~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"You should have seen it a coming on...Don't cry to me oh baby..."Die Die Die My Darling. The Misfits.

Really? This was your plan?

A joint promo. Oh. My. God. I feel like the Hulkster and Macho Man just schooled me.

Fuck you both in the ass with your own dicks if they could actually penetrate something.

Now I know why the fuck they do not let you two inbreed cornholers talk together any. This is what happens when people base their personalities on Bill and Ted.


(Air Guitar just for the fuck of it.)

It doesn't matter which one is which really because your both a bunch of choads.

ME ME ME!!! Nice to know you can sing Hect. You got a career to fall back on once I put your ass I traction. Nice to know the higher cause around here is yourself or is it...that self...or that self...I can never tell “crazy man”.


That's you. That's why you suck. Get that shit fixed. Or I will with a sledgehammer into your god damn melon ya fucking idjit.

Curtain jerker? Ohhhhhh BURN!!

It's getting personal up in here. Up in here.

Hurray Hect accepted the challenge in his own ADD way. Good job. Go eat a cookie. Are you actually going to say something that matters?

Oh your going to fuck me up? I should never have done this? Why not? Why should I not fight you at your “best”. If The Accountant loses for my team that's fine. I don't care. I don't care about the SFT World Title.

You two assholes do.

And I have just baited you two idiots with what I wanted! This is all about stealing the best match on the card. Steel should have warned me. Steel told me to do it. For the glory of CWF I challenge you at your best because I want it.

Yes clown! I am laughing at you because it's what I want. If I go out...I'm going out in a blaze of gory!

Why Nirv, you are concerned about how CWF will treat me? As they always do? A freak. What's your fucking point? Oh you thought I was the lone hero. Hardly. I'm the hatchet man. I'm the guy who does the dirty work to keep that place going.

Just like you do right here.

So fuck you bitch your looking at the pretty version of you in the funhouse mirror.

I will be forgotten..so will you.

It happens to us all.

Nothing lasts forever, but I am going to make sure for the rest of your life Nirv.


What was I planning on doing with your title? Do you really want to know. Defend it...then after I beat the poser they throw up against me.

You both are getting a shot.

I want the best to take this thing from me.

I'm not taking your title elsewhere.

It stays here because I'm a fucking professional. The RWF thing was just to get you pissed off and it worked.

I got what I wanted and you two just might get what you want if you lose.

Win win all around huh?

You want me to get nuts?

All right. Let's play laughing boys.

I'm up for the dangerzone..wait...THE DANGERZONE...in case there is a different place where sugar high kid here lives than the rest of us do.

I think I like ya'll's style.

To bad I'm going to have to hurt you to get what I want.

It's not to win your title. I don't care about the title.

I care about my federation getting the attention it deserves.

We lost a good man and now it's up to the bad man to do what's right.

I think you understand that Nirv. Trent said you would...

Which is why I feel like I am about to tangle with greatness.

The way I want to.

I'm not gonna say I'm not satisfied.

It's not every day you fight an idol of yours.

That's right...I'm a fan.

Now...let's see how I measure up to my hero.

Hail to the King.

Hail Nirvana...

I'd show you what I had done with Trent but I'm going to save that for another time.

I've gotten what I wanted...Even if I lose this match...I still win.

One way or the other.

I've won.

So fuck you if you can “beat me”. You can never beat a man who can't compromise.

You can only kill him.

You can't kill the icon that is...

The Messiah Pariah.

Get ready darlings...Time to DIE DIE DIE...