~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“There's a lady whose sure all that glitters is gold And she's buying a stairway to heaven. When she gets there, she knows if the stores are all closed With a word she can get what she came for” Stairway to Heaven. Led Zeppelin.

{We fade in on a hotel room. Sitting on the bed is Ataxia wearing the mask, a black tanktop, black pajama pants, and no shoes. His arms are exposed save for the wrapping that he wears over them to cover up scars. He looks at the camera and smirks through the mask.}

Ataxia: So why? Why did you do it? You never cared about a world title match before! You never even mentioned the idea of even going after that belt. So why are you throwing yourself into the biggest match on the last card of GCWA history. It's such a glorious reason why I did it because it's just so damn fun. For starters, with me in this match, there is actually someone who can put our new world champion through a real test! That's right. I said it. I said it right to your public Shayde and Cortez. You two think your world title worthy? Maybe. But the simple fact is Mobley is one of the best wrestlers in the history of GCWA. But the controversy around this title is why I threw my name in. Other than just seeing the looks on all your faces. AHAHAHAHAHA...fucking priceless.

{Ataxia stands up and pops his knuckles as he moves towards the camera slightly pacing.}

Ataxia: See I know right now Shayde is pissed off. Rightfully so. He thinks he should be the final GCWA world champion. I mean look at what he's accomplished in GCWA so far. I mean he...oh wait. You haven't done shit. No titles. The only really big thing you've done at a pay per view was be on my team and the only reason you made it there was I saved your ass in the match so you could progress. Once again I find it really funny that the only success you have is because of me. Because of attacking me you boys got on the map. Because of me your buddy Lorenzo got attention and yet you have been ignored. Now why is that? Why is it that you and Landon are kind of the retarded monkeys of the group? It's because you guys are not that special.

{Ataxia is holding back laughter really hard.}

Ataxia: Then again that's what this all comes from with you. You see you all call me attention whores and yet we all know who you are. See. I have never once just went screw this and take off the mask. I've done this meticulously to prove a point. It couldn't have worked better. This whole time I just sit back and watch how easy it is to wind up you little shits and send you flying off the handle. It's so damn funny. I mean seriously victory is inevitable. Even if you say your not getting pissed off I know for a sheer fact that you can't wait to get your hands around my throat. Which is fine. I am happy about that. You know why I am happy about it? Because there is only one thing that can be done at this point. It's put up or shut up. I've proven myself time and time again. Oh sure I've lost matches along the way but the question is just how much of this has been me screwing with everyone. It's got to weigh on your mind. Just how far does this really go? Just how far can I push this before you finally snap? Because I know this is eating at you. It will eat at you. That is why it will cause you to lose.

{He walks over to the bar in the hotel room and pours himself some brandy. He swishes it a bit and then swallows it.}

Ataxia: So Derek. Why did I do this to you? You had it bad enough with these two nimrods so why did I decide to take this out on you? What have you done to me that makes this just so damn important that we have to face now. The truth is I wanted you to have at least one person in this match that isn't out to just win this for their stable or their own ego. You deserve the best match possible to go out on. That match wasn't. These two are weaklings. But you and I...heh. We're going to tear that arena apart. As for you and I. We do go back. Truth is I hate your guts. I always have. I always will deep down because I don't think your that good. Despite everything we all say to each other and what not I don't like you. I respect you as a wrestler but I don't see you and I ever hanging out socially or partying it up. The sad part is part of me wishes I could just let things go. I wish I could forget the past. I wish I didn't have to hate. I wish I could just let it be. I've done this the best I can. But this isn't me. This isn't who I am. So when the mask comes off before this match...I hope you understand. You will be surprised Derek. I promise you that. However...I want you to...know. I want you to know that it's taken every ounce of power in me to not smash your face in. I'm going to try to be restrained and end this on a high note. Time to learn the final lesson.

{He puts the glass down and wipes his eyes.}

Ataxia: That the worst thing you will ever face is yourself...and me.

{Fade to Gray...}