~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Flying High Now..." Rocky Theme. Rocky 6.

Iím a button pusher what do you expect? Did the mask and lack of giving a fuck not give it away?

Oh Iím copying you. No. No. You wanted to bring it back. I want it to die. Itís going to die. Itís going to be gone. Iím sorry you seem to think that I am just like you in this aspect. I am sorry that you are dumb as a fucking post. I swear humans are the most ego centric creatures in the universe. ďYouíre so vain you probably think this plan is about youÖíbout you!Ē. Grow up and get off your momís tit ya big fucking bitch boy.

I aint playing with you. Iím not Dawn. Did I not fucking state that I was not in this for anything? You donít get this. The one big difference between me and you?

I donít fail!

I accomplish my goal...one way or the other. See you are going about it the wrong way. You think taking out Shadow is what is going to kill this place.

Thatís why YOU failed. You donít see the way to kill this thing is not to take out the man, myth, or legend.

Trust me none of you mother fuckers have even though of just how I am going to do this fucking plan. By the way Iím glad that kid died before he got to see you ďdieĒ. See his death means that he went up to heaven or down to hell or into the nothingness knowing that you were a hero. He wonít get to see that you are going to be something that no one expected to see in a short while.


Of course I am not going to listen to you. Why the fuck would I? Do you actually give a shit about me? No. Unless I can benefit you. You donít give a fuck about me. So shut the hell up about your false concern as to what I am going to do.

The art of wrestling? Really? So interfering in other peopleís matches to push yourself is part of the art? Having a tournament of random tag teams and not making it exciting is the art of professional wrestling?

So far SFT has shown me nothing artisticÖmaybe autisticÖbut not artistic.

You want art? Iíll show you the art of innovation. You like to break people. I like to surprise people.

Respect the craft of wrestling yes. Respect this place for what was done to me. No! Your pathetic little puissant pissed on my efforts. I do not take a insult to the face more than you do. Respect for what I do in the ring is the highest effort of mine. You can blame Redd for this. Not me. I have a creed you fucking asshole.

It got violated.

The Punishment will fit the crime.

And the crime is your coworker causing me aggravation. My spot. My chance to prove myself. So since he wanted to do that you all have to suffer.

I donít make the rules.

I enforce them.

So fuck your sense of honor and respect. You want to know what my soapbox is.

You get what you earn. You donít cheat. You do not screw with someone elseís destiny. As long as no one else is interfering in your own path donít fuck with them.

You good with that or do I have to get your approval again?

Oh yeahÖI donít need it.

Fuck you.

Grow up. Seriously. Your forty six years old and youíre acting like I just peed in your cornflakes. Stop it. Shitting on your legacy? No bitch. I am not. You know why Iím not. Because I donít care. You say Iím as green as grass because I have done ďnothingĒ in SFT...

Then why the fuck should your accolades matter a damn to me?

Why the hell should I care what you fucking think?

You want to talk about respect? Fine. Respect me enough to clean my belt before I take it from you. I know you know every little detail about wrestling. Most technical wrestlers learn every single hold that they can possibly learn.

Youíre a fucking encyclopedia of pain!

The thing isÖIím not like every other wrestler either dumbass.

I am the one that will pull something out that you have never run across. I donít spend my nights coming up with insults. I fight people without this mask on and come up with new ways to get out of old holds. You might beat me in this match, but I promise you one thing. You will not stop me. None of you can stop me. None of you are made of sterner stuff. None of you have the guts. None of you are that damn crazy.

You have been played this whole time thinking that your insanity matched mine. You think that I am some crazy psychopath who canít be reasoned with like the Axis? No. I can be reasoned with except when fuckers like Redd decide to take the ďinterestsĒ of their federation as their own.

The only difference between you and him is that you are going to give me a ďfightĒ.

I aim to see this, but when I hold your title up high Switchy. Itís the first on the fucking pyre.

Iím going to do something Hall of Fame worthy. Something Nirvana. You. RWF. I will do the one thing that everyone says will NEVER happen!

I will end SFT! I will shit on all of your legacies because you spat on mine.

I am not Jesus. Iím a different Messiah.

I do not take shots to the face like your whores here do and let it go.

You have met the unstoppable force...letís see if youíre the immovable object I have heard so much about.

Come on! Is this the best you got? Come on old man! Letís do this! What? Metaphors about doors and windows is all you can say to me?

Show me what the ďbestĒ has to offer! Hit me with everything you fucking have. Every hold! Every hit! Every move! Break out the shit you havenít dusted off in twenty damn years! Come on! Hit me! I want you to reach down hard Rocky! One more round! One more god damn round! Call up Mikey! Call up Apollo! Call up ADRIAN!!!!...Call up every inspirational speech you can doÖAfter you hit me with that hit that would shatter Godís face...

Then when I kick out! When I grab the ropes! When I get the fuck back up and smile!...

You will know that you have met something unlike anything you have wrestled before bitch!

I am Godís Wrath made flesh.

I am what you cannot beat because beating me requires you crossing a line even you wonít cross Switchblade!

When all the lackluster low card matches are done. When our entrances are done. When your fans cheer you and mine applaud in silence! When that bell rings and you look across at this man behind the mask. When you see the red fanged grin of Ataxia. When you see my red eyes! When you look into the Abyss that is Pure Insanity!...

You will fucking blink.

All you will hear afterwards will be the sound of my laughter.


It will echo like a chorus of failure in your mind for the rest of your life. This is my solemn vow.

You will remember this night!

One way or the other.

There will be nothing that will stop me.

I am not here for you. I have to keep telling myself this. I promise you one thing though. After this real fight you will secure yourself a place in the ranks of those that will survive the burning.

You will not be the ones I take down with this place.

Congratulations. Youíve found my mercy.

The restÖletís see whose flying higher.


{We fade in right where we left off at. The exact moment the smoke leaves Trentís face.}

Trent Steel: Itís like a technical wrestling match that involves fifty people or so. Itís all just a blast that no one can see coming. Half the time you donít have to do anything and just wait to strike. Everyone will want you to take a side and you can seem to do that. Seems to and you are going to are completely different. The beauty part about it. Is it is so easy to make them destroy each other. They never suspected me. You. Youíve announced it to the world. Theyíre going to watch you like a hawk. What does it feel like when it all falls down. Like God just put you on this planet just to make them know what true suffering really was. Itís beautiful misery.

Ataxia: I thought so. So...wanna help me do it?

Trent Steel: No.

{Ataxia shakes his head for a moment and pulls his mask back on.}

Trent Steel: This isnít my fight. Nirv and I ended on good terms kid. I donít want that fight if I donít have to go through it.

Ataxia: Nice to know I am not worth it master.

Trent Steel: No. You are. Iím not.


Trent Steel: You do this with me itíll just be compared to me. The world seeís you as my protťgť. You are going to have to do this yourself. You wonít be alone though. Something tells me youíll win these fuckers over.

Ataxia: I seeÖwell thanks for at least listening.

Trent Steel: What kind of ďparentĒ would I be if I didnít give you the benefit of the doubt.

Ataxia: So what should my next move be?

Trent Steel: Make a statement. Hit them where it hurts. {We fade on Trent Steel smirking as he finishes his cigarette and walks off camera. We fade to static.}