???: It's time we had a talk.


Ataxia: Oh. It's you.

???: You don't sound to surprised.

Ataxia: I knew sooner or later you'd get in my face.

???:It's because I am your face...Tax.


Ataxia: So what is this? Some lame gimmick versus real wrestler shoot?


???: No. This isn't about this stupid gimmick. This is about you and me and what we are going to do this week.


Ataxia: We are doing nothing. I'm not fighting him. It's not the plan.

???: You little pansy.

Ataxia: Name calling. Yeah. That works.

???: Your nothing more than a foolish attempt to change myself. This can be over like that.

Ataxia: No it won't. I'm the one thing you can't threaten.

???: Really? Then why do you have that damn thing in our hand!


Ataxia: What the?

???: You picked it up. I locked that damn thing away. Why the hell did you bring it out?

Ataxia: I needed a bit of motivation I guess.

???: About what?

Ataxia: I've done everything I can to be liked. I've done everything I can to be cheered and they do it but I know it's not going to last. I know for a face that it's not going to last because you won't let it!

???: This is not who I am.

Ataxia: No but it's who I am!

???: A coward.

Ataxia: You've thought about it to. Hell you almost did it in front of your best friend and the only reason you didn't was because you didn't want him to think you were a coward. Don't you dare play high and mighty with me you selfish asshole!

???: Careful. You didn't censor yourself like a good little chump like your suppose to. Come on. Say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and don't forget kids when all else fails ass punch someone!

Ataxia: Screw you!

???: Fuck you!

Ataxia: This is to weird even for me.

???: This is right up my alley! Come on. You wanna get nuts. Lets get nuts!


???: Come on you little coward. Do the “right” thing. The thing you have to do to make things right. Just because your a “good” guy doesn't mean you shouldn't have a spin. Come on crazy man. Come on! Go nuts! Swallow a fucking bullet!

Ataxia: Why are you doing this to me?

???: I'm not doing anything. It's your hand that's on that trigger you sick little freak!


Ataxia: I'm losing my mind.

???: No. Your just dealing with your own mind for once. For once your actually listening to that voice in the back of your head that is me. Ataxia is a good little mask for you to hide behind little boy. Ataxia is who you have always wanted to be. A high flying daredevil. A misunderstood but loved messiah. That is what you are! You are the hope of this federation and you can't do anything to stop what's happening and it's driving you insane. It's driving you truly crazy instead of this fun crazy that you enjoy so much.

Ataxia:..if you know so much then what the hell do I do?

???: You do what you do best. Give the fans what they want.

Ataxia: How did you handle it when you lost your home. Two places at once. GCWA and CWF. I feel like cancer.

???: Funny. I am cancer.

Ataxia: Seriously. How do you deal with this? How did you deal with it.

???: I do what I always do.

Ataxia: A little clarification please?

???: (sighs) I get angry and I take it out on the poor soul that they decided to book me against.

Ataxia: I don't want to do the carnage anymore! Damn it! I just want to end this in peace.

???: Your an idiot! Your just as weak as Lori said in that promo. That's what started this whole thing. That's why I cut on the damn camera so I could talk some damn sense into your head. This isn't about you! It's never been about you!

Ataxia: It's about you!

???: No! It's about what's right. For once it's not about me getting what I know I deserve. For once it is not about you getting praise. For once in our life. We're doing this the right way. We are Ataxia. My years of in ring experience. My talent. Your persona. Your charisma. We're doing this all for one reason. Because we have to otherwise we might as well pull that damn trigger.


Ataxia: I don't think I can do this.

???: You never could do this. That's when you tag me in. I'll do the dirty work. I always do the dirty work. You know that.

Ataxia: I can do this.

???: Really? This could be funny then. Why not give him what he deserves. Here he is making deals while you have two of the hardest matches in your life to prepare for. You've got his dumb ass to take out and then you have a match for your world title defense in CWF.

Ataxia: They don't know about that here.

???: They do now.

Ataxia: I told Justin I wouldn't bring up CWF here.

???: You gave your word...how noble.

Ataxia: Maybe I didn't want to crush his spirits that I got a world title before he did.

???:...ha. That's a riot.

Ataxia: Wow they were right about your sense of humor weren't they?

???: Wait till I get my hands on Mr. Demarco and I'll show you my sense of humor when they take him out in a bodybag.

Ataxia: That's cute your thinking of killing him.

???: Actually I was just going to help him have career assisted suicide. He says he's not afraid of you. Do you know why that is?

Ataxia: Because he has his nightlight and TGO is in the next room in case he see's the boogeyman.

???: It's because you've not introduced him to me. It's because you have not let him get a taste of just what type of a “fun guy” I am.

Ataxia: An intiguing idea.

???: There is still the matter of the gun. You going to do it?

Ataxia: I've been wondering lately. What exactly do we have to live for. There will be people who miss us. There will be those few fans you actually had. The question has never been of a professional nature with you and I. We know we're better than everyone else. The question is though...can you actually be happy?

???: Mind clueing me in on what your talking about shit for brains?

Ataxia: I found someone I like...a lot. You know you never really have been happy. Despite all the success. Despite all the hard work that did pay off you have never been really happy.

???: What's your point?

Ataxia: We need to make a decision.

???: Rather or not I am happy is no concern of yours.

Ataxia: You don't get it do you. Like it or not I'm a part of you.

???: A part I don't want around after Heat Wave. I'm the one that carries us. I'm the one that is the one people will pay to see get his ass handed to him.

Ataxia: It doesn't have to be that way.


???: You think to highly of yourself. You and I both know that this will not last. They don't want to cheer for me. They don't like me. They hate everything about me. They love those morons in House of Pain because their fucking retarded! They love El Linchador because he's a high flying little monkey who does everything for them. What have they ever done for me? Did they cheer me when I took on this guy or this guy. No. It was almost all the time they would boo me. They would hate me. They would throw shit in the ring at my face with the intention of giving me a concussion! These people pay money to see me get beat up. That's how I have made my living Tax. They don't care about me. And soon they won't care about you? Now does that make you happy?


Ataxia: No. I tell you what makes me happy. What makes me happy is I know despite every pile of crap match that we have had to endure I know you enjoyed being the hero. Even if you were just along for the ride. This has got to be as close as you have ever gotten to actually being appreciated. No one likes you because they're scared of what you can do in that ring. They know you will go over the edge. They know you have no mercy. They know you have no amount of compassion.

???: Well I let them live.

Ataxia: Yeah well I know how you feel about murder...

???: Look it doesn't matter. This was fun while it lasted but now you and I have to do something about this match.

Ataxia: Like what? This doesn't serve our purpose. This doesn't do anything toward our goal. It is nothing more than an excuse to bash his brains in again.

???: He deserves it.

Ataxia: He doesn't deserve what your going to do to him if he gets us angry.

???: They all deserve it.

Ataxia: Why?

???: They helped kill this place. Despite what I feel about this run down pile of crap no federation deserves to close from in fighting. I know what that's like...it is not going to happen again without someone answering for it.