~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"...I know it's me you fear..." Remedy. Seether.

I am not happy.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with my stablemate.

This isn't about the Axis. This is about the bookers.

I'm only saying this one more time. Stop...fucking...up.

Switchblade vs Ataxia was a great match until someone fucked it up. Someone who is no longer here thanks to yours truly if I have anything to do with it. And I will. Mark my words. I will not rest until he retires. I don't mean that “wrestler” retiring crap where he shows up in a mask and we all laugh about how he's back. No. No. I mean in a wheelchair hooked up to an iron lung. Stay gone.

So what happened with this?

Nothing against Dirk. Hell. I'm looking forward to fighting you to buddy.


Hell. Kick me out of it if you want. This is the definition of bad booking.

There is no story to this. There is no point to this.

All it is...is a clusterfuck.

The one thing that could happen that they don't want is for Dirk and I to team up and break Switchblade in half. That's what they don't want. They don't want unity between us. They are hoping for option B. They want Dirk and I to get into a relatively friendly rivalry over who pins Switchblade and start sowing seeds of doubt into “The Axis”.

When are you people going to learn something?

This is not going to work. Option B is not the scenario that you think it's going to be. I got no problem with Dirk. He's a fine wrestler. He's a great guy to talk to. He's got a good heart despite all the weirdness and that makes him unique in our ilk. However, he's a nice guy you don't want to piss off. Pissing off the nice guy in the group of freaks is a bad idea. It's kind of like the one really quiet white guy in an urban gang. That's the one you watch out for. What did HE do to get into this group?

Dirk's got a lot on his mind with how Dawn is. I understand that. I know it's going to take some of your focus in the match. I wouldn't suspect anything different from any of our group except me. I haven't known her as long as you have so I don't have as great an attachment.

So keep your head in the game Dirk. That's all I'm asking.

However this brings up one point. Who does this really screw over? Me? Dirk? Or the champ? Me. Not hardly. I got a world title shot against Nirvana or, by complaining and whining only am I going to see him winning, Lionfart.

I got nothing to lose in this match.

Really I don't.

Dirk. He lost his belt. He's got something to prove to himself. In reality though I know he wants that hardcore championship back. So really win or lose Dirk is unaffected.

Switchblade is getting fucked by the false hopes of the booking staff.

Perhaps this is Shadow still being a prick to you.

In either case, I don't care. I think this is bullshit.

Dirk Roman vs Switchblade! Great match right there.

Ataxia vs Switchblade! We can finally see who is better in one on one.

This clusterfuck! We can see just how retarded our boss is!

Who the hell really cares about this match? Not them! No. No. They don't care. They have to keep me in the spotlight because NOW...now...I am a threat to their precious fucking world title. A title I don't care about just like I don't care about this thing. Are you bookers' trying to buy me off with shiny belts thinking I won't continue my mission?


See. I don't give a fuck about any of you. The Axis. I like them. They understand me. They won't fuck me over unless I go against the interests. Right now. They don't like you fucks either. See once they hold every single title in SFT. Once that happens. Once your “heroes” fail...and they will fail. Once that happens the stranglehold will happen. Then from on high Shadow will descend and...

We won't fight him.

That's what you people want. Your savior to come down and squash us! That might work for Nirvana. That might work for Dirk. That has worked on Switchblade! It. Will. Not. Stop. With. Me!

You have no idea what the fuck I am planning.

So keep playing your games.

This federation will die at my hands one day. On that day. It will be interesting.


So now we stand at a awkward situation.

I fight an ally and a foe I respect.

There is no question of respect between us.

There is no question of us wanting to do the best match possible.

It doesn't matter who wins. This is the sleeper match of the night.

Because everyone is talking about Lion-WHINE vs Nirvana.

They want to see the undefeated champion versus the real world champion.

Undefeated yes.

Because you never got booked against me.

If they're smart and want you to live they won't.

I know wrestlers just like you. However. I'm not getting into that this week.

I got real fucking opponents.

Speaking of which, let's talk to the champion first.


While it pains me to be a part of this I am glad that hopefully you and I can at least fight each other on a fair fight again. As much as Dirk and I do enjoy hardcore I do love a good regular fight with a worthy opponent. I wish this was one on one. I promise you one thing though. If I get the pin. You and I are letting you have your rematch. Hell...if I have the world title next week to. You can have a shot at that to. I want you at your best good sir.

So I can knock you down and show you why being a tactician is more than just holds and breaks.

It's not about the better wrestler here. This is about who can last longer. Who can take the most damage. This is where Dirk and I have a better ability to take it.

However...who can take the most punishment.

I think I can.

What do you think Dirk? Do you really want to go one on one with me to? Do you want to face a man who said he wanted to face Hect and Nirv in their element. Your crazy. I'm not. I'm methodical. I am not going to glitter coat this bro.

Every man for himself for this belt.

Let's give these people a show.

Because let's face it...they don't get a good one unless “The Axis” is pulling it off.

I'll see you on the other side.


{We fade in on the circus sideshow that “The Axis” is putting on. We see Ataxia sitting at a booth with a deck of cards in front of him on a table. They all have a black background on them but they have a red eye similar to Ataxia's on the black background. He has his mask on and wearing his black suit. His black opera gloves shuffle the cards very fast and not even looking at it puts some of the cards in a order in front of him with the backgrounds up. He puts o a black top hat from behind the booth that has one of the cards in the brim.}

Ataxia: Greetings. Can you guess what I am in the Circus of Freaks? I'm the fire eater. I'm the guy who gets stabbed and walks away. I'm the walking freak that defies all logic. I take a cannonball to the face and laugh at it. I also have a hobby. I'm a fortune teller.

{Ataxia shows the cards in front of him. There are three cards on the table.}

Ataxia: Past, Preset, and Future. Simple. The simplest.

{Ataxia flips over the first card. It looks like two warriors fighting over gold.}

Ataxia: That card is interesting when it's right side up. It's a card that means things were good. They were wonderful. Things are going well. Or they were. Let's see what we have going on now shall we?

{This card is upside down. It looks like a hellpit. Ataxia taps this with his gloved finger and flashes a grin of his blood red teeth.}

Ataxia: This one you think means heaven. No. It's purgatory. This is what SFT is right now. A purgatory that has to be either turned into hell or heaven. Now for the future...

{The card is a opened casket of a dead king. Everyone around the funeral looks like the roster...a bit...none of them are the ones in the casket.}

Ataxia: Funeral of an old friend. See...It doesn't matter what SFT's future is. It will die, but I have to say this card always trumps the future.

{He pulls the card from the hat and places it on front of the casket card. It's a mask made of burlap over a man on a cross.}

Ataxia: Never count out the trump card of “The Messiah Pariah”...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Stay tuned kiddies. Tomorrow you are going to get to see some of Ataxia's “real life”. I'm going on a talk show. I promise one thing. No one will die but someone will fry...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to nothing...}