~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“I remember every dying whisper, Every desperate murmer... ” Night Surgeon. Repo: The Genetic Opera.

{We fade in on a odd surreal looking run down warehouse. We hear the sounds of a girl screaming and a young man crying. The horrible sounds are way to high one second and way to low in tone another. In this madness we see Ataxia walking through the darkness as red light filters through.}

Ataxia: What is this?

???: Don't you remember this place?

Ataxia: Who said that?

???: I did.

{A shadowy figure that only has one discernable feature, a red and black kabuki mask, stands in front of him. Off to the side we hear the screams again.}

Ataxia: You...

Kabuki Mask: Surprised to see me? I'm not completely shocked by your reaction. After all...just like this identity, your acting out, you did make me to.

Ataxia: That was...

Kabuki Mask: An accident? No...this was a accident!

{We hear the slowed down sound of “You aint got the guts to pull the...” followed by the loud echoed sound of a gunshot. We see Ataxia reach out as if to try and stop it but it doesn't.}

Ataxia: No!

{It keeps repeating over and over as Ataxia goes down to his knee's looking up at the heavens.}

Kabuki Mask: Ahahahahahahahaa...What's the matter? Are you going to cry...

Ataxia: You don't know what your doing...all this is going to do is...

Kabuki Mask: What? Make you remember what you are...I know what you are...I know the real you...

Ataxia: BASTARD!

{Ataxia leaps up and reaching out to strike the masked man his hand is suddenly gripped around a flaming barbwire baseball bat. He slams it into the kabuki mask over and over again until we see the seered and burnt flesh of what was underneath it.}

Ataxia: No! I didn't...I didn't mean to...Oh God...Why?!

{The lights down down except on Ataxia. The scene changes to yellow lights now and we hear the sound of a man and a woman arguing. We don't hear the exact argument but it goes faster and slower with each second. Ataxia tries to cover his ears. Behind him in a white suit is a man in a smiley face mask.}

Smiley Face Mask: Because it is what you are. You can't deny it. You can't hide from it. You can't beat it. You never could keep up a facade. Just like you couldn't keep up me.

Ataxia: That was different.

Smiley Face Mask: Why? So sweetie baby buttercup wouldn't know the truth about what kind of a monster you were. You lied. Every damn day. You lived out a lie because of her. Because of her you turned yourself into me. A happy go lucky la la la that made you want to throw up. You made me a loser!

Ataxia: I had to.

Smiley Face Mask: Oh of course you did! Of course you had to! But it didn't matter in the end. In the end she found out just want you are. She found out just what your going to do. She found out...who you are. Remember...

{Ataxia turns and yells “No” again as we hear the woman say over and over again “I hate you”, and the man say “You should”.}

Ataxia: That's not me...

{The sound of a door slamming becomes louder and frequent almost to the beat of drums.}

Smiley Face Mask: We had everything! Everything! And you let all go bye bye...awww...do you need a hug...AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Ataxia leaps up again and goes to strike this masked man instead of hs hand it's a brickhammer that strikes this masked foe. He keeps beating the mask until it shatters and the broken face of the man looks up at him.}

Smiley Face Mask: ...murderer...ahhhh.

Ataxia: I think this is more of a form of suicide.

{The lights shift and it's more of a black light scene now. There is only one other cloaked figure. He is in all black except for the mask's red eyes that he wears.}

Ataxia: So what mistake did I make with you?

Red eyed mask: I'm not a mistake. I'm you.

Ataxia: Reallllyyy? Well isn't that awesome.

Red eyed mask: Actually...I'm not. Not the real you. I'm that mask you hide behind in the ring. I'm that mask you want everyone to think you are. I'm the real you you always wanted to be.

{Suddenly a cracking whip sound occurs and barbwire wraps around Ataxia pulling him into a almost cross like position.}

Ataxia: Fuck you! Your not me...

Red eyed mask: No...but he is.

{In front of him now stands a child illuminated by back lighting.}

Child: Having a identity crisis are we?

Ataxia: No...not you.

Child: You act surprised? Should it not be obvious. After everything you've done...your still me. You just let me die so that you could deal with the hurt. The truth is you've always worn a mask. It just took you wearing that one to realize it.

Ataxia: So what do you want?

Child: To live...can you let me?

{The child pulls up a gun and points it at Ataxia and fires. We fade to black.}

Ataxia: So that more or less was a dream I had recently. Reenacted for your viewing pleasure.

{We fade up on black and white film at the same hotel room. More booze has been drunk as we can tell from Ataxia's demeanor but now as we can see in the ashtray he's been smoking. He lights up another as he starts to talk again. }

Ataxia: Yeah I know old habits die hard. What can I say. Some things can't change. For example the amount of anger I have towards one person. Derek, this isn't about you. I hate to say it but I have no interest in fighting you in any way shape or form. I already proved my point about you and Warrick years ago. Both of you are a waste of space and genetic coding. I'm often astounded by just how you two managed to meet each other. Two genetic fuck ups getting together. Mathematicians must be racking their brains on the precise amount of odds that is. Everyone is thinking your the odds on favorite in this match. Let's be honest...it's understandable. Let's look at the competition. You got me, who you've beat before. You got Chris Cortez, who lately has been sucking major donkey balls. Then you got Shayde. I don't need to even get into how much of a cakewalk this looks for you unless Shayde pins Cortez, I pin one of them, or vice versa and you get screwed. See sadly though. I believe in a fair fight.

{He takes a long drag before drinking some more brandy.}

Which is sadly why I have to do this. Trust me. My instincts tell me to shut my mouth and just let you fry. That would be underhanded though. After all we've had enough of that after all. You'll know who I am before the match. You'll know everything you need to to have you and I have it out like we should. I do hope you appreciate that I am giving your courtesy.

{He takes another long drag as he puts the glass down.}

Ataxia: Shayde on the other hand I'm not extending anything. Not because of what happened all these months. The fact is...your just like your father. Your a bitch. Your a whiny ass little crybaby whose talent is out shined by the fact that everyone wants your damn head ripped off cause you whine and whine and do nothing about it! So your title match is being fucked up. Well damn...I wanted my cage match to not be fucked over either. Damn I wanted my match with TGO to not have anyone run in either. I'm seeing a pattern here. So I guess what I'm trying to say is this...get over it and deal boy. I cashed in a favor because your fucking bitch of a wrangler pissed off a lot of people. I got a trump card and I decided to actually make your match something more than a squash. Because I'm going to point this out to all of you right now. I don't give a fuck about that belt just like I don't give a fuck about any of you. Which means I'm either your best friend in this match Shayde...or I'm your worst damn nightmare. I could just say “Screw this title...I want to end Liam's career.”. It could be fun.

{He smirks as he pops his knuckles again. He takes another long drag.}

Ataxia: You see boy I have been wondering something since I got here. Demarco needs help to win any type of match so he doesn't qualify for this. You, on the other hand, are at least a somewhat credible wrestler. You got a interesting style. A good assortment of moves and holds. The best part is you may or may not have figured out who I am under this mask. That's the part about this that makes me really glad I'm fucking up your life. See you may have an advantage except in one thing. You can watch all the old films you want. You can read your daddy's files. You can even talk to people who have faced me. Hell you could even call up my family and ask them how I learned this move and that move and when this became prevalent in my rep. However, after all of that, you still aren't prepared.

{He holds up a file he has on Liam Shayde and then sets it on fire with his lighter dropping it into a trashcan by the bed.}

Ataxia: The truth is boy I've been watching you to. Your ego is getting the better of you in all of your matches. You walk around like you got a chip on the shoulder and the world owes you something. That shit works on most people here. Hell a lot of us all know what that's like starting out. But see the problem I have with you is that you just flat out are a stupid fuck. You turn on the guy that gave you a job to work for a man who will sell you out in a heartbeat. But hey. Your stupid and young. This is your one fuck up right? No. Actually you don't get to fuck up. Now why am I being like this with you? Because I am putting you out of the collective wrestling world's misery. This is the end of you. At Heat Wave...I'm going to burn you like this cigarette. I will breathe you in.

{He finishes off the cig with the short drag.}

Ataxia: Then exhale you out. Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

“I remember walking every victim. With accute precision... I remember everytime I hold you, My warm companion... I remember, I dismember! 'Cause the Claims Medic gives no anesthetic! 90-Day Deliquient get your Repo Treatment! I'm the Masked Horror on your street corner! Make your mama mourn ya! I'm a Night Surgeon! I remember... ”Night Surgeon. Repo: The Genetic Opera.

{Fade to Gray...}