You've had it pretty rough.

Correct me if I'm wrong? Rough life as a prisoner.

So this is where the sympathy would come in right? Or perhaps calling you nothing more than a criminal would be appropriate? That's not my way of doing things.

I'm actually smarter than that.

You decided to do something “unique”. You hurt your father and that's why you are here. Through a change of circumstances you have become a professional wrestler. One of the most hardcore individuals to ever grace the ring. There is one slight problem that I have with you.

You think you are tougher than me?

You're not.

No matter what you think you are not tougher than me.

You will never be better than me. I will take more punishment than any man can take. I am more than you will ever dream of being Jacob. I am the one who will obliterate you in that ring.

I will hit harder.

I will kick stronger.

I will take more than you can dish out.

You will hit me with everything you have.

When I hit the mat. You will think “he's done.” Then when you see me leap up. You will don't have it!

I will never quit. Something you seem to think you can do as well.

Let me explain something to you. You have never run into anything like me before. I am more than just some man who can be broken. You think you're tough? I agree. Are you as tough as me? No.

You've been in a controlled situation your whole damn life.

You don't know dick about reality. You know about prison.

I know how to break out. I am the most free man you will ever meet and that will gnaw at you like the dog everyone thinks you are.

Go ahead. Get mad. Screw up. I'll be waiting for it.

So you killed a man with a mithrodin. Big deal. You're a “purger” right?

So you work for the devil?


Boy, you never met the devil.

I know him by name.

It's not you. Or anyone you have ever met.

You think you can intimidate me?

You think you can scare me?

Not gonna happen. It's not the mask. No. This is the man talking.

You aint worthy enough to shine my fucking belt.

And I hate this belt.

I hate what it stands for. I hate you. I hate everyone who thinks that they are some sort of 'big badass' because they are here.

You boys don't know shit about this business. have one thing that makes me feel like you might have what it takes.

You like to start shit.

The question is can you finish it. This type of fighting is right up our alley. Combining MMA with Wrestling. It's a genius concept that is being ignored by all of the authority over you and I.

That's why I put this belt on the line as well as the Hybrid Title. We are going to make this into something that will disprove the World Title as the belt.

I think no one is really expecting what you can do. You hit hard. Your moves are dangerous. Your moves are deadly. Yet. There is one thing that you lack.

My soul.

What passion do you have? What do you really want Jacob? To be remembered as nothing more than a glorified murderer or do you want to become someone who changed the world for good?

I think you get what I'm asking.

I know you want the same thing I do.

You don't give a shit about being a wrestler. You just want to make these people know that you are the baddest man in the world.

So what do you think of me?

From my moves you think I am some high flying lunatic. From my match with Lionel you see that I am fallible. I can make a mistake.

Or have I?

Ask yourself. What's the easiest way to ruin a federation? I want you to think about that.

I want you to really think about what we can do in this match. Win or lose. It doesn't matter. None of it matters except what matters to you and I?

What does this mean to you? What are you willing to give up to win?

Do you really want to face “The Messiah Pariah”. I'd think really hard about what to do.

You have never seen what I've got planned for your sweet ass pretty boy.

AHAHAHAHAHA...How invincible do you feel?

Because this is going to be the brush with greatness that you have always wanted.

So Jacob just how bad do you want to beat the hell out of me.

Because to be honest. I really want to tear you apart. To see what makes you tick. Because let's face facts you have no idea how to beat me at this. This is old hat for me.

This is going to be so brutal.

I hope you enjoy your last few days before a world of pain puts you in the dirt.

Rest. You're going to need it. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

So where do I fit into all of this? Where do I come into the story from fan to fantasy? Well that's a story for the next time. How I got involved with Trent Steel has to do with the birth of Ataxia.

We fade in on a picture of a wrestler named 'The Hellacious One' Draco standing next to Trent Steel.

My story begins with the return of Trent Steel to the ring. He had stayed out of the business for years to raise his kids. His real kids. Triplets. For three years he did the good dad thing. He kept up a mask. A mask that he had to hide behind. A 'happy' man. The other guy is Draco. One of Trent's other friends. For years Trent watched his friend basically become a pathetic shell of his former self. So at one point. Trent decided to return and take action to save his friend from himself.

We see a video clip of Draco getting his face smashed in by a large Jack Daniels bottle by Trent Steel. The look on Trent's face is one of a man bent on murder.

Needless to say he decided to go apeshit. He went back to becoming the biggest bad guy in the business within in a few months. It put a strain on his marriage more than it was there. For Jennifer...was a slut. Trent knew his marriage was failing. Jennifer would win custody of the children because of Trent's violent past behavior. So he was in a downward spiral. He put everything into OWF. He became the standard of it. Then it shut down because of mismanagement.

We see a bitter Trent Steel burning a OWF t-shirt in disgust in an article reading “End of an Era”.

Without a home really he floated from indy match to indy match trying to find a purpose. With no family he reached out for those that were once his brothers. Draco had gotten himself into a situation in GCWA. Trent decided the best way to make amends for hurting his friend was to make a surprise return. At the same time something tragic again happened in his life. He lost his goddaughter. She was one of the few family members who always cheered for him. One of the few people who actually wanted to see him be loved. Trent decided on a mask for his one time appearance. An old trope of wrestling. A mask. He chose a name. A name that would instill the fear of his return. A prelude to the inevitable.

We see a picture of Trent Steel in the Ataxia outfit looking at the mask.

Thus was born Ataxia. A one time deal. A one time presence. Nothing more than a distraction.

We see a headline reading 'World Champion Fired!' But fate intervened yet again. They fired Draco after a rigged match and Draco, being himself, decided to leave. Trent had never told them who he was under the mask. Trent decided to pull one of the greatest tricks in professional wrestling history. Ataxia became a fan favorite. He was cheered. He was loved. He stood up against every faction in GCWA and played a gambit that screwed them all. The company was torn apart by factions. He didn't reveal himself till the last night. The last pay per view. He knew he would never get those cheers again. He knew his time as a hero was over.

We see an image of pure shock on the owner's face at he see's that Ataxia is Trent Steel.

So where did I come in? Isn't this the end of Ataxia? No. Actually. There is another chapter to my story. About the time that Trent Steel was in the middle of his plan he got offered a deal to wrestle in another promotion as Ataxia. He instead optioned out the gimmick to a young wrestler of his choice to take over the role elsewhere to keep up the illusion. That was me.

A black and white picture of Trent and another person. The other person has his back to the camera wearing a hoodie. His taped hands are covered in what looks like blood. In Trent's hands is the mask of Ataxia.

So this is where I came in...