~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"We begin the hunt and I feel the power course as the creatures take flight. For the kill is close and I will be satisfied. For the smell of fear tonight wakes an ancient lust that will not be denied. You're mine!" The Animal. Disturbed.

Let's play a game.

It's called stay the fuck out of my fucking business.

You think anyone in SFT is going to do that? NOOOOOO...

And why should they? Why should they worry about repercussions because apparently there are none. If there is no...no...NO...consequences...then why the fuck should you follow the rules. You got mad because you didn't get your title shot? You decided to take it out on me.


Then I'm going to make sure you never get your title shot.

An eye for an eye makes the word blind.

Get ready for a skull fucking Oedipus.

I don't know what pisses me off more. I don't know if it's just how lame this program is with it's lackluster wrestlers or if it's the fact that none of you seem to want me to actually fail.

I mean I'd be a less credible threat if I would actually lose a match in a appropriate way.

This is not good. I have to beat someone half to death now or I'm going to just blow up the arena.

OHHHHH...MMA Hybrid Title Thingy! You've all been saved. Isn't that right Mr. Fucknuts?

What the hell is this cornholing crap?

I dunno. It seems to be trendy to be completely fucking retarded in your promos these days I guess I decided to be a cool kid! Next thing I'll be doing a “shoot”.

My left side is my good one...less scabs.


I dunno. I can't do riveting promos like being in a diner and getting pie so I guess I'm out of the main event! Oh I'm sorry did I make the puppet angry? Who knows. I may have to be in a match and he'll come down and interfere or worse...when I face him he'll do something to really put me in my place. Win by count out.

I couldn't live with the shame.

Has it dawned on you yet that you have no fucking argument. Hell. Neither of you two should be in the main event. Should it be me?

I don't think so but I at least have a actual claim to not getting beat by Hect or Nirvana fairly but even I am content with the idea that they did what they had to to win.

All I keep hearing in this damn place is Bitch. Moan. Cry. What's the matter? Did professional wrestlers suddenly become crybabies?

And why am I getting attacked all the God damn time?

Seriously? Is there some kind of betting pool in the back or something? Are you guys just trying to make me a bigger threat than I already am in the minds of the fans? It's almost like someone just wants to make me seem like I can't be stopped unless someone helps your ass.

I was having a great match with Switchblade. I got cheated.

This makes the third time.

Twice by Redd and once by...I'm sorry...who the fuck are you? Oh yeah. No one fucking important. Don't worry. You'll get the message.

I promise I am going to burn an effigy this week.

Step one is coming fuckwads. It's been brewing for weeks as I thought and planned out each of these moves carefully.

You know planning. Something none of you seem to grasp.

I mean in reality what is planning. It's a way things are suppose to work. You don't want me to be an anarchist do you? You don't want me to just come up with this stuff. You don't want me to forget the censors and the interests of parental decency do you? No. No. No...you don't want me to go off the ranch. Trust me. I'm a fucking asshole in the worst way.

I'm not going to make you hate yourself.

You are going to be repulsed by the thought of you existing.

Then when we hear in the paper that you are have fucked up a suicide attempt we can all say...

Switchblade go show them how to do it the right way so they don't make us all hopeful again.

If you are going to do something right you should really do it right.

If you are going to attack someone. Make sure they are not going to attack you back.

You want your title shot Mr. I don't give a flying horse shit who you are?

I hope you get it. I really do. I want them to add it on the card as a dark match. I want you to get it.

Then...I'm going to make a point.

That point is this.

You want something. You earn something.

You wait your God damn turn.

You want to get in my fucking face? Really? Are you that desperate to get bumped back down to jobber?

I'm sorry. That's over the line. Jobber's are people to. You need to go back to being in the stands. You need to go back to watching this shit at home. You need to back to playing your e-wrestling and trying to deadline someone. You need to go back to your old Super Nintendo and play that fake wrestling and pretend that that fifteen button combo you just put in was actually a awesome move instead of causing you problems later in life with your love life cause you button mashing hand is your dominating hand for your love life.

Now who the fuck are you again?

Your the next was suppose to be a big thing that's going back to the basement.

Have fun sweating Cheetos you ugly ape ass fuck.

Now back to someone who is actually worth my time.

Mack Davidson.

That's right I mentioned Mack Davidson but not the fuckwad whose gonna be a janitor in the next few weeks who decided to stick his nose in my fucking business again. Yes I know we don't like cussing here. No...I don't care.

Cause you know what? I got more fans than all of you put together because I am not PC.

So go be PC at the KFC and GTFO of my face cause I'm a B.M.F. who is also a G.I.L.F. Hunter!

Hey someone has to kill Grandma.

I hope this isn't a rash killing. Rashes are annoying to explain to the priest when he...

Oh...sorry. I forgot you can't say (bleep) on television. What I can't say (BLEEP)? I'll spell it then. T. H. A. T.

I expect your hate mail to be directed care of Shadow aka Redd's puppet master at SFT studios. Make sure you put them on pink stationary and glitter. Lots of glitter. It is the herpes of craft supplies and a fun present for anyone who is already as emo as Edward.

Yes...I just comped Twilight to Shadow.

Take that whichever way makes you piss yourself with laughter more.

All right slash rant over let's get onto this match. Mack! I love ya babe. You never call. You never write. You never talk.

I love a opponent who knows he can't win a war of words.

Yippie! Now the question is during this match am I actually going to get a clean decision? I mean wins and losses don't matter but damn I'd like for it to be my opponent or even, dare I dream, ME to get the win. Mack! You. Yes you! Might be the FIRST person to get a CLEAN WIN over Ataxia in this glorified indy fed with delusions that it actually fucking matters.

This aint rassling this time boyos.

This is full contact MMA plus Wrestling! Does that mean I can do the “People's Elbow” after a Ankle Lock? Should I change my name to Ken Lesner? Or how about Brock Shamrock? Oh now I'm going to get the MMA fans made at me.

Let me clear up something.

MMA fans are to wrestling fans as Jocks are to nerds. Jocks know the batting averages or touchdowns scored by their favorite players. You know what that is right. Replace The Patriots with Star Trek and Green Bay with Star Wars and you got a Nerd Off! MMA just means I can hurt you within a steel octagon. Which why we haven't turned that into a match here I will never know. Oh I know. Everyone here except the Axis is a bunch of fucking pussies!

Oh I can't say that! I can't say anything that would upset people's delicate sensibilities.

Funny thing the two words that could be forged into that word...you know sense and ability is what all of you are severely lacking.

You know when I am going to quit cussing out everyone and giving SFT so many fines from the FCC? When I get what I fucking want.

Which is this place shut the fuck down.

That's is still the goal. Wrestlers who work for this company give the rest of us a bad name. Yeah I work here. Yeah I get a paycheck. I took the bare minimum because I don't need the money. All it does is cover my travel and my “supplies”.


This isn't some angle.

This isn't a storyline.

I'm going to bury this place.

It took a while but I figured out the “best” way to do it.

It's so brilliant I dare say me mentor will be impressed.

See. Everyone thinks to take out SFT you have to take out Shadow. That's dumb. That's so dumb. Because he'll turn it into a main event. Make a lot of money. Keep this place going. Then...he'll laugh as you leave defeated and he just counts the money.

If you really want to hurt Shadow. If you really want to hurt SFT. You do what I am about to do.

I'm about to change the way the entire game is played. All I need is for two moves to go off without a hitch. The results don't matter. They just have to happen.

Now that I got everyone wondering just what the hell I have planned. Let's talk about this match.

This is not hardcore. This is not Ironman. This is just seeing how much punishment you can take from one guy. One on one. Punch vs Punch. Maybe you have a background in this Mack. Maybe you are one of the best at what you do. That's all great. I hope you are.

I desire a real challenge. Someone actually hungry to prove to the world that they are great.

I don't have to prove it.

I know Ace already stated this. He's just bluffing because he knows he CAN NOT beat Redd or Nirvana. He knows he lost that match. He knows this isn't his time. He isn't playing on anyone's real level right now. I carried him past a real challenge. He said don't tag in. He said I got it. I had to win the match or he would have lost it.

I saved you.

And this is how you are rewarded. A second chance. Another try.

I won't win?

This is the main event roster of SFT folks.

I have a chance to do something that NONE of you ever will and I am not even going to try.

Because I am complacent.

Because I can get a title shot anytime I want with the opponent I want.


I get my opportunity taken from me by someone out for Shadow's interests.

Shadow didn't want me to win the world title did he Redd?

You say it was your call.

I don't buy that.

You aren't competent enough to make your own decisions.

I'm going to change all of that.

I am going to redefine you.

I am going to make you make a decision for yourself.

I am going to make you a better person.

I am going to rape your self image.

I am going to make you see...just how wrong you were to do what you did.

You picked the wrong fight.

It's going to cost you the most precious thing to you.

You are known by the name of Redd...this is not your story.

How right you are. Interesting people have stories. Heroes have stories. Villains have stories. Let me ask you a question?

You ever hear of glorified minions having a story?

You ever hear of henchmen number five getting a book deal?


Don't worry. I'm about to turn you from Spoungebob Squarepants into Mother Fucking Hamlet.

They will remember you.

You will become an icon.

Of failure...but still an icon.

So Mack get ready for a beatdown.

Get ready for the pain.

Because on Titans...You are Redd in my eyes.

I'm going to get my clean win.

If anyone interferes...anyone.

I'm going to do something worse than kill you.

I'm going to make you infamous.

I am Ataxia...

I am “The Messiah Pariah”...

No one is going to see this coming.

Tune in for the beginning of the end.

I pray you enjoy the show.

They're aren't that many left.


{We fade in on Ataxia with his back to us. He is sitting at a desk in a black chair. On the walls are various instruments that look bizarre and dangerous. His mask is off and hanging on a dummy's head pointed towards the camera. The only light we see is from a desk lamp. We can't see any distinguishing features. The black opera gloves are the only thing really highlighted that Ataxia wears and they appear to have some...sticky white coating on them.}

Ataxia: Greetings. I'm not doing to well today. I'm fighting off a instinct I have. See. It's really simple. It's so simple. I could walk away from everything and still win. Do you know how easy it is to forge a document? Like a backstage pass for instance. I'd use my real face. Sneak backstage. Just wait. Wait for those who have crossed the line. Pipe bomb's are easy. Guns are cheap. All I gotta do is pick a target. Wait. Then poof...vanish. Never wrestle again. However the satisfaction of what I have done to save the world from all of your belly aching would almost be worth it. However. A problem arises. You might become a martyr to mediocrity. So I decided instead on a different idea.

{We hear a sickening squishing sound as Ataxia works on something in front of him.}

Ataxia: I'm going to show you your true face...I'm going to make you into the superstar you always wanted to be. I promise you one thing. I will not do what you have done to me. This is not the ancient code. Eye for an Eye. No. It will be Eye for a Soul. I hope you are ready to finally make your own decisions Redd. Now, as for the other one who decided to copycat you last week.

{ Ataxia pops his knuckles and continues working.}

Ataxia: You want to be a attention whore? I am going to show you that getting my attention was the worst thing for your life. You will learn your place. Get ready to get retired.

{Ataxia holds up a silvery gleaming object. It's a surgical scalpel.}

Ataxia: Now if you'll excuse me...I've got work to do...

{Fade to black...}