~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"I'mma rip this shit till my bone collapse..." Till I collapse. Eminem.

Oh. No one has ever done a shitty Joker impression to try and make a comparison to me.

Way to be fucking original.

By the way if the camera was on my “ugly” face you would see me holding back tears of laughter at just how fucking stupid you just became. Really? That's the best the “bad” you could come up with? I'm shocked. I really am. I guess creativity must be your side Switchy and that's really sad because you are about as creative as a block of wood in a pool of water.

Although it does bring up the old favorite point. Shit floats.

Look whose finally coming to the surface.

You finally decide to actually say something that is worth a damn and this pile of feces is what you can come up with? You are pathetic. You are a fucking waste of air. You are the weak personality of Switchblade. You are less than nothing. I think of Shadow more than I think of you and he's a insignificant oversight. You are what Switchblade runs to when he needs to fill time because he has NOTHING!

Which is why he has you.

Don't you fucking even claim to know a god damn thing about me. You can't come up with anything. You can not stop me! You are a pathetic attempt at a persona that thinks it's a badass. I don't have to prove myself to a fucking worm like you. I already have proven myself. I have proven that I am powerful beyond measure.

I'm going to show the world once again how great I am!

You are nothing without your title aren't you Switchblade?

Maybe I should make you nothing so that fucking little wannabe will shut the fuck up.

You want a break don't you? You want this to be over. I am not going to deny that facing me twice within a matter of weeks will take a lot out of a man. That's not me tooting my ow horn and making myself out to be some kind of superhuman. No. I know what I can do to people in the ring. I know your tired from everyone else beating you down to. I know it's tough. I know your not getting any younger Switch. The thing is I'm not overlooking you.

I applaud you.


Not that fucker running around in your head trying to make himself seem like a big boy in his batman underroo's.

You think that this will sow the seeds of Axis' doom?

To quote your “other side”.


Dirk will take you title but it's not the one he wants. “The Glittered Great One” Dirk Roman doesn't even WANT your title. He wants his Hardcore Title back and he will get it back. This isn't a belt we really want Switchblade. Not because it isn't prestigious or the chance of the glory of being the man that pins you for it.

He just really wants his old belt back.

And I don't give a fuck as you politely pointed out. I think that's what really bothers you about this whole situation. However, let me put your fear to rest about who is really the better between the two of us.

He is.


Did Ataxia just admit someone is better than him. Hell, I'll say it right now. All of you are “better” than me on any given night I could lose. However...it's not about that. It's not about whose better. It's not about who is the best man. You can be the greatest of all time.

I'll still knock you the fuck down at least once.

You people make me sick obsessed with this notion of “wins”, “titles”, and “being the best”.

That's the right thing. The way the world should work.

However, it's not about whose right...it's whose left.

Because whoever is left standing tells the tale.

Choke on that for a while.

I'm going to pause for a moment to talk to Dirk. Hope you enjoyed the reading.

We shall see who the real fool is. I have to say I find this interesting that everyone thinks that you and I are going to hate on each other after this. The only real difference between you and I is that we make different levels of statements. Someone is going to piss you off one day and you will do something that will even make me cringe. I know it.

I just hope it's not me...I'm pretty under this mask after all.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled verbal beatdown of the chump with the championship.

So I'm in to deep. Really? Didn't think I did my research before I decided to do this. I want to take this time to thank you for showing me how NOT to do take out Shadow. You were stupid. You were ignorant. You were a fucking fool.

I'm not you.

You want to talk about who is better than who?

We'll see who is better when we're both collecting unemployment checks. HAHA!

But let's get back to what needs to be said.

This thought that you have for me. I think it's more envy than anything. The fact that I do what I want without having to pull the “crazy” card. We all know you hate Shadow. Shadow makes t-shirt money off of that. Tell me...how much money have you made this company by hating the boss. It's his marketing scheme. I'm about to show him how to fuck up his pyramid scheme.

But shhh...I think it's going to make you really hate yourself when it happens.

You will hate you...and you...and you...and you...and...that guy...this girl...and finally me.

I think deep down you don't want me to succeed in this plan because it will make you look like a failure. You're not.

Trust me on this.

I know failures. They are guys like Shadow. Guys who can't cut it anymore. Guys who can not wrestle except once or twice a year because they have to recovery so much. He's out of it. He knows it. That's why he waits for a special occasion to come out of the darkness.

The problem is.

This time it's going to backfire on him.

I'm going to drag this out.

I'm going to take the damn ground out from underneath him.

Then that highest part of the pyramid. That ego of his. The ego of the entire SFT comes crashing down on him like Wile E. Coyote looking up at a ton of bricks!

Anger? No bitch. I'm not angry yet. When I took out “Douche that won't be named” and Redd I wasn't mad. I wasn't angry. I haven't lost my temper in years.

Insert lame Incredible Hulk line here.

And me without my purple stretchy pants.

You want to use me as a pawn? Okay. Good luck with that. You want to have me lose control? You want to have me make a mistake?

Not going to happen.

The deck is stacked to high against you, but then again...you are Switchblade.

How many more times can you pull the underdog card before you finally get squashed?

I think it's just a matter of time.

If you think you can stop my momentum you are making the same mistake Redd made.

I lost a match and I am getting a world title shot.

I am also getting something special at this pay per view.

No, not your belt.

Something important. See I already know what my next match is.

I just have to wait on which opponent it is.

Oh...be back later. Got to go “drown” in television.


{We fade in on a television talk show. There is a live studio audience and two people already on the set. One is a very prudish looking woman to the left of the man in the center. The man in the center looks like your typical smarmy television host. On the screen we see his name is Edward Pratchet and the woman's name is Elaine Davidson.}

Edward Pratchet: Welcome back. Today on our show we're talking about how our children are affected by what they see on television. We've already heard from my guest, Mrs. Elain Davidson of Charlotte, N.C., who is head of a parent's rights organization. She has agreed, after making her points to have a civil discussion with our next guest. He's a former world heavyweight champion in CWF and now currently is wrestling in SFT. He is only known as Ataxia...and after seeing what he does...you'll know why he doesn't need any real introduction.

{They show the clip of Ataxia tormenting Redd with the fake Redd mask and also a clip of his vicious attack on Kyle Murphy.}

Edward Pratchet: Here he is...Ataxia!

{To a chorus of boo's Ataxia walks out to the interview set. He wears his top hat, black suit and tie, black opera gloves, black boots, and of course the brown burlap looking mask with only his red colored eyes and red teeth showing. He takes his seat opposite of Mrs. Davidson. She looks disgusted by his appearance.}

Edward Pratchet: Thanks for coming today Mr...ummm...Ataxia.

Ataxia: The pleasure is all mine.

Elaine Davidson: You are a sick man!

Ataxia: Well...that was a civil greeting.

Elaine Davidson: How can you do those horrible things to those people. You made a fake version of a man's face and burned it in front of him!

Ataxia: Well I couldn't kill him so I had to do the next best thing.

Elaine Davidson: See! This is why wrestling should be banned.

Ataxia: I agree.

{The host and the woman look very shocked at what Ataxia has just said.}

Ataxia: What...do I have B.O.?

Elaine Davidson: You agree?

Ataxia: Yes. I agree. If parents are going to be lazy and blame everyone for their own lack of a ability to raise their children properly then I guess we should be banned.

Elaine Davidson: How dare...

Ataxia: How dare you! I never asked for kids to watch what we do and if they mimic it hey guess what...at least they'll mimic something that might actually be fun instead of mimicing daddy giving mom a belt in the mouth! You want to sit and judge an entire industry based on my actions then you are completely and utterly retarded. I mean that in the most non PC way possible.

Elaine Davidson: You can't say that to me. He's not being civil at all.

Ataxia: Why should I be civil? You aren't even doing your job as a parent are you? Where are your children right now?

Elaine Davidson:...

Ataxia: Oh do I have you attention right now? Allow me to tell you all about Mrs. Davidson's moral family. Her husband at the moment is not here. He's at a hotel sleeping with a gay lover because his wife can't have a divorce because it will ruin her credibility. Her teenage daughter is not at a sleepover with her friends...I know for a fact she's doing a cam show with four boys. Her son right now is filling the serial numbers off of a gun he just purchased online with a stolen credit card.

Elaine Davidson: You are lying.

{Ataxia smiles a really big grin and pulls a file out from his suit jacket.}

Ataxia: You're right...but I'm not about this. Go ahead...open it.

Elaine Davidson: I don't have to open anything.

Ataxia: Humor me...if I am a liar...prove it.

{Elaine huffs and opens the envelope and gets a shocked look on her face.}

Ataxia: If I were you...I'd retire before I let those things go to press. Never throw rocks at a man who knows where you lay your head.

{Ataxia gets up and the host is about to say something but Ataxia puts his hand up to his mouth in a shush position.}

Ataxia: Shhh...you'll spoil the ratings.

Elaine Davidson: How do you know about this?

Ataxia: Because unlike you...I do my research.

{Ataxia holds up his hand and out of it comes a card. The card is of the fool. He smiles as he throws it at the camera. Fade to black.}

This is why I win even if I lose.

I always have something that I need to pull off what needs to be done. It doesn't matter what you do Switchblade. I still win. No matter what happens. You win. Dirk wins. I win...it does not matter.

The quicker you learn that the better you will be for it.

I'm not going to waste time trying to make you understand philosophy.

It's a waste of time because you refuse to adapt to your situation. Most people when they get your age have that problem. It's okay. It's a part of growing up. Growing up however doesn't mean you have to grow complacent.

Maybe Shadow broke more than your little takeover.

I think he broke you.

Worried about it happening to me? No. I know you're worried about yourself. This isn't about me. It's about you coming to grips with you may not be the hero you though you were.

That's fine.

We can't all be Superman...sometimes we're Booster Gold.

You can still be a hero. The question is...can your pride let you.

Pride is like a title belt. You work hard to get it. To keep it. Then someone who doesn't appreciate it takes it away from you in a flash.

That's going to happen.

Rather this week or next...

All good things come to an end.

By the way.







It's annoying. Hence why I do it.

Aint I a pip?

So I hope you don't get to brought down Switchblade if you lose. Like I said...you want it back...ask.

Unless you want me wearing your pride without a say in it.

Enjoy the humble pie if you get a serving.

Me. I'll skip it.

I got bigger plans than this.

Much bigger.

I'll let you in on a secret.

It has nothing to do with titles but it has everything to do with wrestling.

What am I going to take out of the equation to make Shadow fall?

Think about it Switchblade.