~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

Legacy of Kain...

All quiet on the douchey front.

I guess I got to someone. Oh for shame. Apparently showing someone exactly what happens to someone who does the exact same thing to them makes them shut the fuck up.

I should have set Shadow's face on fire then.

Oh but what a wonderful little fuckwad we have here. Tell me was it the six time crack that got you or the fact I called your out on not knowing a damn thing about me?

Is it the fact that you realize you know nothing and have nothing to threaten me with?

I'm sure a big bad guy like you will totally come up with something? Right bro!

Something along the lines of my mask or that I also “lost” my pay per view match. Not that it really matters. I'm still winning. I'm still doing what I set out to do. The only thing we know now is I am able to be defeated when someone likes to play with the rules. Just like everyone else. The difference is that my vengeance for such trivial situations will make you reconsider your career.

Redd's gone for now. Like a cockroach he'll come back, but it will be to late.

To late to save the rest of you.

But you don't need saving do you douche? No...You can defeat me with your title sheet on the website right?

All those titles. All those short reigns. You know what that tells me.

Paper champion.

It only looks good on paper that you have that many titles. It also tells me that you have never really made it out of this indy leagues. SFT is the major game in town...in a town of wannabes.

What does that make me? Oh, I'm guy turning this place into something you can't stand.

A real success!

Where people like you will never get title shots anymore because the fans as well as the promoter will realize that you are nothing. You have never been anything. The only good thing that would ever be said for you is that you are a poster child for why teenage mothers shouldn't hump a stick shift that is in the car of a chronic masturbator

When the rest of you figure it out please send all hate mail care of Shadow at SFT. I'm sure he'd like a little light reading while he acts like a emo kid in the dark.

I would say that I really should give a flying turd about this but let's be fair.

This isn't really a competition. Hell this is a rematch that just left a bad taste in the booker's mouth. And let's face it...he's use to swallowing his own shit. So let's spice it up. Let's set up a potential stable breaking match right?

Wrong. The Axis will not fall from petty squabbles...

Wait. If I take Dirk's Glitter I might start world war three but that will not be petty.

If this is your plan Shadow I really do have to wonder just how retarded you actually are. Although looking the “quality” of my opponents. I have to...really...question who is the dumbest member of the staff. Because I think it's the guy who is about as creative as a gnat.

And we all know which big pest I am talking about.

Oh it really pains me to get into battles of wits with a halfwit and a to legit to never get a wit.

So let's move onto the half wit.

Hayes. Pondering what I've talked about yet?

Are you ready to unleash your fury? Only if you are truly angry with me will you actually be of use.

Use. Heh. Something this wretch of a dead federation seems to try and cling to like flies to a pile of dung. This is not satisfying work.

All this truly is. All it ever was. Is merely the final steps in a long awaited mass suicide. The board has been made. The pieces are moving. The question is who will win this game? The game I have set out to move into motion. To truly destroy something.

One has to make it useful first.

That's my purpose.

That is my destiny. For why have an epic battle without the “heroes” to stop me. Oh sure. I have aligned myself with powerful allies. Ones who, despite what any of you say, make you quake with fear.

Because of how strong they get day by day by day. Each Titans is a battle that we are winning.

Who will stand against such a force.

None of you can.

Not yet anyway.

I aim to fix that.

Because the one thing you people do not want me to get...

Is bored...that's when the real fun starts.

The cracks in the face of SFT are shown.

All the remains now...is to blast them apart and show the world just how cowardly, sickly, and stupid this place truly is.

I will reforge this plane of existence in it's own blood.

Feed the monster.

Unleash the anger.

Hayes...your probably wondering what the hell I'm monologing about?

No matter.

It will all be made clear in my next promo.

I hope you pay attention more than...others.

Do not disappoint me Alexander.

I would hate to do to you...what should have been done by your for-bearers.

Abort you.

Now...let us proceed on our way to Oblivion...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Oh and if your wondering what I am up to in the real world. Let's just say I decided to not bore you with strange locations and even stranger explanations this time. I'm en route to pick up something...needed. Something that had to be specially made. Something...that will make you all know just what you are dealing with.

I'm not some bad guy wrestler.

I'm that thing you hide from in the mirror.

I'm not a mask.

I'm everything that made you and unmade you.

I'm what you fear the most.

Your better.

Bow down. The Axis isn't taking over...we already rule you all!

Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

Now if you'll excuse me. I have to find something worthy to do. This makes me feel sick to do. You all are not worth my efforts.

None the less...

Tune in tomorrow.

It will be worth it...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...