~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“I hurt myself today to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real. The needle tears a hole, the old familiar sting. Try to kill it all away, but I remember everything.”Hurt. NIN.

{We fade in on a conference room. Sitting at the large table are just three people. Eric, the producer, is sitting back and looks exhausted. Misty Vicious is next to him shaking her head as she watches the one man walking around the room madder than hell. Ataxia is the one walking. They're all wearing their usual clothes or ring gear. Ataxia slams his hand down on the conferene table.}

Ataxia:...I'm not doing it.

Misty: Not doing what?

Ataxia: The match. There is no point to this.

Eric: Whoa! You are not bailing on the last Inferno before this place closes.

Ataxia: Oh I'm going to be there but screw them if they think I'm fighting that lackluster loser again.

Misty: They're just trying to cash in on the feuds that made the fans like the show.

Ataxia: Hunny wumpkin. I hate to break this to you. But matches between House of Pain and House of Fat and Weird count as inhumane torture in countries with IQ's over five.

Eric: So what your just going to skip out on the match.


{Ataxia sits down and sighs.}

Eric: Can we get a reason oh king of kinks?

Ataxia: A new nickname. Awesome! This is why I have you in charge of my image Eric.

Eric: You can't balk on this. Those people paid good money to see you trash Lorenzo.

Ataxia: Obviously they didn't take a note from “when a feud is over” by I. Tapped. Out.

Eric: Never heard of that book.

Ataxia: Because it doesn't exist. Look. I used him to get what I wanted. I am getting what I wanted. Fighting him serves no purpose other than giving the Little Rascals that he runs with another reason to try and beat me into submission. They're going to do it anyways but hey might as well not let it be in front of people. People want to see them attempt to beat me up so if I don't give them what they want then TGO starts losing even more credibility and such. I win.

Missy: But don't you want to go after Lorenzo again?

Ataxia: Nope.

Missy: You know he's going to call you a chicken (bleep) because you don't want to face him.

Ataxia: WHY SHOULD I FACE HIM! What's the (bleeping) point! Dear God in Heaven or ,better yet I'll get a response back faster if I say, Satanic Master in Hell please show me the damn point to this. Captain Cracka is happy as a lark being Mr. Kent's plus one for the tag team titles. Why should I take that one amount of joy that has been in his professional life? He's on a high note right now. Sorry if I have a little bit of compassion.

Missy: You wouldn't know Compassion if it (bleeped) you ten ways to sunday.

Ataxia:...look I just don't want to fight him. It's not because I'm scared or worried about losing. Hell if that was the case the idea of Trevor Kent having a win over me would actually bother me.

Eric: What if we promise to buy you something pretty.


Missy: Hey bribery could work.

Ataxia: I am morally outraged and you think you can buy me off.

Eric: Well that is the American way.

Ataxia: Touche pussycat.

Missy: Not that I personally care Tax but let's be honest here. You've got to face him one more time.

{Both hands slam into the table and actually break it. He looks down at his hands and we see that the gloves have been torn from the splinters.}

Ataxia: You forget something sweet cakes. I. Don't. Have. To. Do. ANYTHING!

Eric: Tax calm down.

Ataxia: I'm perfectly calmed down. I am more than calmed down. I'm (bleep) (bleeping) CONTENT! You know why Ace, TGO, and Lurr are doing this “return to old feud” crap. It's not because the fans want to see me hurt him. It's not because they want to relive the greatest feud this company has ever seen. It's to save money. Because they know we're not going to make a dime at Heat Wave other than they hype of it's the last show. The last Friday Night Inferno and to save a buck they fire the people who can actually come up with good ideas for matches. A Barbwire Steel Cage match? Really! This is so much more hardcore than the street fight was isn't it? Why is it so? Because we can't get away from each other and piledrive ourselves through cars! We're stuck in there. Unless someone comes out from underneath the ring. Unless someone names himself special guest referee. The shock of all of this is I'm going to get screwed even if I win the match because the NFB won't let this die. This federation has less than a week left to live and all they care about is themselves. They don't care. None of them do. These little punks aren't worth the effort.

Missy: What the hell are you talking about?

Ataxia: They haven't lost a federation because they never were a part of it. Hell even Jaiden Rishel wasn't a part of it until after they kicked his ass out! All this has ever been about to them is how to make themselves get noticed. I should go into that arena and decimate each and every one of them into a pile of putrid puss and puke. I should go in there and make Trevor Kent know why he should keep his insurance paid up until the end of the show. I should go into that arena and not stop until each one of those little (bleeps) gets a career ending injury or one that will hurt them every time they get up in the morning. I want them to suffer. I want them to feel something that will make them realize everyday they get up that pain is reality and it's not going to go their way. I want a little humility in the next generation. Everyone says that when I'm old enough I'll give up. They'll bury me in that ring if I have my way about it. I'll go out swinging. I'll go down fighting. They will go out in their big mansions while two girls go down on them.

Eric: How did you know about my death fantasy?

Ataxia: That's every heterosexual man's fantasy and with one alteration every male's fantasy.

Missy: Am I in this fantasy for you?

Ataxia: The part where someone dances on my grave naked with fire going on all over the place especially when I'm hanging from a tree swinging on fire.

Missy: Glad you only think of me naked.

Ataxia:...You have other qualities I'm not aware of?

Missy: You just never take the time to find out. Also if you don't do your match your never going to find out.

Eric: I'd find out but my wife would kill me.

Ataxia: You do know she watches these right Eric?

Eric: I know. That's why I said that.

Ataxia: Good boy, now if we can just get him to go on the paper.

Missy: Your missing the point.

Ataxia: Which is?

Eric: Look. I'm going to tell you like it is. Everyone talks about those matches you had leading up to the feud ending street fight. It's what kept those few pay per view's going when the main event's were not that good. You two did things to each other that most factions in a war would have been like “it's to much”. You two are probably without a shadow of a doubt the most angry wrestlers in the business. Under that mask I know what your capable of. Once it comes off. They're going to say why did he run away? Why did he run away from yet another time to prove he is the toughest one of them all?

{Ataxia looks down at his hands and the blood that is flowing from one of the cuts. He gets up and walks over where there is water in a pitcher and cups. He grabs a napkin from the table and covers the wound.}

Ataxia: (bleep) you.

{He sighs and tries to calm down. The voice he speaks with is almost emotionless. He walks around the room slowly.}

Ataxia: I don't have to prove a damn thing. These past few months I have worked myself harder. Pushed myself beyond the edge every night! Every time I have been booked even when it was a stupid match, a match that had no value to me. I did it. I worked. What do I get as a reward? A title shot against my tag team partner? A stipulated match with someone I have a problem with screwed over because he can't take a beating like a man?! This isn't about me proving anything! I don't need four to five guys covering my butt. I don't need to hire The Loser Stooge to make me legit! I don't need to team up with Moe, Lori, and Curly to give me this unity ideal. I got where I am by myself. No help from anybody except in tag team matches. I didn't ask to be a part of War Games for that very reason. It wasn't my fight. It never was. This whole faction versus faction versus faction crap is just hype. We had world title matches that were worse than our dark matches. The guys who just wrestled to get the crowd hyped up put more effort into their match than Biff ever has in anything but eating pie! This group of losers we let run wild because that fool owes stock in the company. They're idiots! They're here today and gone tomorrow wrestlers. They got no heart. They got no soul. They got no brains. And worst of all their matches are slumber fests until I get involved. I've made Lorenzo Demarco more than Trevor Kent ever did. I took him from being a angry curtain jerker and, because of what I can do with the boy, I made him a mid card star. That's the best I could do with him. Now I am after a new target that has nothing to do with the NFB. My whole reason for coming to this place is about to be revealed at Heat Wave. Then they want me to go back and do what? Break him again?

{He walks over to the windows of the conference room. He looks out for a moment and takes his mask off. We can't see anything but the back of him because of the sunlight. We can't really make out any discernible features thanks to editing and blurring out parts. }

Ataxia: Every damn day of my life I see faces. Faces of people that I have hurt in this industry because it was what I had to do. I have always been the one to do what needed to be done because I'm not the same. I'm different. I'm not the guy who gets the girl. I'm not the guy who has people care about him. I'm not the one who has to worry about a image. Everyone else gets off free but I got to do the dirty work. I have to do the thing no one wants to do. I have to be the man that everyone hates. I'm tired of always doing what needs to be done instead of doing what I want to do. When is it my time? When is it ever going to be my chance to prove to myself, if not the world, that I can change. There was a time when this five on one crap would make me laugh instead of want to throw up. There was a time when beating up kids like this would be no sweat. I'd take 'em all on. It's not that I am getting older. It's not that I have some sort of feeling that I had done wrong. I had done the right thing and look where it got me. It got me alone. It got me screwed over. You fight day in and day out for a company you believe in. Then it's gone. All your hard work has no legacy. I came back for a selfish reason. I don't deny that. I came back to make amends for everything I've done in some small way. This place is a cancer. It's good that it's going to die.

Misty: You don't mean that.

Ataxia: Yes I do.

{She gets up and walks over to him. His face is still blurred but we see her reach out and touch his face.}

Misty: This isn't about the match is it?

Ataxia: I thought we made this clear. I'm not doing it.

Misty: You've never had a problem with a match before.

Ataxia: I had something to fight for then...I don't anymore. This whole thing is just bidding my time until I can take this damn mask off and do what I have to do one last time.

Misty: This isn't about GCWA. It's about you...the real you.

Ataxia:...I hate insightful women.

{Fade to Gray...}