~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"You will see the jokers who will be the new kings..."Hard Rock Hallelujah. Lordi.

A hero...


That's what you see yourself as in this situation? Really. Interesting. You know. I'm really trying hard to grasp the extent of my intellect around this apparent illogical brain patter that frequents your cortex.

You attack me in my match. You're a hero?

You screw me out of my shot at possibly getting to the finals. You are a hero?

Oh you admit you are not a hero. Good. You know why? Because your more like a parent.

You remind me of my father.

That's why you have to die.

You attacked me for the “good” of SFT. Bullshit. Do not lie to yourself. Do not even attempt to cover up the truth Redd. You are full of shit if you truly believe this. Deep down I know exactly why you attacked.


The same fear that keeps you from agreeing to making this a streetfight like it should be.

Let's be clear about one thing. You didn't do this for the good of the federation. If anything me getting to the finals would have boosted the ratings and done well for the company you fucking idiot. “Outsider gets to finals to take on Redd and others in semi finals to determine the vacated world title!”

But no...your fear is what got the better of you.

I can understand why? It's not the mask. Hell no. It isn't this stitched piece of burlap.

You knew Nirvana. You knew Hardcore Hect. You didn't know me.

Fear of the unknown. That's what got to you.

Little good it did you. See I thought about returning the favor in your match the next week. Sort of a little tit for tat. You know something though “dad”. I have to say there is a distinctive difference between us.

I enjoy watching my enemies fail.

I don't give them a scapegoat. I don't give them an excuse.

You have. You have done it twice. I must say though watching you tap out like a bitch did bring a smile to my face. It was poetic justice. Even after everything you did to ensure that you wouldn't have to face the “real” competition.

You still proved yourself a loser.



After all of that what did you have left? Nothing. No big payoff match. Nothing at this pay per view to make you seem important. Then you decided to attack me again for Gary Mac of all people.

Tell me. Does your group realize helping the other stables in their matches doesn't make you guys seem like a threat at all?

See, I got news for you. I'm not any of these little bitches that have fucked you over in the past. I am not like anything you have ever faced before.

This match is going to be glorious.

Now. You got me. You got me all to yourself and still your hiding. I'm throwing it down once more. Streetfight. I figure since you don't obey the rules and stay out of anyone else's business I'd give you a opportunity. This is to ensure that you can't make an excuse when I beat you. This is finished one way or the other at this so called pay per view. I use the term about as loosely as your mom's private parts.

How about it “Mr. Controversial”? How about doing the right thing and let me teach the backstabber some manners before I break the rest of your roster in half. Let me explain to you, Redd, just what you did.

This is your child.

I'm going to murder it. Right in front of your eyes. I will destroy everything you hold sacred in this house that Nirvana built. I will break every single brick down to the keystone down. I will obliterate this pile of trash and burn the remains.

I will salt the earth on which it's foundation was formed.

I was going to go away after someone beat me for the title. I was not going to do something stupid like burn the title on another program or even wear it on CWF television. I'm a professional! I am not only a worker of this business, but I am also a fan. I may be a little out there but there are certain lines I do not cross.

You crossed one with me though.

That match was mine. That match was a dream of mine. To be in a hardcore match with Nirvana and Hect was perfect. I was going to win it with a surprise under the ring. To bad I didn't get to it because someone decided to interfere. Hell. Instead of seeing those two it could have been you and Ace if it had been The Accountant and I getting past you but we all know compared to the Axis both of your teams are the B-team of stables.

Sorry am I not making my point yet?

You stuck your nose in my affairs twice. Once, I might be inclined to just put you in the ICU. Now...Now I'm going to really hurt you. I'm not your enemy? Wow. You really are stupid. Let me put this to you in a way you will understand.

I'm not going to rest until you precious little federation is in the dirt.

What you cherish most I will take.

You tempted fate little boy.

You changed mine. Now I am going to change yours.

Good luck being a curtain jerker in the big leagues cause I'm about to crush your glorified backyard federation into powder.

You are a fool.

So you're a parent.

Fine...I'm the bad boy that's gonna fuck your daughter rather you like it or not.

This isn't home. This is minor leagues.

Man up. Face me on my terms.

Or are you a weak parent who won't fight for what he believes in?

I think your a deadbeat dad.

Let's see if you can support or if your just a walk away joe.

What do you have to lose Redd?

Come on. I'll give you a moment to be a hero.

Just like your...mommy would want.

Make mommy proud. Hmm. Maybe I'll go visit her. Maybe I'll meet your parents.

Maybe...Just maybe...I'll have some fun with them before I get you.

I mean hell. Apparently if it's for the good of SFT that I skullfuck your parents...then maybe I shoul.

Oh and I hope they are dead. I really do. Because necrophilia is my favorite thing to do.

That's why I'm fucking this dead federation.

Come on Redd...take my offer...before I make you regret it for the rest of your life.

When history looks back at this moment. They will point to you as the fall of SFT.

You are the harbinger of doom.




The beginning of the end starts now.

Start praying that someone stops me for it will not be you.

Let's see if you can be a parent or a hero now.

I doubt it.

For you are not made of sterner stuff.

{We fade in on Ataxia sitting in a grave yard on a full moon night. He is on a tombstone. Laying next to him is a long black trenchcoat and a black tophat. He holds in his gloved hand a single white rose.}

Ataxia: Tell me a story. A story about those who care. In every story the ending is predictable. As humans we like stories that make “sense” to us. The boy gets the girl. Happily ever after. Yadda yadda yadda. You ask if I have what it takes to do the wrong things for the right reasons? Or however stupidly you put it in your dribble that you call a promo. Let me tell you something. You have no idea. I had it all once. World title. Respect of the fans. Everything I could have ever wanted. That I had earned. You know that thing that you took from me Redd. Tell me. What's it like trying to destroy a dream? Does it make you feel special. I suspect you don't feel nothing at all. Every story has a protagonist, a hero, and of course his antithesis. Am I the villain here? No. Am I the hero here? No. What am I then? How do I fit into the paradigm?

{Ataxia plucks one of the petals from the rose.}

Ataxia: What am I to you? What am I to anyone? What does Ataxia mean to you? What does this pay per view mean to you? I suspect nothing because you have a big plan down the line for SFT. You and your friends have a vision. I suspect also that mine will interfere with that. Seeing as how mine is to destroy your federation.

{Another petal falls. His voice starts to get distant like we aren't even here.}

Ataxia: Why? Why? Why? What has SFT done to you? Nothing. The offense isn't theirs it is yours. However. You decided to interfere in my affairs. This means that you are responsible. Now. I can't have it said that I let you off easy. I can't just take my revenge on you either. You stopped me from doing something historical. A message has to be sent. A war has to be fought. Their will be only one causality. Either me or your whole group. I wouldn't bet against me.

{Another petal falls.}

Ataxia: This mask has already claimed one federation as it's victim. The predecessor who wore this before me destroyed a federation with it's in fighting and destroyed it on it's final night. Sure he didn't get everything he wanted save for the end result. The death of the place that had wronged him. Now...I intend to do the same thing.

{The rose suddenly starts to burn for no reason.}

Ataxia: Let's see who dies? Me...or you SFT...I wouldn't bet against me. You all can't even stand yourselves enough to see just how I'm going to stop you. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

{The film starts to burn. Fade to black.}