“I'm not ever going to get this way again.”???.???


Eric: You good enough to do this?


Eric: Look if you don't do this it's fine but I only have the feed for a little while.

Ataxia: Eric...I'm sorry you had to see that.

Eric: You had a nervous breakdown. Hell I had one when my wife told me she was pregnant.

Ataxia: Really? Eric: Well we...we lost our first. It almost ended our marriage. We had to go to consouling. We had just finally gotten back to being somewhat happy and well I was worried. I was happy when she told me and then I just started crying. Yeah I know. Picture me crying. My wife thought I was upset at her but it wasn't that at all. I was afraid things were going to go bad again and that we weren't going to be together afterwards. I mean they happen man. It shouldn't get you down.

Ataxia: I've only had three. Including that one.

Eric: See. Happens to everyone. Ataxia: The first one was when I killed a man.

Eric: What...

Ataxia: Self defense. I was a kid. Had to shoot him in the face.


Ataxia: The last one was last year when the federation I had worked for closed because of a fool's ego. I lost my mind. I had been suicidal before then but at that point no one was there to stop me from actually doing it but me. I hate guns. Always have since that incident but I still have a old service revolver that belonged to my grandfather. It works still. I decided to play Russian Roulette.

Eric: Well obviously you didn't “win”.

Ataxia: I filled up each cartridge.

Eric: So you played with six bullets.

Ataxia: Yep.

Eric: So you didn't fire.

Ataxia: I pulled the trigger twelve times.

Eric:...so why are you still alive.

Ataxia: The firing pin missed the primer on each bullet twice. I started laughing. I couldn't save my “home”. I lost my wife and kids. I lost everything that should have mattered and I couldn't even kill myself right. That's when I went to Mexico and got wasted. Had to get out of here.

Eric: That sucks man. So what happened till you got in GCWA.

Ataxia: Got you hooked eh?

Eric: I'm a sucker for a origin story.

Ataxia: Well I crashed with some friends down there who are promoting Lucha. I never did high flying before. In fact I hate high fliers. I use to eat them for breakfast. So I spent some time teaching. Then I got a call from my brother. My goddaughter had been killed. That night I didn't get drunk. I didn't smoke. I went back home. I went to the funeral. I was actually nice to my family which scared them. Then I went back to Mexico. That day I bought this mask.


Ataxia: That night was when Ataxia was born. I hoped into a open battle royal and I won. I won by completely emerceing myself into this identity. The strangest thing happened. I was just in this for a fight. I just wanted to make someone hurt like I always did. That was until the match was over and the ref rose my hand. I heard it. Cheers.

Eric: This whole being a good guy thing got to you huh?

Ataxia: Have you ever been hated.

Eric: Yeah it's called high school. Everyone is hated.

Ataxia: Have you ever had a death threat happen and you welcomed the idea?

Eric: No...but I was late with the money for the electric bill once and the wife threatened to kill my sex life.


Eric: See your laughing. That's good.