~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

ďI'll face myself To cross out what iíve become. Erase myself. And let go of what iíve done. Put to rest. What you thought of me. While I clean this slate. With the hands of uncertainty.Ē What I've Done. Linkin Park.


Ataxia:...in each of us there is a potential for good and a potential for evil.

{We fade in on the middle of a church service. We see Father Micheal is giving the ending part of his sermon for this morning's mass.}

Father Micheal: It is when good men do nothing that we have the ultimate evil. It is when good people sit and do nothing that we allow wickedness and hate to take root and to spoil us all...

{At the back of the church he see's something in the shadows. We pan over and see it's Ataxia. Father Micheal sighs and gets back to his sermon.}

Father Micheal:Peace be with you and the Lord bless your days. Amen...

{After everyone leaves he motions for Ataxia to come forward.}

Ataxia: A stirring speech Mikey.

Father Micheal: You always have a nasty habit of showing up when your least wanted.

Ataxia: Emm.

Father Micheal: Such witty retorts. Your slipping with that damn thing on you know.

Ataxia: Your in a chipper mood.

Father Micheal: Your not the only strange guest I have had to day. I think you know them.

Ataxia: Now this intrigues me.

Father Micheal: They've been watching your promos. They figured you'd show up here. They're in the back.


Father Micheal: Well go and see them.

Ataxia: I don't want to see them.

Father Micheal: Why not?

Ataxia: They know don't they?

Father Micheal: Please. Your not so clever. The way you fight may have changed but not your methods. Especially in that cage match.

Ataxia: I...I didn't want them to know.

Father Micheal: That you were playing the hero. Oh they got a good laugh at all the crap you've been pulling off. One of them couldn't stop laughing about the ďass punchĒ.

{Ataxia laughs. He almost goes to the back but he stops and turns back to his brother.}

Ataxia: It's not that I'm embarrassed about what I have done bro. It's just that I. I just.

Father Micheal: You wanted to fight a battle by yourself for once. You know for someone who is a outsider you have always had backup. Even when they hated your guts they would come to your aid if you needed it.

Ataxia: I didn't deserve it.

Father Micheal: That your right about. But it's not to late for you to thank them for it.

Ataxia: I don't even know how...

Father Micheal: Let the mask go my brother, both of them.

{Ataxia nods his head as he takes his mask off. We pan away as we fade to black. We fade back up in a moment on the hotel room the fire from the previous promo has set the whole place on fire. Ataxia is still sitting there with a cigarette in his right hand and a bottle of booze in his other.}

Ataxia: Good men who do nothing are those who are the evilest of all. It is quite true. I have done nothing to stop what has happened to GCWA. I have done nothing to stop what has happened to this beloved federation. I could have stopped the war. I could have ended it but I chose not to because I didn't see the need to. The truth is good and evil are not so different. It's a choice we make. I made my choice. It has nothing to do with who is right or who is wrong. See the question is not about who is right or who is wrong. The question is what is the best thing for what I have to do.

{He drinks some of the booze and then smirks through the mask as he takes a drag.}

Ataxia: So now what do I on this last night. Do I go for the win or do I go for a moral victory over those who have wronged me. Truth is I really don't know or care. I'm not here to win the world title nor to do a career defining match. I am here simply to do the one thing that needs to be done. You see the mask of Ataxia is over coming tonight. This entire situation is going to be simply...finished. Win. Lose. Draw. It doesn't matter. The title doesn't matter. This pathetic federation doesn't matter. Then again...when did you ever matter? Oh yeah. I remember. Back when world champions meant something. Back when presidents, owners, and commissioners stayed the hell out of our affairs. Neither Shayde, Mobley, or Cortez are going to win because we all lose...except me. I win. Do you not understand it at all...I always win. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

ďFor what Iíve done. I start again. And whatever pain may come. Today this ends. Iím forgiving what Iíve done!!! ĒWhat I've Done. Linkin Park.

{For the final time...Fade to...RED}