~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"I see a red door and I want to paint it black." Paint it Black. The Rolling Stones.

I got bite by the bug?

Boy, it's nice to see that not only are people in SFT fucking stupid we apparently have someone on drugs.

Gary Mac, I know you've been someone's bitch for a few years in prison so this verbal butt tearing is going to just feel sort of like home to you.

I am not addicted to SFT nor am I joining for a long period of time. I am simply doing one thing here and one thing only.

Paying someone back for some stupidity. Since management, in their infinite wisdom decided to offer me a contract but not book me against anyone that I wanted to get started with they decided on you. You. The man who “avoided” the tournament. Bullshit. You didn't want to get bumped back down to curtain jerking anymore because you had to depend on someone else. To much of a risk for a pathetic little buttplug like you isn't it?

You don't know shit about me prison bitch, but I know you.

I know you better than you know yourself. You brush me off but in reality a few things are actually starting to bother you about this match. Why the hell are you the first one to face me in singles competition? Is it because management wants to put me in my place again or have you pissed in the wrong mother fucker's cornflakes? Are you being punished or am I?

I'm not the one who bailed on one of the biggest money making ventures in my federation's yearly events all because “I didn't want to”.

That's you.

And you in all honesty suck more dick than the prison that you came out of ever has within it's walls.

By the way before we continue it's time for Ataxia's grammar lessons. Serve is not severe. This has been our public service announcement for this show. Have whatever ghost writer gives you your trash talk to invest in spell check next time dumbass.

You are the first person to ever dictionary my name. Congratulations. Your the first person to actually attempt half ass research against me. Allow me to explain your concerns though.

My name is Ataxia because Lack of Order is what I go with. You know all about order. Being in prison I suspect you even do some of the same routines that you did while in jail right? Not comfortable unless you sleep in a room the size of your old cell. Still check behind your back before you shower to make sure your not going to get stabbed from behind. Always wondering if at any moment your going to turn and see a guard catch you doing something you are not suppose to. I can see why you broke out but something tells me that you are still living life in there. If not. No worries. You will be soon enough.

See...right now SFT let's you wrestle. Because you bring in some sort of nostalgia or what not. Who cares right? You don't care really enough about me to do your research so why should I talk about your accolades in my promo?

By the way...I don't need you to rise to the top.

See, you seem to be under the impression I care. I'm not here for your...psssh...world title. I'm not here for your pathetic trophies and riches from merchandising.

I'm here for something else.

I'm here...for your soul.

I'm here to break this damn federation to it's core because that's what I do.

I am the most dangerous fucker in this asylum.

You are about to learn that I am unlike any wrestler you have ever met because even if I lose I still win Gary.

I don't need to beat you to beat you.

I'm sure a smart little canary in your gilded cage can figure it out...

Maybe I give you to much credit though, but why spoil the surprise?

Especially since you don't care to know.

It's okay grasshopper, the ant will still give you some food this winter.

Why call myself as a illness? Because I am one. I am “The Messiah Pariah”. I'm the savior you deserve and the one with nothing to lose.

Oh you beat everyone? Then why come back? Why? Because you need this place to get back something you lost.

You're the best?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA....Ohhhhhh you are a riot. I'm going to have to make sure I don't hurt you to much. Wow. You got a good sense of humor for a glorified jobber.

Has it not hit yet?

Have you not figured it out?

Your stablemate didn't carry me. I won the match. He couldn't beat “The Guyver” by himself. He needed me to win! He needed me. All because “someone” decided to not...enter.

I think someone doubts their skill.

Correction. I know you doubt your skill.

You think your precious little group is going to get you what you want?

Truth is this. Former world champion or not. Former Icon or not. Former wannabe or not. All that matters is one thing “darling”.

Just how much can I totally ruin a “specimen of perfection” in one night?

I think I know how, but I'm going to leave you guessing. Heh.

I faced the untalented ones and lost right? I lost. Oh woe is me in some emo type poem with my hair down over my mask face crying like a bitch.


I lost a tag team match with a partner who couldn't cut it. Part of the risk. You know risk. That thing you take every time you get in the ring not knowing if it could be your last. See even if you take me out someone will take up my mantle.

Sooner or later Gary Mac will fall.

Ataxia...is forever.

So what exactly do you have over me now that beating me in a match has no meaning other than your own ego. Which by the way is unfounded. Your on a team with the man I HAD to carry. Fact. Not fiction. I got the win. You want to disprove that so you don't look like a friend of a loser which makes you one to.

Go ahead.

Try and shut me up.

Try and end me.

I will rise again and I will break you.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself? It's why I am not phased by you. You are nothing more than the standard blowhard of this federation.

Don't worry though. Your not my targets.

You aren't that important.

I doubt you ever were.

You want to give me a lesson in wrestling? Good. I could always use someone to show me how to take a three count. Do you like small packages or are you use to just submitting? I would hate to throw you a curveball to how you lose most of the time.

Oh dear that last statement could be taken as an assrape joke.

Something else your use to right?

You want to teach me about wrestling. I'm going to teach you about life.

Gang warfare is nice. This whole stable war brewing in SFT is kind of funny. I've been the outsider of one of those before. I destroyed all three of the waring groups with one well placed move.

I'm going to give you a lesson of strategy.

What can't kill you can be used to fuck over the other guy.

Breathe...I promise I'll use lube.

I'll let you recover a bit. You've got so “much” to consider before you respond. As for your little friend...

He'll get his. Mark my words but even he is not what I am after.

You'll see...I'm about to do what RWF never could do.

I'm taking you all out.

So get ready to get fucked again.

{We fade in on a dark room with a white marble fireplace in the background of a black leather couch. As the lights start to come up a little bit we see the fire in the fireplace is a creepy green color. We make out the figure sitting on the couch and can only assume it's Ataxia as he is perfectly hidden in the shadows and also in front of him, well lite, is his mask on a dummy head.}

Ataxia: So...this is the part where I make excuses right? This is the part where I have to admit something went wrong. That I am human? That I can fail? Well that would be the case if I had failed.

{Ataxia leans in still in the dark. The only thing we see now is the red contacts in his eyes and the red teeth in his mouth.}

Ataxia: See...I can understand why it happened. I can understand completely. You don't want an outsider to hold your precious little title. I understand that. What I want everyone to understand is this. You knew you couldn't beat me if you got to the finals. Now...two men who shouldn't have a title shot are about to take each other on for your belt. You think this is over? You thought I'd go away. Well...See...That's wrong. I'm not going anywhere. I want you to think back to this moment in a few months when this place is destroyed. When it's closed down. When it is finished. I want you to think on that for a moment. I was here for a simple job. Do what I can to win and then return what is rightfully yours. I was going to sign a SFT contract once I won the title until I lost it then I was going home...My home.

{Ataxia grins barring all of his teeth.}

Ataxia: So let me make this clear as fucking crystal. Now. Now you've done fucked up. See. I was going to do the right thing and let this place stand but now...now I'm going to destroy it Redd. Seeing as how you got nothing to do now that you've LOST your world title shot. I propose something. You and I...Street Fight. No rules. No problems? What say you? Oh I know what you will say. No. I figured as much. I'm going to make my statement one way or the other here in SFT.

{The camera zooms in not on Ataxia's real face but the mask.}

Ataxia: This is why this is coming to you unmasked. This is why I am telling you this right now. Your days are numbered. You are the harbinger that brought the doom upon SFT.

{The mask starts to blur...}

Ataxia: Ask yourself one question Redd...what do I have to lose now that you took my only purpose from here? Why should I not do? What's holding me back from murdering your precious roster? Jesus? Shadow? Nirvana? No...Nothing is going to stop me. It's time for a reckoning. It's time for some justice. I will take the one thing deep down you really care about and destroy it. All because you had to jump the gun. All because you had to mess with the wrong wrestler.

{The camera pans up to Ataxia's red eye.}

Ataxia: The countdown is on...Enjoy...

{Wink. Fade to black.}