~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Daah Dahh...Daah Dahh...Dun dun dun dun dun” Jaws theme. Jaws.

{We fade in on what looks like a factory. People of all shapes and sizes are standing on a assembly line. Not next to it to work but actually on it. As the move past we see a sign that says “Generic Crappy Wrestler Assembly”. We hear the classic “Yakiddy Sax” start playing as these regular normal looking people get separated onto different treadmills and sent down to different lines. Each one of the lines are labeled such things as “Redneck Badguy”, “Evil Darkside Guy”, and also “Stupid Cousins of Famous Wrestler's Sons”. On a different line we see nothing more than women going down one line.}

Voice over: Welcome to the Generic Crappy Wrestler Assembly. Here where we use crappy templates to give you mediocre programing. Each of our made wrestlers have a switch placed inside of them that any of our elected non-wrester or former wrestler heads of staff can take control of to service their own egos because after all who cares if we have family or have to support anyone because we're just wrestlers. We don't matter. Only everyone elses ego's matter. Those in charge are all that matter here at G.C.W.A. Now let's move you onto our new Women's division.

{We see some of the girls going through the assembly line. They go through some machines and all, no matter what they looked like, so that they will look like a blonde dumb bimbo. They get programmed with simple moves that any recess monkey can do.}

Voice over: These women will be nothing more than eye candy. Things for men who can't get laid to envision as they do dirty things in the dark. They are nothing more than a distraction to how bad the programming is. This is why GCWA is failing. We have no eye candy unless you count wanting to see Bucky Johnson in a dress. But then again all of you are freaks for even thinking it. You can blame me for the brain scar.

{Suddenly an explosion occurs. Out of the machine comes a girl with a half shaved head. The rest of her long hair is really wild looking and multicolored. Her face has one ring over her right eye wearing blue hippie shades. Her earrings are wild and crazy looking. Her outfit is a spray painted see thru tank top that is multicolored and a black sports bra. Her jean shorts are pretty much a dentist string and she's wearing multicolored tights. He boots mismatch, one short brown and one talk black. She vaguely resembles the girl from last week's promo. She holds up a soda can that has “Ataxia” written on it.}

Voice Over: This is why we put a little Ataxia in the formula just to make sure you all get something that says no to bullcrap and yes to actual entertainment.

{With that Ataxia in his full regalia walks onto the screen and takes the soda can from the girl. He chugs the last of it.}

Ataxia: Let's make Ataxia...UP YOURS!

Girl: That was lame.

Ataxia: You didn't get the memo that's all we do here.

Girl: You know you still haven't introduced me.

Ataxia: Oh yes. How rude of me. Meet my new assistant you can call her Tax-Girl.

Girl: Hell no. The name is Misty Vicious.

Ataxia: Really? Who came up with this?

Misty: I got it from the Ace gimmick's that work book.

Ataxia: Isn't this the same guy who came up with a TLS sort of idea. Seriously Ace when you reopened this place where the hell did you get the bright idea to even bring this loser back to the federation in the first place. Then fire him. Oh but then this guy comes back only to have the place close on him. All that hard work. For nothing. All thanks to your bosses.

Misty: How awesome for him. Do I even get a paycheck from this place for doing this?

Ataxia: You get mine this week.

Misty: Seriously?

Ataxia: AHAHAHAHA...sweetie under this mask is a man who has made a killing off of endorsement deals for many a year. I have made more money off of those deals from before I joined GCWA than I have made the whole time I worked here.

Misty: Then why work here?

Ataxia: Simple! So simple. But I'm not going to spoil things just yet. This whole thing is leading up to a epic conclusion that will occur at our last show. How fitting that one of the things that everyone has been wanting to find out who is under this mask. They'll get closure. You know closure. Like you getting at Ace for firing you. Oh wait you haven't been able to do that did you? I mean literally we have to all ask ourselves what have you done that your going to put a ending note on. You versus Ace? Ha. Anyone can beat him up so why should we even bother dealing with it. Oh are you going to destroy me? I don't think so. You see TLS there is one thing that you can't ever do whenever you face me?

Misty: Win?

Ataxia: No my dear...he can't jump the shark.

Misty: What the hell are you talking about?

{As if on cue a shark tank opens up in front of the two as Ataxia runs and leaps over it. The sharks barely bite his legs as he clears the sharks.}

Misty:...what was the point of that?

Ataxia: The point of it was that in every show after you jump a shark it all goes down hill. GCWA has done this time and time again. Now that I've done it. That makes this one of the last promos that will be good. The other thing that we have to realize is this. TLS is expecting this match to be a piece of cake and in reality I know for a fact that I'm going to put a hurting on him. Win. Lose. Or Draw.

Misty: What's your plan Sam?

{Ataxia walks over to her and grabs her close in a almost love embrace.}

Ataxia: Because baby...we're going to entertain them...even if it kills them

Misty: I yearn for such a occasion. You bring the dynamite...I'll bring the cheese grater.

Ataxia: That's right boys...I'm multiplying...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


{Fade to Gray...on that laughter...AHHH!}