~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Get up! Get up! Get up! Drop the Bombshell!" Drop the Bombshell. Powerman 5000.

I wonder how well you are doing with all of this?

Knowing that you are going to be a first round elimination.

Are you trying to make it so you don't show up so you can attempt to save face? Blame it on a late plane? Leave your partner and a replacement to take the death sentence that you have been given? Come on Macho Mendel...what are you going to do?

Besides make excuses!

“How can 'I' lose to you?” Well. If you want to get technical I could just break your opponent in half and then pin him for a one two three. I mean. You don't “have” to lose. That's the beauty of this. I just attack the weak link. Which I know is you. Your ego is your biggest flaw you pathetic attempt at a professional wrestler.

This match is going to be so full of exploitation they're going to call “Shaft” a bad example of a exploitation film after this.

Truth be told I am already expecting what your going to say and to be honest I have to say that you need to hire a better writer. Now see. I do all of this myself. Me. I'm a real wrestler. You. You are an image that can not live up to his hype. Oh we could split hairs about what I should be “jealous” of you about. Truth be told I know the real you better than you do.

Someone a long time ago told you you sucked.

That made you snap.

Went on this journey and became what you “thought” you should be perceived as.

The problem Mendel. Is that. They. Were. RIGHT!

You do suck. Oh not as a human being. We're not all monsters here...well except me...but anywho. You are a waste of a spot on a roster. You talk a big game. That's good. Your wrestling skill is sub par. That's workable. You have a look. That's promotable. There is just one thing you don't have.

See the difference between you and I is not style. It's not look. It's not promotable or not. It's two separate and very dangerous things. The first one is that I have the drive to do this despite whatever flaws I have in this business. I found my niche. I am very successful because of it.

The second one, and this is the most important, is I don't have to worry about looking pretty. I don't have to worry about anything. No one knows who I am under this mask. No one has any expectations out of me except one thing. I will hurt myself to make you hurt worse.

Now pretty boy. How are you going to get out of this one? I'll take sexual favors up until twenty minutes before match time.

Now let's move onto Silent Bob.

Hello Kave. I must say you seem impressive. However as we know from tearing off women's clothes seems are very easily broken.

Right now you are the mystery factor in this in everyone's mind. Hell. Some fan boys on a fan forum have predicted you and you partner going onto the next round. Let me clarify something for you.

Just because some zit faced little punk posts it on the internet doesn't make it true.

Why am I bringing this up? What do I have to work off of? Are you waiting for the camera crew to show up and tell you to do your damn job? Maybe you have nothing to say? Doubt it. Doubt you are even showing up to this till the last minute and showing us all your “Jobber Union” card.

By the way. Your federation fucking sucks.

I've seen better federations in a kid's backyard with a shitty video camera.

Oh...I think I may have just crossed a line.

And I do not give a damn. I am the one you should be worried about. None of your little stable buddies are going to help you defeat us! You are on your own and not happy about the luck of the draw. You are probably a good tag team wrestler with your buddies but with this asshole I wouldn't show up either.

Do yourself a favor.

Go back to the minor leagues. Me. I'm going to win. I have to win. I have to do well in this tournament. Unlike you, who shows no patriotism to his federation, I am here to show that CWF's superstars are superior. They only needed to send one.

How many of you are here again?

Oh I am expecting a mob. I am expecting gang warfare. I am expecting a lot of things.

Because I can take it.

I've had a whole federation want to beat the hell out of me and you know what happened when they did.

I still stole the show.

I can not lose even when I get pinned. I am what everyone will be speaking about next week. The truth of the tragedy of all of this is that I am sure you and I could have a great one on one match.

It's really shitty when they don't give you a real partner for this isn't it?

He just buried you.

Good thing I'm a necrophiliac.

Come on...let's play. Am I making people uncomfortable yet?

I'm not? Ohhh. Someone's been to Fredrick's of Hollywood eh? I'm nothing more than what you see on the strip and I am just trying to get attention right?

Gee...I have never been called a “attention whore” in my entire life. You'd think it wasn't the number one insult that is overused in CWF against me. Really. If this is the “best” of your pathetic little federation has to offer in the realm of trashtalk I can just phone any other match against that glorified indy fed.

Why would I want everyone's attention? Why would I keep pestering everyone so much?

It's because I am doing this for the right reason.

You know that thing people like you don't fucking understand. You and Mendel are a match made in heaven. He's in it for himself just like you.

Guyver's got his reasons to I suppose. Mine is different.

I'm doing this for CWF. I've got nothing to lose but the honor of my federation. Something you will no doubt make fun of. Go ahead. Do it.

Because I have one last point to make to you.

I defeated the man they said was unbeatable...I did that without help. I am “The Messiah Pariah”. I'm not the savior you want but I am the one you need.

Get ready to learn the true meaning of “Peaceful Tolerence” Kave...


{We fade in on a different room inside of the building from last time. We see the camera flicker on for a second as the cameraman looks aroud.}

Cameraman: Oh shit. I...AHHH!

{We see a life size poster of Micheal Bolton with lipstick kisses all over it in front of the camera.}

Ataxia: If you are going to sleep in my bed you can not make fun of Bolton.

{The cameraman slowly pans to see Ataxia leaning over a desk with a sewing needle and leather thread.}

Cameraman: What happened?

Ataxia: You fainted.

Cameraman: Oh. Why am I in this room.

Ataxia: I had to finish this and I didn't want you screaming when you awoke in my “friends” room. So I drug your ass in here. You really should cut back on the doughnuts.

Cameraman: What is that?

Ataxia: My face.

Cameraman: Your...face?

Ataxia: My wrestling mask. The face that the fans know me by. Not my real face. This isn't made of human flesh...well not yet anyway. I know a guy who knows a guy...AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

{The cameraman is silent as Ataxia keeps laughing.}

Cameraman: Ha...Ha...Look are you like a gimmick based on The Joker?

Ataxia: No I'm more Hannibal Lecter but thank you for playing. By the way...Fava beans?


Ataxia: You seriously need to switch to decafe man.

Cameraman: Look..I...I think we can get someone else to do this interview.

Ataxia: Why? You're doing better than the last guy.

Cameraman: What did he do.

Ataxia: Jumped out of the window into my cement mixer.


Ataxia: He's just lucky I didn't use instant quick dry...Look. What do you have to be afraid of. You are the cameraman. I am not going to do anything fucked up to you. I promise.

Cameraman: Why do I not believe you?

Ataxia: Because you are afraid. Fear is a good motivator. However you have nothing to fear from me. You are not a opponent. You are not anyone who has any way to threaten me.

Cameraman: Why would I threaten you?

Ataxia: I have no idea unless your defense strategy is to faint to lure me into a false sense of security. Look. All this shit that I have on and what not is part of the deal. If you can't handle it. Call SFT and tell them you have a allergic reaction to latex or wax or something and that you can't be in the building for to long. I'm perfectly fine with holding up on what I have to say as long as you take some tapes for me to broadcast since I have to do three of these things.

Cameraman: Well...as long as you don't like set yourself on fire I'll be good.

Ataxia:...oh you saw my match in CWF with Weapon X. Cameraman: Something about a guy running down the entrance ramp on fire and leaping at his opponent is a hard image to get out of your mind.

Ataxia: Oh. That wasn't even the hardest part of that. That match was just fun. That was a walk in the park. I beat him down. I made him suffer. I got a nice bonus for doing that. Apparently he pissed off the front office more than me. And that is a feat in of itself.

Cameraman: You just seem like...not a nice guy.

Ataxia: I am. I'm just different. Look. I can tell you that I am some kind of lunatic who likes to eat people's dicks just for the fun of it. That's just to get a rise out of you.

Cameraman: What about Mendel.

Ataxia: Oh the poser? Oh I'm going to stick my dick in his mouth and piss.

Cameraman: Heh. Your joking right? Ataxia:...maybe?

Cameraman: I mean your not really gay right?

Ataxia: Does that actually still matter today?

Cameraman: Well...I'm just curious.

Ataxia: Awww...your a sweetheart.

Cameraman: WHAT? No!

Ataxia: HAHA. I tell you what let me finish fixing this pile of crap thing and we'll set up.

Cameraman: So..what happened to it.

{Ataxia smiles with that mouth full of blood red teeth.}

Ataxia: Oh someone decided to rip my mask off of me while I was in the parking lot of a club.

Cameraman: What happened to him?

Ataxia: Dunno. Last thing I remember was throwing him into oncoming traffic...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

{Fade to White...}