~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Trust me I got a plan. When the lights go out you'll understand." Pain without Love. Three Days Grace.

Wow. How cute. Someone's trying to fake me out by being crazy.

Allow me to play the world smallest fiddle to the tune of “My heart bleeds for you”.

This is almost to precious of a performance to ignore. Oh. I didn't make fun of your name really. Do please compare me to how you can't keep it up without having a threeway in your own head. Tell me if fuck with your mind does that mean I've just had one on one mind sex or do I file it under orgy?

Ahh going for that fourteen year old dick joke market. Funny how your “humor” seems to think making a monologue about me as a pill to make you hard seems to warrant five minutes of time. Tell me. Are you that boring that you need that much filler?

Oh...we're even copying “The Watchmen”. Good job.

Tell me are you going to go into a monologue from “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” next? How about a rousing tale of how you aim to misbehave from “Serenity”? I got it. Your going to wow us with some heart rousing monologue from “Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

I await your Nicholas Cage impression from Ghost Rider.

Anyone else still laughing? Because I'm not. Did I ever neglect to mention that you had done everything to rise up? No. I said you rose. You did everything! Yes, you are in the Hall of Fame. Wonderful. I didn't know I was required to jack off your ego? Is that in my paid by appearance contract? No...it's not.

By the way. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Hall of Fame's are all about politics not skill. So in reality...you haven't impressed me at all shit head.

Yes you are “crazy”. That's fine. I don't care. Hell I have never met a normal person? You want a cookie? You want a reward? Hey Everybody! Switchblade is a nutcase! We should all fe...feh...fe...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...





I can do this.


I should get a Academy Award for even saying the word while thinking about you. You think you are intimidating to me? I'm not a member of the Asshats of Ultra Looney Tunes. I'm not play acting with you. See. You want to point out that I lost to this guy or that guy. Okay. Do we really want me to start on your career? We can play this game all damn day and what is it going to get us?

The fact is...I've “lost” a match.

You've “lost” a match.

The point is what exactly?

Oh yes. You are trying to make yourself out to be better than me. How exactly can you do this when you have never faced me before?

Oh yeah...you can't.

You are grasping at straws. I seem to have the impression that you aren't taking this seriously.


As for what I have done to earn this shot. Nothing.

Oh...we were expecting me to come up with some bullshit for you to fire at me right? Truth is...I don't care about your fucking title. Hell. I'll probably sell it on eBay.

Actually no. My coffee table is kinda leaning a bit. I'll use it to keep it balanced. Obviously you weren't paying attention to last week.

Redd has caused me to stay here. For one purpose. I'm going to burn every fucking one of you to the ground. I am going to salt the earth of this place.

That's right...I'm here to kill your fucking federation and I don't need everyone in the world following me. I just have to get the right people. Your right. You are nuts. Me. I'm crazy to. On a different level...yes. Are we both over the edge? Maybe? Should we switch to decafe? Perhaps. However...I want to point something out to you. I want you at your best. I want you to do the most damage you have ever done to somebody. I want you to break me. I want you to make me try to submit.

Tapping out is fun.

I don't get to do it very often due to the fact that I have a very...VERY...high pain tolerance.

Have you not been paying attention?

I was the one who requested a hardcore tag team match with Nirv and Hect. I wanted them at their best because I am here to beat the best.

You “claim” to be this to me. I could go on for hours and hours about every match I've been watching this week that you have done. I have seen the tapes over and over again. Technical wrestlers are always a fun challenge. They dictate the pace of the match. They wear down a opponent until they can barely move a body part. They break you down and make you submit to them being superior.

...That's why it's so sweet when their fucking plans fail!

I want you to do your worst.

Because even if you beat me...Even if you retain your precious title...I'm still going to win! I am still going to climb up this “Jacob's ladder” that SFT is. I am still going to be made into the person that controls the interests of this federation. You know how there is always that one guy who is mentioned by every single fan even if they utterly despise him. I'm the new one of those. I'm going to make this place rise sky high and then crash it into the earth.

I will make you understand what it's like to lose a legacy Switchblade.

This isn't about me.

This isn't about you.

This is about your federation's fucking survival.

See I wear a mask. Yes. I do it for one reason. It's not because I am hiding or afraid of anything. No. See behind this mask is someone who can be bought. Someone who has limits. Someone who will eventually give up. With this mask I am unstoppable. Even if you try to tear it off. Which I wouldn't blame you for doing...I will still be strong. No one knows who the hell I am. No one knows where I come from. You...can not get to me.

Even if you could what would you accomplish.

See...I've already held a prestigious world title before. In fact...it's the only title I've won before. I don't have to prove that I am a champion. I don't have to have some pathetic little gold plated weight-belt to make me feel “special”. I strive for a superior title.

If you're a good boy I might let you in on that secret.

I'm not here for titles.

I'm here for souls.

I'm not here for acolades.

I'm here to feast on bones.

I'm not here for glory.

I'm here for the pain.

I'm not here for victory.

I'm here for the blame.

I'm not here for justice.

I'm here for vengeance.

I'm not here for you.

I'm here for the saving.

I'm not here to be your hero or villain.

I am here to watch your world burn when I strike this match.

I'm not gonna do hiaku's or raps with you. I'm not here to battle I'm here for the kill. I am the one who will give you one last fucking thrill.

All trash aside I look forward to a opponent who will face me like a man and not attack me from behind.

But you have understand where I am coming from.

Someone has sinned.

Someone has spat in my eye.

Someone has corupted my sense of honor.

Because of that I have to kill your legacy and for that I have a sliver of sorrow about.

But I can't let this go.

I am not going to let this go till I get something equivalent.

It's over with Redd and after this week it'll be over with you.

You'll still be where you are at.

I'll still be rising.

I am sorry that I have to fight you like this under this circumstance.

There are just some things you have to do.

I promise one thing though. I will play by the rules.

I will abide by them. No hardcore. No tricks.

Just man against man Rocky.

Let's hit that theme music.

Here comes the montage.

{We fade back in on the scene from the previous promo. The camera has shifted position to it being behind Ataxia. We finally get a good look at Trent Steel. He's got long black hair in a ponytail and is wearing a pair of black oakleys with red lenses. His attire is the black trenchcoat, black t-shirt, black fingerless gloves, blue jeans, and combat boots. He appears to be in his early to late thirties.}

Trent Steel: So...what's the pitch?

Ataxia: You know. I really don't have anything.

Trent Steel: So what your saying is that you didn't think I'd actually stop.

Ataxia: It's no secret you hate this place. Not enough to burn it, but enough to not come back. I find this curious.

Trent Steel: What's so curious about it? Life is full of strange things. You know that more than anyone.

Ataxia: Oh God yes.

Trent Steel:...Am I going to have to explain it to you?

Ataxia: I love story time.

{Trent takes out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. He pulls one out and lights it. He takes a drag and lets it out.}

Trent Steel: I joined up with SFT because Nirv ran into me in a fed I refuse to even dignify with a name. He asked me to show up. I got handed a belt and was told to run with it. Just didn't feel right from the start. A lot of bottom feeders. You know those things that just hang on and take a lot of effort to get rid of. Life took a few turns that I didn't want so I told him I was done.

Ataxia: There is more to it than that.

Trent Steel:...Such as?

Ataxia: I've noticed something. Even when you did what you did with me...You aren't happy.

Trent Steel: I haven't been happy for a long time kid.

Ataxia: Yes. The incident.

Trent Steel: Yeah...that.

Ataxia: I suspected it had something to do with something else.

Trent Steel: What?

Ataxia: You retired when your triplets were born. You spent three to three and a half years out of the business. Then you decided to join up with OWF.

Trent Steel: Didn't like what was happening with a friend of mine.

Ataxia: Draco. Right?

Trent Steel: Yeah.

Ataxia: Sure it wasn't about you?

Trent Steel:...

Ataxia: The only time you have ever seemed to be in a good mood was when you were breaking someone's face.

Trent Steel: So are you saying I didn't do what I did for my own reasons.

Ataxia: How long did you know your wife had been cheating on you when you started wrestling again?

Trent Steel: There is a line that you are really getting close to in this line of questioning.

Ataxia: There is a line? Where?

Trent Steel:...It started about the time I started back.

Ataxia: But you didn't let her know that you knew.

Trent Steel: Would you?

Ataxia: You seem to be under the impression that I care to actually be married at some point. No girl has ever intrigued me that much.

Trent Steel: Heh. That'll change.

Ataxia: Maybe. Maybe not.

Trent Steel: Are you trying to correlate my married life to my return to wrestling as the source of my unhappiness?

Ataxia: No. I know it to be.

Trent Steel: Really?

Ataxia: You spent three years denying your nature. That nature is one of pure dominance. You are angry at the world. Justified or not. You are a angry man and the only way you feel justified in your existence, besides the fact that you can't kill yourself, is that you have to the be the bad guy.

Trent Steel: So why did I do what I did in GCWA then?

Ataxia: OWF closed. You rejoined NLW, something you said you would never do again. You lost your “home”. Then you were going to make amends with Draco so you did a mask gag for one night only that turned into months of mind screwing with the entire roster all to get revenge on the man who fired your friend who still to this day hates your guts.

Trent Steel:...yeah.

Ataxia: So I have to ask you...Even though you did it for the reasons you did. Even the ones you won't admit to...how did it feel?

{Trent smirks for a moment as he takes another drag off the cigarette. We start to fade to black...To Be Concluded.}