~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"I focus on the pain...the only thing that's real." Hurt. NIN

What the hell was that?

Ace?! I thought you had this mother fucker? “Just stand there and look pretty”. Fuck you.

I just saved your ass and you got damn lucky your not facing me this week because let's face facts I got the “Foot of Doom” going on in this damn place. I'm like the fucking Shredder man...I am the MASTER OF THE FOOT!!


Oh, but I think it's funny that the slacker gets the main event. If you can even call it that. Main Event my ass. This is setting up for which team is going to be the jobbers for the next round. Seriously that match looks like something that would BORE an audience to death.

It's sad when I miss Steven Gamble's booking style.

Really sad. This guy can't fucking make a card with Hallmark's help.

You guys really need to get some better management here.

Then again your boss is a “shadow” of his former self.

I could keep going on with my Anti-SFT banter but let's face one fact right now.

I got the fight of my life this week with the best back up I could ask for going in to face two “hardcore icons”.

Icons my ass.

This isn't a real fight between us is it?

We are limited in what we can do to each other because of a simple little problem with this tournament.

See I don't want to face Hardcore Hect and Nirvana...in a regular match.

No. That's unacceptable.

That is not...what I am here for.

I came to this pisshole of a prepubescent paltry federation to prove a point.

The point is that I am damn good at what I do. I am the lone CWF wrestler in this tournament and I have to go through two of the so called “greatest” hardcore wrestlers in the world in a match where if anyone uses a chair we automatically lose.

I do not think this is fair to anyone...especially your so called fans.

I think it's time we take the kid gloves off.

I think it's time that your team PROVE their worth in this tournament.

See. I'm not happy not being the main event because of someone's taste for bitching.

The real main event is going to be this one.

So I am issuing a request.

Hardcore Tag Team Match...

If my partner agrees to it of course.

You see I want no disputing WHEN I win the prize. I don't want anyone to say that I didn't face the best of the best at their most limited.

You two seem to enjoy your legendary status.

I am to dispute one thing in this tournament now.

You want to be considered hardcore?

No...Hardcore is Rated G compared to me.

I thought this was the “Lethal Lottery”. Instead all I keep seeing is standard tag matches that my educated feet seem to win very easily.

So I guess it's time to up the stakes.

But...what if you two back down? What if my partner backs out of this because he is afraid. I don't think The Accountant is. Far from it. I think he would love the chance to take you two down a peg or two with his triumphant return to SFT. I hope you join up with me, but I understand if you don't want to do this.

These two have made a career out of just flat out intimidating people with their presence.

Except with me. Even Trent Steel, my trainer and friend, had a bit of awe at you Nirvana.

Not me.

You see...I can't be afraid of someone like you. Your just like what people THINK I am. The one eye. The man who will do anything with his body as a weapon. Taking more punishment to prove he is the best. It's all interesting tactics. Your abilities outside of the ring with your promos are quite interesting. I have to say I do enjoy watching a master at work.

I actually do respect you Nirv...

For fooling everyone.

As a wrestler. Though. I have to say. I don't see what the fuss is about? I mean what really can you do to me that I haven't already done to myself? You want to hurt me? How? You have nothing. Then again what do you need other than your hands, feet, and anything else right? I mean what do I have to hold a candle against you...

Other than knowing for a fucking fact you don't know dick about me.

Oh, but I am sure you want to make fun of Trent Steel though.

I am well aware of his history here. I am well aware of why he left. Do please give us a history lesson though so you feel fucking important again. Because what happened to Trent will not happen to me. What happens in this match is going to be just between you and Hect and The Accountant and me.

No one. Cares. What you think.

Ohhhh The Mighty Nirvana is going to speak about me...

Fuck you. Fuck your federation. Most of all...Fuck Holocaust!

Do I have you attention now?

Are you paying attention to me with more than just curiosity?

Well listen up Popeye because no amount of spinach is gonna save your ass.

I'm calling you out for a reason. The real reason this fucking tournament is here. To face the best AT their best.

Right now. Your just dicking around. This isn't the real you and I don't want to face the Disney version of a true “genius” of hardcore.

Then we got Bozo the Juggalo with you. More on you later loser.

Come on Nirv? What do you have to lose? Ask the fans if you want a reason.

Who would want to see me get taken out in a fury of blood and gore like the days of yore?

Everyone. This is for the ultimate prize isn't it? Are you going to let me get past you because of rules or are you going to stop me by breaking me like you have done to so many others so many times before.

If you can old man. If you can.

Then we have Hardcore Hect. A man with multiple personas. A man who has went through a crisis of personality. I wish I could understand it Hect. Why? Why? WHY?...Why couldn't you at least have one interesting one in your head! This is a legend? This is a man that has been identified with this federation for so many years? This is an Icon?


This is going to be a lot more fun than I thought then. Tell me clown boy. How does it feel to try to be a symbol of fear? Come on Pennywise. Do. Tell. Me. Why. I should. Be. Afraid. Of...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...sorry couldn't keep a straight face...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Y-AHHAHA...You.


Oh my sides. Oh how hey hurt with “fear”.

Oh I know it's all a lure. The facepaint. The hardcore lifestyle. I understand masks remember?

I can see the fakers.

See. I'm not calling you out. I'm just pointing this out to you.

Let's say your not the “best” wrestler. How do you market yourself? You have a high pain tolerance but a really bad look. I know. Let's make us a clown! People can love and hate clowns depending on what I do. Let's make ourselves a scary but loveable clown!

Let's pretend I'm crazy.

So I can do what I want to and feel no repercussions.

You want to try and make yourself into something your not.

I know what that's all about. I know what makes you want what you have now.

The sad part is that I am envious of how well you did it. The fame. The fortune. The fans...

They are addicting aren't they? They are what you really want to have. The cheers. Tell me...have you ever have to give up the thing you've wanted most in life? For something that's right.

That's what I have had to do Hect.

That's what I am still doing.

You two claim to be SFT. That's fine. I don't care about SFT. I don't care about legends. I'm doing this for my federation the same as yours. Something your partner seems to forget.

I gave up everything to do what is right.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Now in the darkest night of my federation's lifespan I stand at a crossroads. Do I do the right thing again or do I say fuck 'em.

What would you chose?

Am I doing all of this for me? Is this for my mask? No. This for CWF. Because like it or not, you and Nirv, are going to realize where the new competition is!

I am going to do what RWF never did.

I'm going to shut both of you up.

I'm going to take the SFT “elite” and show the world just how strong I am.

Yeah I'm an outsider.

I wouldn't have it any other way Hect.

Your federation sucks.

Worst of all...you don't know it.

Get ready boys. I'm going to take a water break. Enjoy your new asshole in your throat.

{We see Ataxia sitting in a very dark but stylized room. In front of him is a keyboard and mouse on a black coffee table and off a ways from him is giant T.V. Monitor. Ataxia is wearing his typical ring gear as he closes out a window. The camera pans around to face him. Ataxia is sitting on a black leather sofa and next to his feet is a opened bottle of wine and a glass. He picks up the glass and bottle and pours himself a drink.}

Ataxia: Cheers.

{He drinks the whole glass down and smiles with his blood red teeth.}

Ataxia: Oh I'll hit the liqour later. No worries on that. This is just for fun. This bottle is a very nice vintage purchased by the owner of this fine place. See. I don't need a “batcave”. I got friends that let me borrow theirs. You see on this lovely large monitor I just watched something wonderful. Something to give me a bit of an edge. I knew this person would have it so I brought up the file and watched it. It's probably something Nirvana hasn't seen in while. Your first match. The one where you “lost” your eye.

{Ataxia points to his eye that matches the one that Nirvana lost.}

Ataxia: I must say it's quite enjoyable watching the “death” of a normal person and then woe and behold...The Birth of Nirvana. The loss of an eye can do many things. For example...It can give you a nice assortment of eyepatches.

{Ataxia leans in and the camera zooms in to catch every inflection of his masked and painted face.}

Ataxia: I watched it, not to make fun of your eye, but to see when it changed for you. I've watched all of your matches this week. I've trained while watching what you do. The first thing I have to say is you are a very good wrestler. One thing you should know though...you are not that good of a judge of character. I could make a point about a lot of things about your partner, but I am not hear to sow discontent in the ranks. I don't need to. I'm not worried about either of you.

{Ataxia touches his face and smiles.}

Ataxia: I can't imagine how that made you feel to lose your eye. I know the reaction to it though. It made you what you are. Your “heroic scar” if you will. See I find that the hero has to have a origin. The villain has to remain unknown. Because if you knew my story I might get sympathy. You talk about me staying in the dark. No. I am not a hider. I have always taken center stage. You are making assumptions. I'm already a former world champion. I beat the so called “unbeatable” man for the title. I've also redefined hardcore in my federation. Claims you won't care about but I want to point this out to you. You're wrong about me in almost every way you arrogant piss stain.

{The look in his eyes is one of determination and psychotic rage.}

Ataxia: You see I don't want you to misunderstand anything I say. So I am going to say this slow so you have NO WAY of screwing up the translation into your brain. This is not the grand arena. You are not the hero. You are simply a wrestler who is not going to win. I want this to sink into your brain because in all honesty I don't care what you say anymore. You make half baked judgments and misconceptions to make your ego feel better about yourself. I haven't needed to be carried at all in this tournament. I have won BOTH of my matches on the way up. I aim to do it again if the need arises. You lost the hardcore title. That suppose to matter to anyone? I don't care if you just lost your virginity finally you forty year old virgin. Get your old ass in the ring so I can finish you off proper so I can win this belt. When I win this belt I am going to do something that will shock the world of professional wrestling. I can't tell you what it is yet but I promise you one thing.

{Ataxia brings up his cellphone and it has RWF corporate headquarters number}

Ataxia: I got RWF on speed dial. I wonder how much they will pay me to burn it on their fucking show! Come on Nirv. Keep pissing me off. See what I am capable of. Come on. Try it. Try me you pathetic little bitch. What are you going to do? Bitch. Moan. Cry. That's all you can do till the time is right. Till the time when all this game of trashtalking is over. Till the time that the bell rings and you see me facing off against you. When you look into these red eyes you will see one thing and one thing only.

{Ataxia's eye comes into view and then it pans back}

Ataxia: No fucking fear...As for your “concern” about my partner let me explain this to you. I despise both of you and he isn't the biggest fan of yours either. The enemy of my enemy will join with me into the next round. This is a cop out by SFT management not letting you two off your leash and I know for a fact it's what you want. You want to make an excuse if you can't beat me. That's what this all is. I won't say conspiracy because it isn't. Conspiracies are meant to be private. This is down right a smack to the face. I love how you insult my partner. It makes me laugh. It really does. I think your worried about something Nirv. The two of us beating... “big stars”...like you two would be not only a slap in the face of SFT but teabagging of you two as professionals. You wear your colors proud. I bleed mine. We're just going to see who wants it more Nirv.

{In the background we see a black trenchcoated figure that is familiar to SFT old school fans. Trent Steel smirks as he leans on the back of the couch.}

Ataxia: I know I want this more than you. This is what's going to happen. You should just get used to what happens with the unstoppable force meets this immovable object. I don't blink. Let's see how well you play chicken.

Trent Steel: So...you think you're ready.

Ataxia: I will be once we go see a friend. I need one more thing to beat him.

Trent Steel: The Dude?

Ataxia: Yes...

Trent Steel: I'll call him. Hey Nirvy! How ya been? Remember me? Yeah it was funny when this federation got brought up to me. I was like I remember that shit hole. Still taking orders from Shadow like a bitch behind the scenes or have you actually grown a pair. Enjoy fighting my protege Nirv...I promise...It's a billion times better than I was when you first met me. Let's go kid. I got better things to do than spike the ratings up of this glorified indy fed agin.

Ataxia: I got friends in low places...AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to white.}