~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Reach out and touch faith..." Personal Jesus. Depeche Mode.

Finally. A real challenge.

I could go on that this is a horrible idea since we are stablemates, but truth be told...I've looked forward to this. Out of all of “The Axis of Ultra Violence” you make me curious. The curiosity is not of how violent you are. The curiosity is...who you are.

You want to know my world Dawn? I think you are better off in yours. My life is one of complete and utter boredom. I sit atop my lofty tower and feel no challenge. For when you take “losing” out of the equation there is one fatal flaw. You have no challenge.

But what about Lionel?

What about him? He doesn't matter. Nothing he does will change what is coming to SFT. I am beginning to create something that will not only make this place fall. It will also transcend the boundaries of professional wrestling as we know it. Switchblade asked me if I had respect for this business. No. This is not a business. This is a misplacement of power.

What is power? Is it the ability to take the future of someone more talented than you and put them on a shelve because they do not fit into your mold of a “superstar”? Tell me Shadow...just how long are you going to try and keep this wonderful woman down beneath the glass ceiling you have placed?

Why was I given that spot in the title shot match instead of Dawn? Because you fear her.

Rightfully so. That is a real world championship holder. That is someone who I admit is better than me.

Suck on that fan fiction boy.

This is no “shoot”. I don't want to take Corbyn's only hope of having something valid to ever say. No. This is me speaking the truth. I am not angered by the actions of our so called “bookers”. No. Anger would imply an emotional attachment here. Match after match I get bored. When I get bored...well...I take on a side project. Now. I'm not the only one who hates SFT. Oh no. No. No.

Let's just say someone with a “grudge” to settle has been seeking my council.

“Ataxia's being cryptic”. No. I'm just not telling you what you want to hear. Who is it? You'll have to watch to find out? Who is the “grudge” against? Again...wait and see. You people will tune in to see who the hell I have found to help me take out this place. Let me tell you something. It's someone quite “upsetting” to one wrestler in particular.

And it's not Lionel. This has nothing to do with him. He doesn't matter. Then again this could just be me being cryptic again. I mean who could ever possibly look through my plots and figure out who I'm talking about.

..Oh you knew that jab was coming. Apparently I've gotten someone upset because I've blended his review style with how I do promos just to piss him off. Relax boy. I'm making you actually relevant to the mainstream. Gee. I'm almost willing to not buy you off with cake.

Fluffy loves cake. Just like I love a good match.

Which brings us back to Dawn. Now I admit out of our colorful little group we have a great lineup of wackos. We got Hellion Jr., That weird not ninja killer dude, He who shant be named around Dirk, Dirk Roman, and of course Henchwoman. I would say Nirvana and Hect but they're still kinda pissed about certain things. I guess we need to figure out whose in charge now?

Ohhh...is this what this match can be about?

Surely this isn't what this is about?

Is it?

To be fair you and I are two of the more stronger members. It would be interesting to see if one of us could follow the orders of the other. I don't see that being the cause of this. I'm just building up intensity. That's what the people want for this main event.

It's not what I want though.

I want you.

I want the Dawn that says fuck it all. I want the Dawn that says I will be a champion because I am better than every single one of these losers.

Even better than the one with the belt.

Come on Dawn. Prove it. Not to me. Not to Shadow. Not the fans. Just do it.

For the fun. For the fun of it all. We are the fucking show. Give the people what they want Dawn. Come on Dawn. Don't worry about your little sister problem. I got that covered for the night.

I always watch after my girls.

So let it be known. Let it be here.

Dawn...I want you so bad.

I'll do anything to get it.

Even...put something that means NOTHING to me on the line if you ask.

Go on. Take it.

Make something out of it if you can.

Although apparently it's out of my hands to put my title on the line. I'm just going to make it in the company's best interest that you get what you have earned.

Starting with proving a point.

Starting with Titans.

Someone is going to get it.

I suggest...you all...start praying you aren't the first one on my hit list.

Not that I...hold a grudge.


See ya later pretty thing.

Hugs and Kisses.

“The Messiah Pariah”.

Your date on Thursday.