~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"I bleed it out. Digging deeper just to throw it away." Bleed it out. Linken Park


Fucking faker.

HaHa! Couldn't come up with a better come back so you abandoned your “storyline”. That's fucking hilarious. That's perfect. That's just what I fucking expect from you fucking losers here in SFT. I love it. It's perfect. You know why it's perfect?

Because reality is about to beat the god damn fuck out of you ya arrogant little shit.

The cracks in your edifice is becoming apparent. Get a fucking dictionary to figure it out nugget since you love looking up little facts.

Oh! You forgot to put the date on it? You forgot to put the date on it?...COP OUT!!

That's not the only thing your little “narrator” forgot to do Gary. He forgot to tell you about the rest of your stuff that you've been fucking up.

Seriously what kind of place allows a man to do a promo and not check it for mistakes himself?

Well considering your ability to grasp how to actually talk “trash” is the same amount of ability a retard has for processing basic math I am sadly not surprised at your lackluster attempts to use any type of fucking effort into anything resembling a proper insult.

In other words...your fucking stupid.

I'm going to have to dumb this down for the rest of you aren't I?

You want to make it seem that I am the one whose screwed up when in reality you can not keep track of anything with your own name on it?

Some superstar. Really.

Then again, your effort thus far has still been that of a lazy fool.

“Why do that you get paid a good deal of money to sit and read the story to my fans, why should I use my millions to make a Hollywood block buster when I can’t really be bothered? ”

Allow me to fix this.

“Why do that? (<---This is called a question. Go back to first grade. k. thx. Bye) You get paid a good deal of money to sit and read the story to my fans.(<---Declarative sentence. Run on sentences are not your friend.) Why should I use my millions to make a Hollywood blockbuster when I can't really be bothered? (YAY! You got part of it right good job.)

Now let me tell you what's really wrong with this statement. You have failed at being a wrestler. Your fucking job is to fucking entertain the fans. I don't care if your a “bad guy”, “good guy”, “tweener”, or whatever the fuck this gimmick is that you have.

Since we are talking about scripting let me tell you a little about where I come from you fucking little shit.

It's not scripted!

Wait. That means that when we get in the ring and you tell me that I'm jobbing to you after a big finish and I laugh at you...your not going to know what I mean.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...The look on your face when I fucking murder you is going to be priceless. I couldn't ask for a better opponent. One of the best in SFT apparently...is a faker.

How many people have been paid off to lose to you?

I'm curious.

Did Jesus or whoever the fuck was in charge come to you and say you have everything we need except an ability to fight. We'll fix that. We'll make your matches fake.

I mean, what is the truth with you? Who is the real Gary Mac? Who is the man behind the ego? I don't think there is a man. You have to be a man in this life when you are confronted with the truth. I am the truth. I am the light. I'm the mother fucking truest thing you will ever run into you arrogant little toad.

Which is really funny coming from a man in a mask.

See instead of actually taking your ass chewing. Instead of doing the right thing. You are like...“Hey. I'll just tell them it's all fake. No Biggie.”

You blinked.

Your scared.

Try to dig yourself out of the six foot hole I put you in only to realize your now getting buried ass up little bitch.

Well since it's fake and you want to play “Prison Break”. Allow me to give you a taste of what prison is like.

It's not the cell. It's not the cutting off from the outside world. It's not the rules even. Hell, it's not even about the prison rape Gary.

It's about humility.

A HARD lesson for someone like you.

I'm the fucking introduction to that. If you think that I can't do it. I got a deal for you. Why don't you tell your little butt buddies to stay in the back. Yeah. Tell Redd and Ace and all your fucking friends to stay in the back. Go ahead. You can take out this CWF upstart right? You can take out this masked man with obviously a “lack of understanding” about how things are around here? Come one Gary! Come on! Prove it! Shut me up! Come on!


Did you honestly expect me to backpedal from all my statements?

Just because you never went to prison. Doesn't mean you weren't someone's bitch.

How does it feel for Jesus to ram you up the ass.

Hey for once I can't get sacrilegious comments for this. I'm loving it.

Your this company's greatest star right?

Your also a lie.

You are about to outed.

Enjoy your last day of being something relevant you little fuck.

I love just how saying RWF is like some kind of piss off button for all of you.



You guys are like fucking children.

This is like trolling on a message board and the flame wars start with just one statement. Banhammer comes out. Change the IP Address and come back.

I'm a fucking nightmare that will reoccur Gary.

It's like adding sparklers to an explosion. It's way to easy.

Kind of like whatever spawned you Gary. How does it feel to know you were the product of a broken condom and the backseat of a sedan?

Sorry, that was mean of me...product of a toilet seat and a drunken mishap in the ladies room.

Son of Turd.

I think that can be that big blockbuster that's just perfect for you to spend your money on when you are retired.

I wish wrestling was a lot like reality sometimes. In the sense of if you are found out as a faker you have to pay back all the money you got paid and had to apologize to the fans. I think that would be fair. How does it feel to become the Ja Rule of Professional Wrestling?

You shot yourself.

In more ways than one dumbass.

Oh SHE can tell the future and tell you what's wrong with my promo and yet you refuse to listen on camera. Gee...I totally believe this conversation to be true as well. Gee, I wonder why I would doubt the truthfulness of any of your statements.

For those who do not speak sarcasm management has assured me that subtitles will be added. I'm sure for an audience who has to endure Gary Mac's fake ass promos that a lot of you don't speak this.

This whole thing is bullshit. This whole image you have is a lie. I guess I should say it's cool that you came out of the closet but let's be fair here.


It's okay. Go to San Francisco. They can give you tips on how to come out more effectively.

Seriously how long do you think this lie would go on before it got called out?

I bet you were wanting Nirv or one of those other superstars here in SFT to finally call you out.

I bet you wanted someone not “mediocre” to take you down a peg. See I don't need Lethal Lottery or King of Deathmatch to gain my fame. I can do that just by walking into a federation. I'm the masked man that no one knows about. Oh sure, good joke about GIMPS. Guess you can join the douches with all your popped collar roofie dropping arrogance?

Allow me to go old school for a second.

To all your comments.

(Whacks the fuck off.)

Look at that no stimulation. Nothing but pure masturbation and even then you failed at achieving something other than stroke material for your own ego. This promo is garbage but then again what else can I expect from a “made” superstar like you.

What does Ataxia need to make himself a star?

Lately...all I have to do is come off the top rope and kick you in the temple.

Oh dear christ on a crutch. Okay. Let me explain something. You want to say that I am not living up to my name. Really? THIS IS THE BEST SFT HAS TO OFFER? I thought you were made of sterner stuff.

Ahem. (pops knuckles).

All right you inconsequential inconsistent ignoramus ineffectual idiot! You want total anarchy go clean Hect's room. Seriously! You want to call me out for not setting myself on fire while on a unicycle screaming I'm a yankee doodle dandy? Please. Show some god damn intelligence. Lack of Order. That apparently means MASSIVE CHAOS to you. God your retarded.

Let's clear this up before I have a stroke from your sheer retardation. Someone's taken one to many chairshots apparently.

The order that you speak of. It's not the appearing at events as “told to”. Besides we all know the real reason why you didn't compete. You wouldn't win. That bothers you. That's funny. See I don't care about winning. I don't care about titles. I don't care about you. So I ask you again. For a second time.

Why should I not rip your face off and feed it to you rectally?


Can't think of any reason can you? Certainly I could get a title shot if I beat the great Mac of Gary's? Wrong. I don't want it. No. I don't want anything from you. I don't need to beat you to be a star fuckwad I already am at a better federation with a better paygrade than any of you little shits could come up with collectively. I am here for one reason.

To destroy SFT.

You can blame your pal Redd for this.

If he had just stayed out of my way. None of what is going to happen would happen. This place could have kept going.

Now...I'm going to turn it into ashes.

Then...I'm going to piss on it.

Then...salt the fucking earth.

None more shall grow from the fields of this injustice.

You done fucked with the wrong freak now kids.

I'm not here for anarchy.

I'm not here to prove a point.

In the bible it speaks of seven deadly sins.

I'm a combination of Wrath and Sloth.

I wait.

I hunt.

I stalk.

Then I obliterate.

Carthage will look like a slap on the wrist after I'm done with this place.

Read a book. Trust me it'll help you in the long run.

Ohhh insult my mom. Wow. We've degenerated to second grade. Grow the fuck up. Aint got no mama, brother, or sister. Don't worry. No one else is going to ruin your pretty face.

Just me.

Remember...even if I lose I still win.

You can not beat me.

And I've already beaten you. You just don't know it yet.

Go ahead and win your battle...I'll still win the war.


{We fade in on the SFT locker room assigned to Ataxia. He's in his full ring gear and masked. He points to the camera with his gloved hand and smirks showing those red teeth and red eyes.}

Ataxia: Hi. This is a fucking shoot. You internet marks are going to love this shit. I got a spoiler for you. I got some truth for all of you. The prophecy starts right here. Redd is ducking me. Mac is smack talking me. Nirv and Hect think this is over. I'm about to crucify Jesus for sure this time and everyone is just thinking I'm the new kid on the block with intentions of signing up.

{Ataxia holds up a black card with a skull on it. He tosses it at the camera and for a moment it sticks.}

Ataxia: I'm coming for all of you! I'm going to turn this place into a fucking graveyard. I'm not joking. This is no scripted Gary Mac promo. This is the real deal. The real fucking truth. You are all going to fucking burn. No one will be safe from the refs to the commentators. You are all going to fucking wish to God that Redd had kept his god damn hands out of my affairs. It starts with one thing. Win or lose. The game is fucking over. Reality...just came to SFT! Prepare yourselves for “The Messiah Pariah”. God have mercy on you...For...I...Will...NOT!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

{Fade to Black.}