~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"...Because your Unforgiven To..." Unforgiven 2. Metallica.

Oh you need this?

I seriously doubt it. There are far better ways for you to throw your life away so recklessly on. I suggest getting addicted to Meth. You will at least get a good feeling instead of the amount of pain you will put yourself though. You need this? No. You don't. You never had a choice. You never had a true decision to make Alex. We all know the stories. We all have heard you go on and on and on about your life. Other than the fact we don't care in the slightest, we have all come up with one other conclusion.

That you have no free will.

What do I mean? It shouldn't fucking matter what Barry does. You want to claim that everyone makes fun of you for having a “special” brother. That's bullshit. It's a tool you use so you can win a battle of words and try to have some sort of sympathy. You shouldn't give a fuck if he's getting the spotlight. You should be proud! Proud of someone on a higher intelligence level than majority of the roster who are NOT in the Axis.

Hell I think he's smarter than you. Hell of a lot more entertaining and that's all that matters in this business.

Time to face facts Hayes.

You are about as entertaining as a brick.

“I'm a real wrestler I don't care about...” Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Boy.

You want to act like a petulant five year old I will put you in time out and you will like it!

We all know the truth Alex.

You have no choice.

Because it was never your choice. It was Daddy's.

Let's face facts. We are all influenced by our parents. Your father is a source of inspiration to you. He's the man who made you the man you are today more than anyone else.

I could tell you about my father, but that would make me sound like yet another “cheap costume”.

I mean I am just a cheap little lackey. Who gives a damn about what I think?

My father does.

Did yours?

See. I know why you really don't want Barry to be a success. He always got the attention without doing anything really good.

It must really suck having a sibling who has something that makes them difference.

I know a little about that.

You are the hard worker. Your dad put so much pressure on you.

He was never really impressed though was he? I'm sure he said it, but deep down it was never good enough.

To you.

“Be the best Alex. That's what you have to be!” See I know what really bothers you about me.

I remind you of your brother. Always getting the attention no matter what you do.

I'm not going away though Alex.

Daddy's just going to have to be disappointed. I guess it's appropriate to say he'll be looking down on you.

Well...this time in more ways than one.

See. You might win this match but I really fucking doubt it.

You want this. You need this. No. Your pride needs this. Your ego needs this. Your stupid cause to impress your no longer hear father to prove you are better than your brother once and for all...will not be salivated.

You are going to fail.

Not because of me. Not because of Kyle.

Because you will never be good enough.

You will never impress him enough in your own mind.

I've already beaten you before the bell even rang. You have to win. You have to win. You have to win.

I don't.

Kyle has to win.

I don't.

So I'm going to win because there is no pressure on me.

I win even when I lose dumbass.

You can not beat someone who can not be stopped by a simple little pin.

I am playing chess and you are just trying to sink my battleship.

You keep firing in random directions and all you are doing is wasting ammo.

I already know how to beat you.

I already knew this was over before it even started.

Dickhead fucked with my match.

That's reason enough to make sure he doesn't win.

Let's just say that it's either going to be you or I.

He's a nonfactor.

If you beat me...can you beat Nirvana? Didn't he bring you in here at one point? Weren't you on some coattails before me?

He gave you your shot.

I came in here.

I faced him. I wanted him on his own terms. I lost...and I'm the one asked to help him retake this place...

Whose better again?

Whose the best?

I have never not won a world title on my first shot in a singles match. We won't go into the stupidity of The Lottery.

Let's talk you and I.

I am not the champion SFT wants.

Neither are you.

SFT needs a champion that will bring honor and glory to the title. Not his own personal demons to it.

We have had enough of that. Nirvana may not be the best champion in your mind but he puts SFT first.

Will you?


Because you do not have the gall to do the right thing.

Because Daddy wouldn't approve.

You are not worthy yet. It's something you have to earn. You say you don't need to prove it? I discredit that statement!

I strive from one thing to the next?

Have you ever...watched my promos?

I don't think you have.

Let me explain this as easy as I can to you.

I don't give a flying FUCK about your precious reversed gold plated leather weight-belt! All it is...is nothing. It means nothing! Just like you.

I'd piss on it because then it's functional.

It serves no purpose.

You can't understand just how much I detest world titles.


WRONG! It means nothing. You are not great because of your titles. You are great because you walk out every night and selflessly give everything you have for one thing.

Cheers and boo's.

These people are what make you a star.

Not your dad's over achievements through you!

Your father was a loser.

He had to make you a success to make himself seem important.

What else did he have?

Barry...sure Barry gets away with doing mediocre things because to him it is a epic struggle.

You had to be the success.

To you. This has to be the greatest moment of your life right now.

You have a chance to make daddy proud...

So your going to try every cheap insult to try and get at me?

How unsportsman of you.

Then again you already are the best.

You have a gold medal don't you? WOOOO!!! You have already done more than everyone else in this field. Now...why does this matter?

Because you have...have...to keep being a success. When you fail it makes you go insane.

I like that.

I enjoy that. Normal people are just people who deny and are good at hiding. You are trying to make us all think you are some great warrior.

In truth.

You are...a coward.

Hiding behind someone else's dream. I bet you don't even like pro wrestling.

I think deep down you think it is beneath you.

This is why you...play with mythical swords.

Make you the hero that you want to be elsewhere.

Ohhh magic power voodoo.

You want to call me cheap with my “theatrics”.

At least I'm not stuck in some modern dungeons and dragons roleplaying game.

Roll for see if I can check...

Oops...critical don't give a fuck.

You want to run your damn mouth to me boy you better be ready to face the red eyes of Ataxia and not blink.

One fuck up perfect boy.

And it's gone...

*blowing sound*

Like a puff...of discarded cigarette smoke.

You want to talk down to me because your afraid of being who you truly are? You want to talk down to me because I wear a mask? You want to talk down to me because you THINK you are better.

Because you have no idea if you are or not Hayes? Or are you fucking Nostradamus to?

Tell me my future Hayes?

“Your gonna lose!”


“I'm better than you.”

That remains to be proven.

“I...I won a gold metal!”

I aint starting in the bitch position. I'm going to fornicate your face with the turnbuckle post dumb ass! “I...”


“I...can't lose.”

Why? What would be the shame in that? You don't think you got the ability to get another shot down the line?


You can't? You won't? Bullshit! Your human. You are weak. You will reach a limit and it will take you down a peg.

You...don't recognize your weaknesses.

You don't acknowledge them.

I do. I just am not concerned by them.

If you wanna know I got a little problem with my shoulder. It likes to dislocate when I need it to. I got a slight twinge in my leg. I'm sure you want your figure four leglock wrapped around that.

Was that your choice or your father's as a finisher.

Was that his favorite professional move?

Or was it one that made him angry?

Was it something you decided to do as a tribute or a fuck you to your dad?

Am I getting through to you yet?

Are we understanding that I am beyond a simple “you suck” opponent?

You want to make fun of me?

Do your fucking research first.

Oh wait. You have nothing.

This is why I win.

You all have NOTHING against me.

The fear of the unknown is what makes all of you my bitches.

Mind games?

Nooo bitch.

I don't play games.

I prove fucking points. You don't get the mask. Let me explain it to you. I'll use small words so your jock brain will understand.

Imagine if you will...you had a life outside of wrestling?

A life...that contradicts what you are.

Imagine a happy home. A wonderful home. Kinda like yours must have been as a child. See...I'm a sick man.

I'm a demented man.

I'm not a good guy.

Now imagine...that it's a real life. Not with swords and magic.

No. A real life.

A life that wouldn't accept what your good at.

A life where being a professional wrestler isn't looked highly upon in the burbs.

A life...which you...have to wear a mask.

The mask that makes everyone like you.

In reality.

You want to rip off all their faces. You want to beat the hell out of them. Where is the grand arena? Where is the showdown of heroes and villains.

I'm not the hero here...I'm the savior.

I have to save what I love one way or the other. I watch what I love turn into a dark abyss.

Just like your father brought you into this. Mine...allowed me a real face.

One tattered and torn just like this fucking industry.

Where people like Kyle Murphy become a world champion.

Where a fucking loser like Redd becomes a contender.

These are not questions these are a statement about life.

When I got here. All I was here for was to win a tourney and get back to CWF. Then your little fucking wannabe decided he was going to change how things were going to go.

So fuck you.

I'm taking your world title and taking a big massive shit on it if I damn well please!

What the hell are you going to do about it? Nothing! When I win it. What will you do then. What will you do when I win it? I know. You'll bitch. You won't admit I'm the best because you can't do that.

You can't admit that your wrong.

That's the fucking point Hayes.

This isn't a hero fighting off a evil man in a mask.

That's me when I don't wear this.

Here I am myself. My real self. I am not the hero or villain.

I'm “The Messiah Pariah”.

That means rather you like it or not. I have to save someone.

That's my weakness.

I have to save someone...even if it's from themselves.

Enjoy your last few moments before we end this.

As for you. I had to mention you once. I'm not going to do it again.

You are a worm.

You are a pest.

You are destroyed.

Eat shit and die fucker.

Let this dark moment begin.

{We fade in on Ataxia looking at something in a dark room. It's a plastic head with another mask on it.}

Ataxia: I was gonna do something really mean.

{We see the face is somewhat incomplete.}

Ataxia: You know...It's really easy to get pictures of a guy's funeral.

{It looks kinda like...}

Ataxia: Even more so if he's appeared in a “famous wrestler's promo” before. Say hello to my incomplete work.

{It looks kinda like...}

Ataxia: Yeah. It was gonna be your father. I had this really elaborate angry rant I was going to do to piss you off. The thing is. I don't have to. I don't have to be an asshole. I just have to be me.

{Ataxia tears at the latex.}

Ataxia: See...I don't have any real bounds. I could be a total asshole about everything. I can just pick on you for being you. You are a submission master after all. Why don't you try and make me tap out? I think you will be quite surprised. I don't do it often. It might happen. You might be the one to give me a clean defeat. You might make me the one who makes me fail. I don't if you can. I don't care if you can't. It doesn't matter.

{Ataxia tears it off completely.}

Ataxia: I want a challenge that is not going to be spoiled. I don't think I will get that this week. So instead of going off on a tangent about how STUPID your promo is about swords and everything else...I'm just going to ask you to prove me wrong. Prove to me that your worthy and I'll shut the fuck up! I will admit that I was wrong on pay per view! I will say it to everyone!

{Ataxia holds up the tattered face and licks it.}

Ataxia: Do it. I dare ya! I want you to do it! I want a reason to break this place in half! Give it to me! Or are you afraid of actually making your dad proud! AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray...}