~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

ďYou gonna bark all day little doggieÖor are you gonna biteĒ Mr. Blonde. Reservoir Dogs

{We fade in just where we left with Eric still holding the camera on Ataxia as he leaves the studio and goes outside. Eric follows.}

Eric: What the hell is this all about? That was a horrible attempt at a promo.

Ataxia: And this is a horrible attempt at a match! Why the hell am I having to do this!

Eric: Because you got booked?

Ataxia: No I got played! Booked implies that some sort of rational is behind all of this.

Eric: TGO wanted three people he canít stand beat up. That sounds rational to me.

Ataxia: TGO goes to Rational as Racism goes to Flowers.

Eric: I knew you were racist against daises!

{Ataxia blinks as he stares at Eric for a moment.}


Eric: What I canít have one liners?

Ataxia: Not when you sound like Chase!

Eric: Oh God! I am so sorry.

Ataxia: Just donít start calling me a cracka and I think weíre good.

Eric: But seriously what is really bothering you about this? I thought you would enjoy a chance to beat up on The NFB again?

Ataxia: Do I look like someone who likes jerking off and getting nothing out of it? Thatís all fighting those three are. Itís Larry, Mo, and Tito Jackson . They are acomplishing nothing especially if what they think they can do is humor because itís obvious that they canít do anything other than play out the sitcom of their lives. Their lives have no meaning. Letís insert random stereotype here. We got the black one, the stupid one, and the really stupid one. Two white guys and a black guy who are never going to amount to anything outside of GCWA because of their egos. Landon Chase is someone who can be subdued with a bit of duct tape. Liam Shayde is just proven to be the evolutionary superior of a rabid beaver because heís the only one with any sense. Putting Lori in the woods is like putting Bill Cosby in the LA RiotsÖthe setting doesnít fit the character. All the while being escorted by Captain Ego himself. Trevor Kent! Those three think that this team building thing is actually going to make a difference to what they can do in the match. Hereís why they have one advantage. NobodyÖwantsÖthem. Nobody likes them. Hell Iím more liked than those guys. You know how screwed up that is! Meanwhile I got to put up with watching a bad episode of Camp Candy for a week because these little brats canít come up with their own storylines so they think a big crossover is going to be tubularly awesome. I swear those three egos are only eclipsed by TLS and TGO two people who I wish the Tís would get out and also to lose the S and O so they can get LOST for GOOD!

Eric: Thatís catchy. But what about the Aceholes?

Ataxia: You mean the special olympics stable? Letís look at we got here. We got Mr. Oppurtunity! Thatís right you can have your very own Chris Cortez trying to find a way to get ahead. Wouldnít you know it itís all my fault for causing him to lose that match a few months ago cause I wound up Lori and let him loose. Ha Ha! Priceless. Bucky is a reluctant member of this crew so Iím not really worried about him but then you got the last problem. The one who apparently thinks my face is going to turn him into CGI goo. Thatís right Jimmy Jersey. No wait. Jerry Salt Lake. No. Timmy San Fransico. I dunno some jobber who thinks that just because he is from Las Vegas that we should all give a flying turd about him. In all honesty I think everyone involved in this pile of crap on the opposing sides are just all out for one thing and one thing only. Screen time cause no one cares about this!

Eric: So why not just do the match then?

Ataxia: Why should I? Chris knows I donít care about this stable war so heíll understand but why should I team with Der Der Derek ďThe Fat Chick ThrillerĒ Mobley lack of dick?

Eric: You streched on that one a bit.

Ataxia: I hate his guts! There! You happy! I donít like him! I donít have any use for him other than watching our show ratings drop everytime him and Big Bufford decide to fight for something that no one cares about anymore! The World Title is a joke! A bad one and the best punchline is Derek Mobley thinks he can turn it around.

Eric: Youíre acting like a bitch.

{ÖA nice ďWTFď look is in AtaxiaĎs face.}

Ataxia: What?

Eric: Look you can stand around here and complain about this situation or you can do something about it. Beat him at his own game. Take out the other six idiots in the match and tell him to go jump in a cold lake for all I care. The fact is if you think youíre a better wrestler or even, I dare say, a possibly better world champion. Prove it.

Ataxia: Thatís now how I work.

Eric: No. Who are you again?


Eric: You hate it when I am right donít you?

Ataxia: Yep.

Eric: So where should the promo go from here.

Ataxia: Cut it.

Eric: Why?

Ataxia: Because Iím going to do what the boys in the woods and the idiots abroad arenít doing.

Eric: Training?

Ataxia: You bet ya. Time for a littleÖFUN TIME AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

{Fade to Gray}