~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“I'm going to kill Trevor Kent”Ataxia. Now.

{We fade in on the “scary set” but we don't see any of the usual trimmings. No creepy lighting or fog machines. The regular studio lights are on and all we see is Ataxia sitting in his director's chair wearing his in ring gear. He does not look happy as he looks at the camera.}

Ataxia: So I guess this the part where I am a oppurtunistic jerk right? That part where “I'm sorry partner but I got to do what I have to do, it's a title” speech comes in right? (Bleep) your title. I don't care for it. I don't need it. Unlike some people in this federation a retarded weight belt with gold plating is not my ambition at this point in my career. Hell I have no desire to ignite a old feud here Trevor but I know what the hell your doing. Trying to get me against The Roman Empire? Well it aint working. Even if most of them, ie our world champion, are a bunch of overhyped morons their still better wrestlers than your overhyped morons. See this whole screaming emo-fest you guys have going on is not my battle. I don't care. You all can beat each other senseless and I'll still be standing. My dream goal is to see ever single member of every single faction get in the hospital and then the only people left wrestling are me, Xtreme, Santana, and Axl Lionsworth. Why? Because no one gives a (bleep) about those three and I am SMART enough not to get involved in this crap. Well what happens if this guy is in charge? Well gee. I think I know. I know exactly what I'm going to do. Flip him off and do my job that I was hired to do. This seems like it's some kind of hard concept for you guys to follow. So let's talk about this match and what it really means.

He gets up and he goes over to a diagram of a fat guy in a speedo with Trevor Kent's face on it.

Ataxia: This is a representation of a overinflated ego. Note the lack of crotch area so therefore the need for this stupid brain to overcompensate by getting attention for everything else except his small shaft. Note the nipples. These markings are a clear indication that someone tried to use this man for a talent and note the milk did not flow. Let's talk about Trevor “The Never Been Great One” shall we? Let's talk about how much suck can a man be without actually being a living abyss. Trevor you have never been anything special. Even more than I have never been special at least I could get a job done. What have any of your boys or you done? We got the tag belts. Really? Who got the tag belts? Who are you people? The only people who even know you Trev are the people who are in a small circle. You were never famous. Hell you were a joke at the water cooler only now I aint laughing and it isn't because I am intimidated or any bull(bleep) you can think of in that mind of yours. It's because I am sick and tired of you screwing with me. Oh don't think I don't remember that YOU were also at my little beatdown. Didn't want to get your hands dirty? See everyone laid a hand on me that night but you. Why? Because deep down Trevor your a coward. You always have been. You hide behind a facade worse than my mask. But that's all right. Because Trevor when I knocked you fat (bleep) down a peg or two when you and your boys tried to jump me again it was just too good. It felt just like old times. What? Oh yes. Trevor. I will make sure you know just who your screwing with soon. But you don't get the privlidge of being in that ring.That goes to Ace. Not you. Not Lurr. No OCW trash is going to mess up my coming out party! Now onto Linchy.

{Ataxia goes and sits back down in the chair. He contemplates for a moment before speaking again.}

Ataxia: I wish it wouldn't come to this. I really do. I have learned to put away my past. I have learned to let things go but here it comes again. Trevor's intentions with me are quite interesting because you and I were at one time enemies to Linchy. It would do me good to see you on the mat wondering why I'm holding up your title belt. I can't deny it. It would feel right. But is it right? Is it right that I have to fight you because this man who has NO BUSINESS making matches and putting two people who have put aside the past, the pain, the hate, and the hard (bleep) that we have both had to go through since we last were across from each other. You try to make this personal Trev? Too late. It already was once. At one time you were this cocky little (bleep) and I had to knock the taste out of your mouth Linch. Now your a dad. You got a family. Me. I got nothing. Just like last time. You always had a way of having more than everyone else. Even when you screw up you always seem to come out on top. This whole idea is starting to make me a little sick to my stomach though. I hate it. It (bleepes) me off man. It really does. Why should a naïve little cuss like you get what he wants out of life and have people cheering for him all the time? Why not me? What the hell did I do that was so wrong? What the hell is wrong with these people! I know exactly what's going to happen! I know the results before the ring bell is even rung!

{He grabs at his mask for a moment only to stop himself. He shakes his head as he continues to rant.}

Ataxia: What's going to happen is the fans are going to be torn. What's going to happen is their going to have to make a choice between their usual hero and the outsider. Who would you pick? Let's be honest here. No one knows who I am under the mask. For all they know I'm Ace's third stepson twice removed. They're hero is El Linchador. Not Derek Mobley. Not Warrick Hill. Not Ataxia. It's always been El Linchador. He's the one you cheer for. Now in one fell stroke Trevor ruins all of my hard work because I know that the torch isn't passing. I know I'm going to be booed. It's going to get at me. It's going to push what little sanity I have out of the window and then I might just rip this thing off. I might just do it. (Bleep) waiting! Hell I might just do it right now. Wouldn't that be something. (Bleep) on all the work I've been doing for all these months just because I'm getting angry at how everything just keeps falling apart all because three egos need to get put down into a giant blender! I might just do it! Screw it! I'm strapping on a set of dynamite and going to go blow myself up with those three little (bleep) standing there in the ring then maybe we can get back to doing what we are suppose to do.

{He gets out of the chair and starts walking around the area of the set.}

Ataxia: Yeah. I've lost it. It's just like everything else I have lost in my life. My wife and kids. All because I couldn't fake being a nice guy. A good guy. Why the hell do I think I can keep this up? What's the point? Why the hell should I even bother doing this! I should just not show up. I should protest this under diress! I don't want to fight him! I don't need to fight him! This isn't fair damn it! I...

{It's like something snapped in his mind. He looks around confused like he doesn't want to be here. Like he doesn't want to be anywhere.}

Ataxia: I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to go down this road I know I'm going to get pulled in on. I didn't...I didn't mean to. Please. Just...

{He falls down. He doesn't get up he's probably about two steps into a mental breakdown when Eric, the cameraman, finally puts down the camera on a table and walks over to him. Akward at first he picks up Ataxia and places him in the chair.}

Eric: Are you okay.

Ataxia: I've never been okay.

Eric: You need anything?

Ataxia:...I don't know.

{Fade to Gray...}