Your mad. We've all seen you crack the past few weeks at Bucky. Understandably so of course. If I had a losing streak like yours I would start to wonder what the hell was going on. I really want you to take this to heart though. It's a honor to face someone who is truly out only to fight for the sake of a fight. You want to win because you feel like a loser with everything going wrong with your life. I know what that's like. But you know when I felt most like a loser. It was when I was on top of the world, had my girl, had a title, and hell...I had nothing to worry about. It was because I had to sell out who I really was to get those things. That's when I decided I didn't like who was in this mirror I stared at day in and day out. So here I am without anything even my old identity and I feel great. No responsibility or expectations. Now we have this wonderful opportunity for you. Win. Lose. Or draw we're stealing this lackluster show because all of the rest of this is being stifled but egos of the people in charge. All we are is just those who are here to perform for these fans and do what we were made to do. Our destiny. Our mother (bleeping) fate! We are here today to not only steal this show but to make memories for all those people who only wish they could curtain jerk for GCWA. You may be a loser in the books Robert but damn you are winner because you are here! You deserve to be here! You are not like these little clowns who expect things handed to you. Hell you've held titles here and I haven't even gotten a title shot yet. I should be the one whose on the losing streak instead of you. Your Robert Santana and who am I? No one knows except me. All I know is whatever demons is bothering you they do not affect this match. So rather or not you win or I win. It'll be the best match on the card. If anyone is stupid enough to interfere that means their tainting your honor which is something even I wouldn't stoop to to get attention.

{Rimshot! Ataxia looks up and goes “AH HA” and pulls out a shotgun from behind his back and shoots the drumkit.}

Ataxia: GOTCHA! Yes. Now without any further interruptions.

{We hear a trumpet playing “Taps”. Ataxia looks around and fires the second shot as the trumpet dies down. Suddenly we hear a tuba going “Whomp Whomp Whomp”.}

Ataxia: I can take a hint to...See ya at Inferno Robert I gotta get out of here before I'm assaulted by a bassoon.

{Fade to Gray...}