~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Sometimes the weak become the strong..." Believe. Staind.

I guess I'll fire the first shot into this.

So what a tangled web we weave. Here we are partners one minute and now we are enemies. I hope you don't take this personally Guyver, but I was not in the best of moods the other day when I had that match. I am still not in the best mental state. Well. When the fuck have I ever been really? To be honest I really don't want to do this. I don't want to do any of it. This is all just one great big cluster fuck. Hell. The United States government is in less of a fucked up state.

So pardon me if I didn't shake your fucking hand.

It was over. We both knew it. I won the match and we advanced. Now woe and behold to make things interesting everyone is facing their god damn partners from last time.

Helllllloooooooooooooooooooo stupid booking decisions.

No offense to Ace. I'm sure your a nice guy. But I got five bucks that says you and I are fighting each other NEXT TIME when we advance!

Oh shit, I didn't see you there Guyver. Fuck. Sorry. Um. Yeah. (cough cough) We are totally going to have a good upstanding match with each other. Yeah.

This is kinda like finding out that you and your significant other has been cheating on you with another couple that had no idea either.

This is the most awkward breakup I have ever been a part of...well almost.

{We see the image of a Cactus with a mustache on it.}

Estaban...I will always love you.

{Back to black}

I still miss his prickly blowjobs.

Moving on. Let's see what we have right here. I got Kris Chambers whiny ass and my former partner. You cheating hussy Kris Chambers! You broke up the greatest tag team in SFT history and now you are going to pay because you got randomly paired up with him in a really stupid booking decision!

...yeah management is retarded if they think anyone is going to buy that this.

Oh but don't worry I know exactly what they will buy. You want to win. I want to win. Yay! Oh wait. No conflict really. Umm...You smell funny. Seriously shower man.

I think the script girl just face palmed herself to death.

I mean. I bet your going to comment on me in some really lackluster wannabe nineties grunge wrestler way but to be fair let' point out something.

Kris. You are full of shit.

We all are but you especially.

Failure is not an option. No bitch. It is your fucking result. Sure you did better than most people could say about the first round but let's face facts. One. You had a good partner. Two. You didn't face me or Guyver in the first round. Now Guyver's good but he's kind of...what's the word....headstrong.

That's better than just calling him a think last headbutt first kind of a wrestler...oops.

I am sure I am going to be treated to a visual of you flipping me off for fifteen minutes like it fucking means something. OH NOES I GOTZ DA BURD!!!

Apparently someone thinks that he is being “edgy”. If you want to be angry and rant and rave please do what the professionals do.

Go work for Glenn Beck as a script writer because your bullshit makes about as much sense as him claiming to be jewish.

Oh and let's not even talk about your um...wrestling skill.

I use the term looser than a whore's vagina.

By the way your mom says hi.

CHEAP JOKE! Then again it's a cheap ass opponent.

You got nothing to prove. What do you have to worry about? Oh yeah. People disrespecting you. Oh this isn't some shot at a bullshit hardcore title your fighting for. Oh no. What if a guy like me beats a guy like you. What will that say about you?

See if I lose...oh he just wasn't cut out for SFT.

You lose. The front office notices and your back to curtain jerking.

Which is where you should stay till you figure out your full potential. I don't think you have any, but hey...I've been wrong before. Hell I predicted Sarah Palin would have blown her brains out trying to shoot a polar bear at this point.

Silly me.

I mean I could go on and on but I'm going to give you time to come up with what you think is a clever retort. I want you to think long and hard about what you think is good trash talk. Because school is in session you little turd bump and guess what...

We know you can't back it up no matter what you say so you've already lost you pathetic scum sucking stupid sarcastic slime.

That's alliteration for all you pretentious English majors what watch pro wrestling.

So go ahead and hit me with your best shot because I know one thing that you can not dispute no matter what you say right now.

You have never tangled with me motherfucker. You have no idea what I am capable of. The question is since underneath this mask you don't know who I am...can you be sure I haven't kicked your ass before you little bug eyed brat?

So come on. Hit me Kris. Hit me with your best shot. I'll laugh when it's nothing more than a two cent premature money shot.

Now onto the only one on that team that can wrestle and that's a stretch of the term.

Guyver. You may be a lot of things but when it comes to actually paying the fuck attention in a match you kind of suck at it. It's like your promos. It's all over the place and not for comedic effect. This guy is nuts and not in a good way.

We need him to be honey roasted and this guy is a fucking cashew.

I realize that you have a bit of a reputation to uphold but take this from one friendly neighborhood nutcase to another.

Decafe. Embrace it. Become one with it.

See this is another special kid with a image problem. You see you tried doing the classic hero archetype and you failed. So now...you've “gone off the deep end”. Mother fucker don't even attempt to get hardcore with me. I set myself on fire when I'm bored. I comb my hair with barbwire. You are not going to do anything to me that hasn't already been done. Oh but can you two work as a team.

I dunno. The way most sports are going I can see you guys doing a walk out for a better deal.

Strike Force Towers wrestlers are a interesting breed really. They shouldn't be allowed to breed though. I am waiting to see if you both have gotten turned into eunuchs lately because let's face facts. No one wants to fuck that ugly shit of a partner of yours and the idea of you raising a child is something that makes the world want to implode.

Oh who the fuck are you to talk about Strike Force?

I'm a former world champion making this program actually watchable with your stupid as fuck matches and horrible storylines. Seriously an eight year old fanfiction writer can mary sue a load of shit better than this.

Well your fed sucks.

No shit. Our world champion just got shot and our commissioner is due to be the first new segment on Unsolved Mysteries.

Go ahead insult CWF. I hate it to. I hate the owner. I hate the direction of the company. I hate everyone who works there. I don't like the matches I get and the so called “talent” they bring in runs scared just because I molest a manikin that looks like them.

Are we starting to get the idea that I am not someone you can easily insult.

Your mask looks stupid. Well at least it's original unlike someone copying a really bad superhero from back in the day. What cold you not become “The Shadow” because of Shadow? Did DC Comics say no to you being “The Batman”? Come on Guyver. Let' call a spade a spade.

I'm what you always wanted to be. Original.

You're what this place passes off for some kind of threat.

I aint buying any of it. So go ahead. Hit me with your best shot. By the way if your woman actually wants some real attention from someone who is not living the life of a perpetual cosplayer tell her I'll be outside her window this week serenading her with the tunes of “Huey Lewis and The News”.

Then again she might be a lesbian.

You are the biggest whiny girl on the roster Guyver.

Oh and Ace...Anything special you want for our match next week I think I buried these fuckers already.

{We fade in on the outside of a unspecified hospital where we see across the street are thousands of CWF fans awaiting to hear news of Dan “The Hammer” Highlander's surgery to remove the bullets from the wounds of his recent attacks. Off to the side of the park across form the hospital we see one man away from the crowd. It's Ataxia. Wearing the same mask he usually wears, black suit and tie, black gloves, back boots, and sporting a top hat and cane. He sits down on a bench away from the crowd and sits.}

Ataxia:(singing) Ohhhh my looovve. My darling...I hunger for your...

???: You seriously need to get a grip.

{We see walking up towards Ataxia is former SFT superstar Trent “The Son of a Bitch” Steel. He's wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, black t-shirt, and combat boots. We see his face and hands are covered in scars especially the hands where he crucified himself a few years ago. His eyes are covered by a pair of black oakleys with red lenses.}

Ataxia: Any word from Gamble?

Trent Steel: Still off which means all you have to worry about is Lethal Lottery. No double duty for you.

Ataxia: Yee haw. Any word on the world title?

Trent Steel: You don't think he's actually going to give you a shot at the title after all the shit you've pulled do you?

Ataxia: For Wrestlefest...he might.

Trent Steel: The best way you can help CWF right now is to just keep doing what you are doing in the Lethal Lottery.

Ataxia: Yeah. Right.

Trent Steel: Problem?

Ataxia: Oh no. No problem at all.

Trent Steel: You worried about your opponents?

Ataxia: Do I look like a rookie to you? If I win. I win. If I lose. I lose. I'm not sweating this.

Trent Steel: Don't give me that bullshit.

Ataxia: Fuck you.

Trent Steel: Fuck you!

Ataxia: Fuck your mother!

Trent Steel: No thank you the entire navy has been in that bitch.


Trent Steel: You owe me a beer.

Ataxia: Worth it for that joke.

{Ataxia looks off at the hospital and down at his hands.}

Ataxia: Think he's gonna be all right.

Trent Steel: You and I have both been shot before you know it's touch a go depending on where you get hit. He's tougher than most guys. I'm sure he's fine.

Ataxia:...it figures.

Trent Steel: What?

Ataxia: The bad guys live and the good guys die early...

Trent Steel: He's not dead yet...

Ataxia: CWF is.

Trent Steel:...


Trent Steel: You could just leave now. No one would blame you.

Ataxia: I can't do that.

Trent Steel: You hate it here kid. I would if I were you.

Ataxia:...you aren't me.

Trent Steel: Yeah...I'm pretty.

{Trent laugh as we focus on Ataxia's face. The film goes back and white for a brief second save for the area around the iris of Ataxia's eyes. It stays blood red as they always are. Fade to white.}