~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Please to meet you...hope you guess my name!" Sympathy for the Devil.Rolling Stones.

“Even when I lose...I still win”

Do you know who said that. His name probably means nothing to you. To a select few who call him ally they can see the mindset behind it. To me...He's like my father. So when I say I understand that moniker of Trent Steel better than anyone else. You understand.

What this week shows is just the truth of the statement.

I lost my match. I lost because SFT management didn't want their “stooge” to get his precious face destroyed. I played by the rules and I lost. I didn't get pinned. I didn't tap out. I didn't disqualify myself. I didn't lose this match. But, I got what I wanted.

I'm in the main event.

Where are you again Redd? Oh yeah, trying to figure out who you can steal from again to try and make yourself important. The fans have seen your true colors coward. The world has seen your true colors. Now the question is does the rest of this faker federation have the same shade of yellow.

Which brinks me to pocketknife.

Oh Switchblade, how I've heard of you. Impressive. Most people fake a mental condition very well but I have to say that you are quite interesting in how you attempt to pull it off. Normally madness will sway someone who has to face you.

Not me.

Even if you don't think you are crazy your behavior just seems to scream nervous breakdown. I wonder just how much of a push you need.

I am in the market for a new lackey.

You could fit the bill but something tells me you'd hate the team outfits.

Not really your thing probably. You know not looking like a homeless vagrant about to kill himself like you once were. See I know why you are losing it.

You aren't yourself anymore...

So sad how you normal people seem to think that once you get “everything you want” that you are something of a success.

Yet you wonder how poor people are so happy while you just still fee hallow.

I think you were happier in the gutter.

In fact I know you were.

It was who you were. Then you rose up to prove that you were better than that. You are the real life “Rocky”.

And that's the problem.

You didn't become corrupt like you think you did. You became something worse. You basically lived through your struggle and you had no challenge.

What's left for the underdog to prove save for falling back down to the gutter.

I know what will make you feel better.

I know what will reawaken the champion that you are.

I know who to put the fight back into the dog.

I know how to “clear your mind”.

You need a challenge. That's why I am actually somewhat happy about this. It's a prestigious match. Main event. Your title on the line. Someone new. Someone to once again take down to prove that you are the champion.

Come on Rock...Get in there.

Only this time there is no Apollo Creed or Mickey to help you.

This isn't your worst sequel.

This is Rocky Six.

Your not the young spry hero anymore.

Your the guy everyone is expecting to fall.

Except me.

I don't underestimate actual opponents.

I do not brush you off.

I do not look at you with complete disdain.

I look at you and I see a man who has worked hard and gotten what he deserves.

So why prove it again.

To yourself?

No. You are not that far gone. You are lost in the woods.

Let “The Messiah Pariah” show you the light.

You want to end the coruption of your old life?

You really want to take Shadow down?

Then...you know what you have to do hero.

You got to burn this place to the ground.

Take it down to the gutter where it belongs.

Let is pick up the blade that you did.

And see if it has your “sterner stuff”.

I'm ready to “Enter the Darkside”.

Think about what I have said about getting even with whom you hate the most.

Can you hear it in the air?

Can you smell it?

I can taste it.

The end...is near.


{We fade in Ataxia sitting in a dark room on a black leather couch. The mask is covering his face. We see the red eyes and the red teeth as he smiles. We hear a door open. Walking into a room is a figure wearing a black trenchcoat. He sits opposite Ataxia and lights a cigarette.}

Ataxia: Hello Trent.

Trent Steel: So what's this deal you wanted to talk to me about.

Ataxia: SFT.

Trent Steel: Not interested.

Ataxia: Wait...when are you not interested in destroying something?

Trent Steel: Left a bitter taste in my mouth kid. I see no point in fighting it because it is a waste of time. It's a pit. Once you start in it you will never get out of it. I'm getting to old to go fighting a pointless battle. Because even if you destroy it. Who would care? Some lowly fat redneck fanboy. These idiots will get a job elsewhere because people are desperate for anyone who has had a taste of fame and can bring a fanbase. I am not going to get involved in your little rant here.

Ataxia: Rant? RANT! I'll show you a rant.

Trent Steel: Spare me the promo talk. You want to waste my time. Fine. Find me a reason. Give me one fucking reason why I should do this.

Ataxia: You did it before. GCWA...

Trent Steel: I had a reason for that dummy. That's strike one.

Ataxia: Oh yes. I forgot. Your friend who hates your guts got fired and you destroyed the fed by doing nothing during a stablewar. You can do that for that asshole, but you won't help me destroy this place?

Trent Steel: Strike two. Yes. It's not worth it.

Ataxia: For who? Just you? Just what you want? Come on Trent...I think you just have gotten lazy.

Trent Steel:...

Ataxia: I think you have really truly lost the will to fight anymore.

Trent Steel:...

Ataxia: I think you need to remind people just how much of a bastard you really are...

Trent Steel:...okay...Pitch to me.

Ataxia: I thought you would at least hear me out...excellent.

{To be continued...Fade to Black.}