~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep..." Prelude 12 21. AFI.

Moments. Highlights of our lives. When it flashes as a montage at the end. What do you hope to see?

For wrestler's it is those moments where you won the big one and lost the big one. Those feuds where you did the best and won the war.

If someone was to murder Lionel tonight. I would not be on that montage. I would not be that last nail before he went down. The last thought in his head would be kicking Nirvana's ass. Why am I bringing this up?

I'm about to add another moment to mine. Dawn. This is going to be great.

Let's speak truthfully for once here in SFT. “The Axis” is not against a dose of healthy competition. Hell. We are all for even facing each other for title matches. The thing you have to understand is that for once the booking department did something right.

Sort of.

They should make this a title match. They won't do that. Because this is a lesson in humility.

One I am not going to be a part of your little scheme. The scheme is so stupid. You think this is going to do something.

Boy you guys are dumb as fuck.

You think this is going to seriously drive a wedge between us. No it makes us stronger. Makes us better. Makes the fans realize where the real fucking show is.

Axis only.

I wouldn't be surprised if more people don't start quitting because they aren't getting the “push” they think they deserve. It's only a matter of time until Lionel has to start curtain jerking to our matches. Oh they'll keep throwing him at us for some sort of feud.

There is no feud.

You don't fucking matter. You never did.

You got a world title? So what? It doesn't mean spit. I'm getting more attention than you because of one reason and one reason alone. I don't ever take a fucking week off!

I don't run.

I don't hide behind my title taking time off to heal because that would be “the best for the title” shit.

You don't seem to realize something. No one gives a fuck about you or Miranda.

It's “All Axis” from here.

Choking this federation to death.

It will not be just me that kills this place.

Your helping me do it.

By being the cowardly “hero” you claim to be. So go ahead. Whine. Complain. Hide. Defend your “tag team titles”.

This is pathetic but no worries.

I have no “grudge” with you.

As I stated I don't mind you. Because you don't matter.

So the stable still stands besides those who have ran.

What are you going to do about it.

Oh I know. You've taken a page out of Lionel's book right? Right? You don't dust off your ring gear except once every blue moon. You hide. You have “business” to attend to. Bullshit.

It's calculated risk.

The thing is. You haven't counted on one thing.


This battle is a good one. It is a great one to finish out another moment I will look fondly back upon. For that I thank you Dawn.

What kind of world do I live in?

I live in a world where mediocrity is glorified and those who earn a rightful place as champion are denied such places of honor.

For that I am truly sorry for you.

At Titans. It is just a match. Let us give these people, for once, what they have earned.

This is what this place should be.

Farewell my lady. I hope you have recovered enough to give me the challenge I seek.