~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Define your meaning of war To me it's what we do when we're bored I feel the heat coming out off of the blacktop And it makes me want it more Because I'm hyped up, outta control If it's a fight I'm ready to go I wouldn't put my money on the other guy If you know what I know that I know” One of us is going down. Sick Puppies

{We fade in on the “creepy set” of the studio. There is Ataxia in his usual gear having a meeting with Eric to try and get things ready for Inferno.}

Ataxia: Okay so these are the guys that I want to use. I got all their contact information from the auditions and they will be perfect for what we are going to do.

Eric: Are you sure about this?

Ataxia: Yeah I'm sure. Also make sure our friend is in on it. You know the guy with the face with the thing and the hoo hah hah.

Eric: Of course. So the last thing your doing is your valet.

Ataxia: Why do I need someone to drive the hearse?

Eric: Not that kind of valet!

Ataxia: Oh. You want me to hire a girl?

Eric: Yes.

Ataxia: Why?

Eric: Oh dear Christ. Look. Do you want to be taken serious in this sport or not?

{Ataxia looks at himself, at the studio, and back at Eric.}

Ataxia: I think you missed the meeting about how this is a gag right?

Eric: Yeah but your missing a great opportunity here.

Ataxia: What opportunity?

Eric: Look let's face facts. There aren't any girls in GCWA except for that one that Landon Chase is all hyped up on.

Ataxia: Yes. All the more reason to not get one. I don't want all the horny virgins trying to hump the leg of my associate.

Eric: Your not following me.

Ataxia: For a good reason. Your retarded.

Eric: My name isn't Bucky Johnson.

Ataxia: Yet your still talking stupid.

Eric: Will you hear me out okay?

Ataxia: Okay dad. God. Your so not cool.

Eric: Bitch. Listen.

Ataxia: All right.

Eric:Look you are making fun of so much of this stuff. The cheesy gimmicks. The high flying moves. The whole “goth” persona. It's what you like to do. However if you can find someone to imitate what you think of women in wrestling...

Ataxia: I don't think anything of it unless I have to face one. Although Trevor Kent's man boobs might warrant a brazier joke.

Eric: That's not the point!

Ataxia: You just wanna film something with boobs don't you?

Eric: No. What I want is for you to do something more creative. Look with your old posse from when you weren't “he who should be masked” you did a lot of group things like this. I think you need a foil. Your Abbot to your Costello. Your Martin to your Lewis. Your...

Ataxia: Gracie to my Burns?

Eric: Yeah.

Ataxia: Fine put out a casting call. I am going to regret this.

Eric: No you won't. What's your prerequisites for this?

Ataxia: You pick. Surprise me.

Eric: Cool. Thanks man your gonna love this.

{Eric runs off and Ataxia sighs. He moves the camera over to where it's facing his director chair and then he goes and sits down in it.}

Ataxia: So here is where the other shoe drops. Why do I have a problem with Trevor Kent. Simple. The problem with Trevor Kent is that he's not doing his job properly. Hell no one is. Our World Champion, although we get along, is not yet proven. Our tag team division is shot down to three teams. I'm not even going to touch the hardcore division. The problem is simple. The problem is that the three people in charge are screwing with the product. Now I get that your my “boss” Trevor. Actually I take that back. Your not my boss. No where on my checks from GCWA does it have your signature at least as of last week. It has Ace's name on it. Now I understand that the CEO now has booking powers. Great. Wonderful. Yet when I say your getting into my business I'd like to point this out. Let's talk employee to employer shall we.

{He moves over to a chart showing a few things of data. One of them is viewer interest in GCWA during certain parts of the program. Most of the downside have Trevor Kent, Ace,or Lurr written on them. Another part of the data shows examples of where Trevor Kent has gotten into Ataxia's business.}

Ataxia: You'll notice here. That you were present when the beatdown occurred with your team and did nothing to stop that. Negligence. You willingly watched a employee of your wrestling federation get beat up by three men that night all for their amusement. I could totally sue you for it. They can say storyline but I highly doubt that it would go anywhere with that. But you've got money and you assume I don't so we'll let that one slide. Then you decide to make me fight against Linchy. Only Ace later made it a title match. Now. Why me? Fighting my own tag team partner? You could sight competition on this but we all know why. You want to have allies fighting each other for your own team who are only, so called, “better” because of who they face. If your trying to market these people Trev. Your doing a crappy job of it. Matter of fact your getting them laughed at. Inserting yourselves in their promos. Trev. Really? Do they need that much help from you? I mean Shayde could be more serious if you weren't there overshadowing your “clients”. This is also a conflict of interest. This whole stable of yours is counterproductive to GCWA. Push who you want man. Hell give them all title shots if you think they deserve it. Book me in jobber matches. Don't just go crazy and vindictive because of this problem you have with no one respecting your boys who haven't done anything, except TLS, to earn it. Now I applaud you on that move by the way. Bringing back TLS was a great thing for this company. So far though Trevor your beating out your competition for person in charge but...

{He points back to the chart.}

Ataxia: They're not messing with the talent as much as you are. See in this business we all show you give the people what they want. Nobody wanted to see me fight El Linchador for the title or in any type of singles matches. We are a tag team. Now if you wanted to really screw with his title and make money. I stress that...make money. What you should have done is thrown him to Shayde, Chase, TLS, or even Lori. But you didn't. Why? Because you wanted to take us both out and all it did was nothing but have us fight. No injuries. No interference even from you. See there wasn't even a payoff to you coming out and making the match Trev! See. That's what people were tuning in for and I know the next time you make a announcement like that in a match it's going to be oh...bullcrap. He's not going to show. Now see you want to talk to me and say that your the boss and what you do to me is my business. Okay. Why the hell was I in the war games match?

{He points to another chart showing people who were in all three stables or known allies of the stables.}

Ataxia: What's wrong with this picture? Oh yeah. I'm not IN any of these groups! Why did you not do the right thing and call in Warrick and Linchy? That would have gotten everyone involved in this. Hell even throwing in Dangerous Dan would have worked. I have no title so getting all the guys with belts in the ring was kind of futile really. I mean if you wanted to prove your stable domenence use all the guys in the stables. People are like oh they beat Mobley, Chris, and Ataxia...but can they beat Mobley, Warrick, and Linchy. Now you made your guys look even more stupid. Great job on the Aceholes. Wow. That was hilarious. So why bring me into the match? What was the point? What was the reason Trevor? To beat me up? You could have had me take on all of your guys in a gauntlet match with me strapped to a chair for the whole thing if you wanted that! This match made no damn sense other that for you to get involved with your own ego. Your a businessman Trevor. Stop screwing up like this. I'm really concerned for my company if your the guy being the owner if this is how you handle business. I mean look I'm glad you didn't touch my feud with your boy. Look how that paid off. Even if I lost it's been the feud that people watched the whole few months I have been here. Yet here you are screwing up your own situation and screwing yourself out of a lot of money.

{Ataxia walks away from the screen and sits back down in the chair.}

Ataxia: So why did I get involved with this situation? Simple. I made a business decision Mr. Kent. I decided that since everyone wanted to see you in a match without it being a surprise wanted to see if you can still do what you use to do back in the day. Now this could be a taste of something at Heat Wave. Think about the card here. Trevor Kent, who beat Ataxia, versus Derek Mobley for a World Title Shot. That's a match I'd like to see Trevor if you can beat me. See if it was with Ace or Lurr's boys this would be a bad hand for you. I went to them and played them because I wanted to get into this match. I'm neutral. I got no stake in anything going on with these damn stables. I'm not in a stable. I never will be in a stable. Making it a lumberjack match makes it that everyone involved in those matches are involved but, unless they cheat, they get in the ring. I'll try not to throw you out to much because I don't want you hurt boss.

{The camera zooms in.}

Ataxia: I want you to learn a lesson. Your going to learn one about proper business soon man I promise. No charge. Oh and by the way loose Shayde in your promos. He really has no personality so it's just making yours suck more than they already do. By the way...you might wanna practice with your next promo. This one kind of was lackluster. Not to criticize but my stuff is suppose to look bad and yours, with you trying, looked far worse than anything I have ever done here. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray...}