~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~


Jacob Connelly

This is it! This is the payoff! This is the clash of immortals upon Hallowed Ground.

In the end there can be only one.


What someone has to hype up this god forsaken match. Certainly won't be the SFT front office. Jeez you think this match meant absolutely nothing to them.

Hell. I don't think anyone is even watching right now. I could whack off on camera on a group of starving orphans and we'd win an Emmy.

I like to the thank the academy for this.

Because there is nothing to be thankful for here. What really do we have to look forward to here in SFT? Oh...another match with Lionel for that not earned world title. I really hope Dawn wipes that smug smile off of his face. Oh...a graveyard match with “shoot man”. Really riveting television. A woman's battle royal? Ohhh...I really do see potential for this to be the biggest pay per view of all time.

So what do you want?

The title? Take it. It's useless. It means nothing.

Just like all of us. It. Means. Nothing.

But I know what would make it mean something. The question is. Do you have the fortitude to actually try it?

You see. This hybrid division thing. I have one advantage that you may or may not be able to counter. That is my high pain tolerance. I have yet to submit to anyone here in SFT. I have yet to fail at taking more punishment than anyone can dish out.

So ask yourself.

What hope do you have of defeating someone like me? A freak to some. A monster to others. What really can you do to get inside of my head?


Because from what I have seen Jacob. You are nothing more than an angry child.

This federation is filled to the brim with them. At least you don't write glorified fan fiction.

One point Team Connelly!

So far you're batting better than the rest of your ilk.

However I am still being disappointed. It's obvious that you are not happy. Why aren't you happy? Is it because mommy and daddy had carnal relations with your action figures? Can you never look at Batman the same way again after watching you father cornhole him cause you were a bad boy?

What makes you so unhappy Jacob?

Because like I...you know this is futile.


This saddens me because you seem like you might be a challenge for me outside of the Axis. I got it.

You want recognition. You want something to make you feel special?

I'll put what I have that everyone thinks is important.

Not only is this Hybrid Title on the line...but so is the National Title.

Howse that for a newsworthy promo? I don't give a fuck if Shadow doesn't like it. I don't care if this ruins his “plans” to shut me up. I'm not going to take a whole month off from defending this thing like SOME of our champions. I'm not going to give no effort in all of my matches that have nothing to do with my world title. Hell, we haven't even heard from him yet this week.

I figured his ego couldn't stay away this long. Guess he's scared of Hallowed Ground.

Because he knows his time is going to be nigh.

Fuck the World Title. It means nothing. It's a joke that this buffoon even got his shot back at it when Nirvana won it in the Lethal Lottery. I don't care what anyone says. This fresh punk comes in and pulls this. Oh but he beat me right? Wrong. I'm still alive fucker. I'm not running. I'm not avoiding you. You just aren't important to my fucking plans.

Jacob however is.

What do you say Jacob? Shall we steal the show?

Let's make people start to leave during the World Title Match. Not because of Dawn. No. Because they know the big slow boring pile of shit is coming. The man who never takes a real risk.

The chicken shit.

The coward.

So let's do this Jacob Connelly. Let's show the world just how tough we both are. Let's see who is the best.

I look forward to your response unless you got “Lion” syndrome and your going to duck my challenge.

Something tells me this just lit a fire under your ass.

That's what I hope for.

Otherwise I'm going to be bored.

And when I get bored people's careers start to die.

I haven't lost my temper yet either.

I am not something this creative department came up with Jacob. That would be you. See. Nothing in my promos are fake unless I'm making fun of one of you little assholes. Oh you look badass beating up an actor.

I am not an actor. I am a force of fucking nature. You want to act like a badass go get a show on Cinemax. If you want to actually fight...which I doubt. I doubt it very very much so.

You see. Everyone else. You know something about. Me. You know only what I want you to know. Only what can't hurt me Jacob. Just like you can't hurt me. Oh sure you can beat me to a pulp. But I know one thing. I will not submit. So good luck with the knockout Rocky.

You're going to need it.

Oh well...at least if your going to be buried this is the appropriate pay per view.


So I'm going to tell you a story. This is one that does involve me to a point. It starts off with Trent Steel.

We see a picture of a large Italian family a set of two twin boys in the front of the pictures laughing at their father making a funny face.

The one on the right is Trent Steel. Looks innocent doesn't he?

We cut to a newspaper clipping of a shooting that happens in Pittsburgh, P.A. years ago. The headline reads “Drug Dealer gunned down by nine year old.”

That's right kids. One of the greatest villains in professional wrestling started out life as a hero. He didn't see it that way though. What you don't know is the details. The guy was one of the more “mentors” of the rough neighborhood that Trent lived in. This guy raped Trent's older sister in front of him and held a gun to his twin brother's head in a drugged out rage. He turned the gun to Trent after Trent picked up his spare. Trent put one right into the guy's skull. Harsh huh? If you want to turn the promo off I understand. Oh, and in case your wondering. He's fine with me telling you all this. It has to do with me after all.

We fade to a picture of Trent Steel and another man in a wrestling magazine photo. They're both wearing tag team titles. They look like they are on top of the world.

So he went into the family business after becoming a bit of troublemaker. He hid the scars. He hid his real face from the world. He ran away and found a brother that was not of his blood. Jason Blood to be precise. Then tragedy struck. The thing that a “fake wrestler” would kill for in a storyline. A drunk driver almost killed Trent and Jason's Sister, Jennifer, and put Jason on the shelf for a month. Trent was in a coma for that month. When he woke up. He was angry. For ten years this child hadn't lost his temper at anyone outside of his family. He couldn't go after the driver. So instead...he went after Jason.

We see another headline. “Former Partners Face Off: Match gets out of control in Albany!”

You ever set a man's face on fire? How about branding someone? Ever smelt human flesh cooking? It's not pleasant. Jason was always the better looking of the two until that match. After that for a while Trent went wild. Destroying everyone in his path. Eventually he faced off against Jason again. Jason won the match. Sadly Trent broke his arm afterwards. That's what started the philosophy. After the big “pay off” Trent was the one, not Jason, who got offers. Everywhere wanted the most dangerous man. Thus “The Son of a Bitch” was born. What does this have to do with me you ask? I was there when Jason's face got burned off. In the audience. My fascination with Trent Steel began there.

We cut to another headline. Years later. We see Jason, now masked, shaking hands with Trent Steel.

Years later they worked out their differences but by then the damage was done. Trent was forever vilified in the eyes of most fans. He seemed to not care what they thought but after a while he couldn't look himself in the mirror. He had married Jason's sister. She told him great news one day. Triplets.

We see a picture in ring of Trent Steel doing a retirement match in Pittsburgh against Jason Blood and two other men. One of them looks really young, about nineteen, and is hugging Jennifer Blood. The other man, wearing tye dye, is cracking open a bottle of “Gentlemen Jack”. In the photo is all of the extended family of Trent Steel. In the background is one sort of homely looking girl, about fifteen, standing next to Jennifer. She's looking almost bitterly at the guy hugging Jennifer.

This was a happy moment. It took me weeks to get the tickets. The final match of Trent Steel's “career” was to be a reunion of “The Unstoppable Force” taking on Trent's adopted kid, Justin Zane, and their oldest friend, the wrestler known as Dude JoB. It was awesome. The ending was epically Trent Steel. Barbwire bat in hand with it on fire over Justin. He dropped it and finished the kid off with his first finisher instead. There was not a person sitting down at the end of this match. That's when I saw her. I was a fifteen year old little kid at the time. She looked beautiful. Aside from Justin, who Trent adopted and trained before his marriage, he had another adopted kid.

The picture changes to a newspaper clipping about a boating accident near Jamaica..

Her name is Miranda. Miranda Jackson. Or at least she was. Her father was Trent's agent at the time. He didn't have any living relatives and neither did his wife. Miranda was going to get shipped off except that Trent had agreed to take care of her if anything happened to her father. So he adopted her, but he kept her away from the ring. She graduated from college this past spring. Since then she's been training to wrestle.

We see a picture of Ataxia standing with Trent Steel at “The Forge” wrestling school going over some holds. In the background we see Miranda watching the match.

Worst fight ever. Couldn't keep my focus. I guess I'm star struck from my teenage crush.

The camera zooms in on her face. She is focused and stern.

I think she's mad. I think I'm in love. We'll see how this goes over.

We focus on a picture of the mask of Ataxia.

So what does this story have to do with me? Who am I? What is my purpose? None of it matters. All that matters is one thing. I'm here to do the devil's work.

The last photo is one of Trent Steel when he was younger posing with a five year old kid. The kid is wearing a lucha mask in the photo. It's autographed. “To my only fan...”