~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Sometimes the weak become the strong..." Believe. Staind.

Normally I could do this right now…not now…

{We fade in on Ataxia inside of the arena a mere three hours before show time. He is now wearing the brown leathery bag like mask that he is famous for wearing. Otherwise his appearance hasn’t changed costume wise. He looks like he hasn’t slept in a few days. He is sitting in a chair inside of his locker room.}

Ataxia: I had a great promo worked out where you would have seen what I was going to do to Kave and Josh. It was going to be downright spectacular but then…right before we shot I got a phone call from one of the CWF staff. Apparently…our world champion was shot last night.

{Ataxia leans forward in the chair making sure the camera gets his facial expressions through the mask as clear as possible.}

Ataxia: Now this isn’t a “Pillman”. I want to make this clear that this isn’t a “angle”. Last night Dan Highlander was shot along with a former CWF superstar. One of the bullets almost hit him in the heart. He’s in critical condition. They say…He may never even wake up again. Normally I would laugh this off. People get injured but you never expect someone to get shot. Or to be shot at. I got shot at a few months ago by a fan. Someone who didn’t like the fact that I was a “bad guy”. I am a good bad guy. It’s what I do the best. It’s easy to hate someone who is different.

{Ataxia starts taking off his tie and his white button up dress shirt.}

Ataxia: Dan Highlander was the Batman to my Joker. It was my “darling”. He was the greatest wrestler I have ever faced in the ring. Outside of the ring we were close. There were rumors that I had a big man crush on him. Truth is I admired him and envied him more than any man ever. I did love him. I loved him like a brother…not a bitch. I don’t expect a sex fiend like Josh Mendel or a self-absorbed nitwit like Kave to understand this. I’ve lost a dear friend. I’ve lost my best opponent. I lost…the one person who told me that it was okay to be who I am.

{Ataxia pulls back his shirt to reveal a black t-shirt that has white lettering saying “Team Highlander” on it with a picture of Dan making a vomiting face on it.}

Ataxia: So tonight. This isn’t about calling each of you the dumb shits that you are. Tonight isn’t about the people tuning in for this pay per view. Tonight is about me doing something for CWF. For the place that Dan Highlander and myself would give our lives for. It…It should have been me! I’m the one everyone hates. He’s the one everyone loved why the fuck am I still here? What the fuck am I walking around and he’s not. This doesn’t make any sense. He’s the hero they wanted. He’s the hero that had to be there for the fans to come back to CWF. Not me. I’m a freak. I am a sick sadistic sarcastic sycophant. Why am I still here?

{Ataxia falls down to a sitting position on the floor and holds his face in his hands crying. He finally composes himself after ten minutes.}

Ataxia: Why? Can you tell me why? Why is it that the bad always stands and the good always falls. It’s always the brave that are the first to die. Then why am I still here? Why am I still here? Why?! “Darling”…Why did you have to go. Why did I have to stay. This isn’t fair. This was supposed to be a moment for CWF to share in glory instead…we are all hit by tragedy.

{Ataxia gets up off the floor and grabs the camera.}

Ataxia: So tonight. Tonight is the night. Lethal Lottery. I wouldn’t bet against me. Go ahead! Say everything you possibly can to me right now. Call me a freak. Call me an attention whore. Go for it! Do it! I don’t give a flying fuck anymore. I don’t care about you and your pathetic wants and needs. Fuck your federation Kave they’re losing one match tonight. Fuck you Josh because that’s all you care about anyways. Most of all fuck me! That’s right…Tonight…I aim to end someone’s career! Ennnie…Meeanie…Minney…MOE! Which dumbass is gonna go!

{Ataxia puts the camera right up to his eyeball.}

Ataxia: Am I making you uncomfortable? No? Good! Underestimate me. It’s how I won the CWF World Title. It’s how I win everything that really matters. Go ahead. Make fun of me. Hate me. Then when it’s all said and done “darlings” and my hand or Guyver’s hand is raised in victory. I want to see how long it takes both of you to fucking realize that you done fucked up! I am done being nice. I am done being kind. I am done playing the part I was told to. I am going to enjoy ripping your faces off and feeding them to you. Get ready to Die…Die…Die…Die…DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA…

{Ataxia tosses the camera out into the hallway as we fade to white, but we see this on the scene as we fade out.}

~Dan “The Hammer” Highlander…It’s time I made the world see what you saw…~