~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Take this job and shove it...I aint working here no more.”Take this job and shove it. Johnny Paycheck

{ We fade in on the creepy set. There is a lot of work being done in the background to make a new set that looks something sort of dystopian. As we venture around we see Ataxia in his full regalia. He skips over to the camera looking happy as a lark.}

Ataxia: Oh there you are! Glad to see you. So let's go through the stereotypical bullcrap promo shall we? The “oh I lost to TGO monologue” of doom! Oh woe is me oh gentle GCWA fans for I have losteth a match thru cheating by TGO. Oh I cheated to though so I guess it's fair. Not really but hey who cares anymore right? I won. Wait? How did I win? Oh yes. GCWA is closing which means unless Trevor Kent sells all of his stock immediately he's going to lose a lot of money. Oh what a glorious day. Even when I don't win the match I win the war because that's what this whole thing is about. It's all been about one ego versus another and another. It's never been about this federation or it's best interests. TGO could have refused and dropped his half of the title. That's all he would have had to do. But no. He decides to become a competitor. Now if your a CEO you have to deal with stockholders. Stockholders don't want to see their CEO fighting on national television week in and week out. It was stupid. Kind of like my opponent this week.

{We hear a rimshot and Ataxia look around. He reaches into a box called props and pulls out a shotgun. He fires into the air and we see a drummer and his small drum kit fall down in front of us.}

Ataxia: I hate running gags! What do you think this is vaudville?

{We see a tour group come by. Ataxia poses for pictures with them.}

Tour Guide: To you left you'll see a wrestling promo being filmed note the similarities to vaudville. Especially the creepy masked man.

Ataxia:...everyone's funny when you got editing software. This chick sounded like a man before we fied her.

Tour Guide: Well I never...

Ataxia: That's the problem. On with the promo.

{The tour group leaves and Ataxia waves bye bye to them. He turns back to the camera and smiles.}

Ataxia: You know bro it never ceases to amaze me just how well you can crawl out of a hole and become a bother. In every federation I have ever had the displeasure of facing you in. It never fails. You show up. You lackluster out. You come back. And you lackluster out again. Oh but this time you leaving wasn't your fault. Damn. I guess you could have. Oh I dunno. Gone to ICW...wait. That would mean someone wanted to give Old Dirty Jerkwad some cash. Well how about OW...wait that would mean someone competent would have to run it. Damn unless OCW reopens I guess your screwed aren't you? Let's just save ourselves a headache and just laugh at how ridiculous and predictable you have become. Let me guess. I'm going to get the awe inspiring, and by awe I mean AWWWW MANNNN NOT AGAIN, version of your ripped off fox action thirller show lifestyle or maybe just maybe your going to team up with TGO and have merry misadventures at the Quick Stop. He can be Kent and you can be Silent Soul. I mean you only speak when it's important right Soul? Except in reality your just like Kevin Smith. You aren't good at dialogue. Oh you can fight. There is no denying it but let's be honest here with ourselves. All you are is just a joke. A rip off of your former self. Your nothing more than a errand boy for Kent. The worst part about it is the three amigos over there with you have a reason to suck on his tit. They are nobodies. They are never will be wrestlers. You. You are established. You are the “ace”, pun not intended for once, in the hole. However. For lack of a better term you are the patsy. You give this group credibility as a enforcer because all you really know how to do is beat people up. That's all you've ever been good at Soul. Someone points you in the right or wrong direction and you charge through like the juggernaut. The problem is that I've always been a stumbling block for your indestructible path.

{Ataxia walks towards the snack table and gets himself a cup of coffee and mixes in a lot of sugar. He looks up and grins as he puts some cream in the coffee.}

Ataxia: Even if you know whose under the mask I know your going to keep you mouth shut Soul. The simple fact is that your group has taken a stance of we don't care. Something tells me that leading up to Heat Wave that there is going to be a step up from all of them to try and make one last jab at fame before the company goes bellyup. I think this is you last chance to make a impression but in all honesty your not going to. Because I am personally going to enjoy watching you fart in the wind as you try to figure out how to beat me. Because your going to be the fun one. See I'm going to do something that is going to totally screw with your mind. I'm going to do this quick and painful. Just like what you did with your last woman...or TGO as I've heard it. Toodles cupcake.

{He chugs the coffee and then heads over to Eric who is talking to some of the PA's. He looks really depressed as Ataxia walks over to him. The PA's go on their way and Ataxia pulls Eric aside.}

Ataxia: Why so glum chum?

Eric: I'm out of a job. That's why I'm upset.

Ataxia: No your not.

Eric: Yes I am.

Ataxia: No your not.

Eric: Yes I am.

Ataxia: No your not.

Eric: Yes I am.

Ataxia: STOP THE RUNNING GAG! You are not losing your job.

Eric: GCWA is closing. I work for GCWA. Ergo I lose my job.

Ataxia: Oh. That job. I thought you meant the job I was going to offer you as my personal director.

Eric: What?

Ataxia: You think I'm going to quit wrestling just because GCWA is closing your out of your damn mind. I happen to know for a fact that there is something wonderful going to happen once this place closes down. When that happens I am going to need someone to help me capitalize on what is going to transpire. That is where you come in.

Eric: So you actually want to keep me around.

Ataxia: Well you've been a good friend, you can keep your mouth shut, and above all else who am I going to get that I trust to do it other than you?

Eric: Well thanks man.

Ataxia: No problem. Now how is our little lady doing with the training?

Eric: Well umm...they'll have to see next time.

Ataxia: Oh not done editing yet?

Eric: We don't edit these things. We're just waiting for the sharks to show up.

Ataxia: That's right kids. Tune in next time where we do our infamous jump the shark promo because if we don't do well with this one...well we might just get canceled. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray}