~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"...when I get outta here I wanna make it clear...VENGEANCE IS MINE!" Vengeance is mine. Alice Cooper.

There is no excuse for this. There is no reason for this. You are lying to your fans. You are lying to the world. You are lying to yourself.

Forgotten One...

Legion would be ashamed of what you have become.

Oh I did my research and I have to say. What a pathetic piss poor putrid punk you really are.

I think I know whose corpse I should really dig up for a good time.

Still ducking my challenge? Still hiding behind SFT's front office?

Maybe I need to send a message to people who actually matter. I got it.

How about I break every single person you care about in half?

I'm going to find everyone who has ever touched your life in a positive way...

And defile them.

I will turn you into what you have been hiding from all these years.

I will turn you into the whiny bitch I know you to be.

You want to be forgotten? No. I'm going to make you an icon.

Your “legacy” will be my masterpiece of humiliation.

You will be known forever and ever as the man who doomed all of your federation's dreams.

I was going to leave. I was going to go quietly into the night. If I lost the match by my own actions, or by that of The Accountant, I was going to leave. Take my bow. Exit the curtain. Because I can walk away from a shitty federation at any time.

You just couldn't not have the spotlight. You were in the main event. Yet, when the stipulation that I asked for got granted something in your brain clicked.

Something in your mind...snapped.

Something could take your precious fucking spot.

When the next “big thing” shows up. Someone always gets kicked to the curve. Tell me. How much did it bother you? Deep down. How much did it tear at you that a change was in the air? That somewhere and sometime in your future that your precious spot would be in jeopardy?

All you care about is you.

This has nothing to do with SFT.

Stop lying. Seriously. The fans hate it. You know what I want? What would really make me actually think about believing that this is what you really intended to do? That all of this was for them...

Apologize. Oh it wouldn't matter but I might actually believe you at least five percent more than I do right now which is batting at negative five thousand.

This isn't about SFT.

It's about your little chokehold you think you have.

You know how easy it is to lose everything you've worked for in this business?

Let me tell you a little story.

Since you like stories and story format from your attempt at a promo I figure you'll like how well I do at your style.

It was a great time. It was the worst of times. It was the most boring of times. This is no way to really introduce anything but apparently being a long winded talking baboon this is the only way for me to seem important. Also. By. Taking. Pauses. I can make this last longer.

Sorry back to the story my way.

There was this guy. Let's call him “The Destroyer”. So many in this industry. The name doesn't matter. This guy started out doing tag teams and curtain jerking. Hell his first big break was dark matching in his home town when the big fed was on tour and needed a warm up. He lost that match. Then he starts to get heat. He starts to get a bit of fire going. He makes it to the midcard and then...he stagnates. So he changes tactics and gets a monster push. A push so fast that he can't really process how much success is happening to him. He gets to the main event. Eventually becoming world champion. Long hard match to win that title. All his hard work. All his sacrifice. Everything. Has been justified. Then...the next day. Because of BAD business decisions. The federation shuts down. World title and all. Then...Destroyer has to go somewhere else. Then he starts right at the bottom again having to EARN what he has fought for.

Do you know this story.

Am I telling you something you've heard before?

See a wannabe like you will go through this at least a few times. See, very rarely will you get a wrestler who doesn't care if you don't get paid. Who doesn't care if you don't get what you have “earned”. Who doesn't give a fuck if he makes you all go bankrupt.

Are we starting to get the message? Are we starting to let things work in that brain of yours?

I'm not here for you anymore Redd. I'm here for SFT.

I'm going to murder your child.

Because all I want right now. All I will be satisfied with is pure and utter annihilation.

See. If I were anyone but Ataxia, I would take you as payment. I would burn you. I would murder you. I would destroy just you. See I'm not satisfied with that. You...are nothing. You are less than shit. Why the fuck should I care if you live or die?

If I end you. All I will hear is you ended one career.


That's not good enough. No. That will never be good enough. That will never be right. That will never in all of the world be right.

You crossed me.

If it would have been the man behind this mask. The man behind this ideal. I would have let it slide.

I'm a reasonable man.

I'm a compassionate man.

But when I wear this...I am not a man.

I am not you.

I am not weak and stupid.

You didn't think that it was going to be this way. You didn't know what you were doing. You could never have thought of what you have unleashed upon your precious child.

You cut down my tree in my yard because you were worried it would fall on your child.

Now...I'm going to cornhole her with a crowbar.

Eye for an eye?

No bitch.

Eye for a life.

I make nazi's look like children show clowns.

Have you ever really truly wanted to hurt someone?

Have you?

I don't think you have.

I don't think that you have ever really wanted to do something horrible to another human being in your entire existence. This is a farce. Oh sure. You fight. No denying that. I've felt the moves. I know you can hit hard. That's not what I mean.

What I am going to pummel into that thick skull of yours. Is that you are a coward.

You don't finish the job.

You attack me in the middle of a match.

Not before. During. In the middle of me expending my prowess you chose to attack me like a backstabbing little worm.


Now. What are you going to do when you have me at more than a hundred percent.

Oh. Your stable. Right.

Didn't think of them did I?

Or have I?

You see I don't need three guys to save my ass from my own mistakes. I don't have friends. I don't need them.

I got something better than friends.

I got people who love to fight.

People who will piss on someone just as an excuse to throw a punch.

I'm going to give you all a spoiler...I'm not coming to Sound of Violence alone.

I'm bringing an attitude adjustment.

I'm bringing security.

Since your federation doesn't appear to care about my matches. I'm going to make sure that I have backup in my corner to keep you in check Redd.

It's all one on one. All it cost me...was a dollar...and a lot of bourbon.

I'm going to do more than obliterate you.

I will make the world ache at the thought of your name out of pity.

Sympathy will be the only remembrance of you.

You'll beg to be forgotten.

You will cry out to the world till your voice bleeds.

Forget about me.

And I will be there with a giant boom box playing... “Don't you forget about me”.

With my fist in the air.

Making Judd Nelson wish he was me!

Have we learned anything yet?

Oh...but what if I lose...


I can't lose.

I can win.

SFT is going to die.

And you...are the cause.

I've already beaten you Redd. Everything else is just a sweet taste of cream atop my cake.

Enjoy the poor house.

Start saving.

You are all about to starve.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Klingon proverb.

I believe instead in the gospel of Alice Cooper.

Vengeance is mine.

...And with my last breath I will spit at thee.

Cut this shit off. I've already won this war. You just don't realize it yet.