Wow you are a fucking idiot.

You think I am scared? Of you? How the fuck did you even think that? You? You are the easiest thing in the world to fuck with. I didn't think you were this much of a rube. If you really want to go down this road that's fine. I'm going to enjoy watching you cry like a bitch later.

Yeah I put up something that means nothing to me to make this match mean something to you. Why would I do that Jacob?

I know it's hard for you to think, but try for me.

Because I want you fired up. I am tired of fighting fucking wimps who cry when they don't get what they want. You want this. For whatever reason you want this match to mean something because we all know that everyone needs proper motivation.

Heaven knows no one here wants to be here with a world champion whose a fucking lame ass little fan fiction writer with delusions of grandeur. He actually thinks he matters outside of here.

I'm not scared of you. I don't give a shit about you. I give a shit about stealing the show.

Because this place means nothing to me. I've said it since day one I have been using this place. Hell if you want the belt take it. It's worthless to me. The only thing that matters to me is simply making this show the best it is. So I can destroy it later. When I am the focus of everyone's damn attention and I do what I will do. It will end this pathetic attempt at a federation once and for all.

You are going to help me do that. Because you want this. Scared of you? No. I fucking baited you and you did not disappoint little minion.

Care? Oh I don't care. I don't give a flying fuck. I lost a match to Lionel and you know what I did afterwards? Did I whine about losing the world title? Did I bitch about it? No. I bitched about a bitch because he is a fucking bitch.

You? What the fuck are you? Just an asshole. No. You are so much more than that. So much more potential than that. I'm not afraid of you Jacob. I see in you the greatest potential to do what is needed. You want to take this from me and keep it from everyone else than fucking do it! Man up or shut up. I'm thinking it's the later because right now you have nothing to lose.

Oh shit? Did I just call out the elephant in the room? You think if I gave a shit about this belt I would put it up against you? If I wanted to “hide” behind my championship I would not have done this.

So ask yourself why I would give a turd like you a shot at this? Because I don't need it to be a success. You people think that titles make you something special? Mother fucker. I am the number one man in this federation because I give these people something they actually want to see win or lose every God damn night!

Why would I fear a challenge I asked for?

You want to piss me off? Okay. I'll tell you how to do it. I'll give you the play by play.

Don't try. Be like everyone else here. Do not even give a fuck.

Be lazy. Be sloppy. Be what everyone says you are. A worthless fucking hack.

You think your the first asshole I've put in his place? Not hardly. You won't be the last either. You are a dime a dozen. “Gimmick”. Fucker this mask is no gimmick. This identity is no gimmick.

You are the fucking wannabe. Hell you admitted that you faked a fucking promo.

Bravo. You're better than the world champion. Congrats.

Oh you want my mask?

What mask? You mean what I wear on my face? You don't get it do you? This isn't a mask. It's an ideal. No I'm not putting it up on the line against you because you have not earned that right. That's something all of you in SFT seem to not be able to grasp. When I show the world my “mask”. That will be by my choice and my choice alone. You think you have earned such a right because I put something I didn't give a shit about on the line?

No bitch.

I wouldn't put my mask on the line unless you had really really really pissed me off.

You haven't even gotten me slightly upset yet.

I know what I am facing. A con looking to make a name for himself.

Nice try. I'm going to make you famous enough.

You are going to be the man who makes this company great again. I promise you one thing Jacob. When I get my next shot at the world title. You are definitely going to get what you want. You want my mask Jacob? You want to know the real me?

Well...you are going to get to know the real me.

UFC style. That's what I started doing. I've perfected my craft to the point of being the best of the best at it.

You will fail at this. Not because I'm going to get the last word. Because I know that I am the best in the world at what I do.

To quote Rocky Four...I must break you.

You want facts. The one man who Nirvana ever feared bringing into a SFT ring was MY MENTOR! You want to really make yourself out to be a dumbass? You just did. I am the spawn of the real fucking devil in this business you little shit!

Now. You have my attention.

You should have just kept your mouth shut.

I gave you an opportunity to take this away from me. Now. I'm going to make whatever rapes that have happened to you in prison seem consensual!

When that fucking bell rings you are going to wish to God for once you were back in prison son! I am going to fuck your world up and you will submit to me!

I knew about your training shithead.

I'm not impressed.

You are just now taking this seriously? Cue the bad joke that everyone makes about me compared to that fucker in the Batman movies.

You better start taking me seriously. I don't care if I kill you in that fucking ring you little shit. I'd do the state a favor. They'd never know who did it either. No record. No fingerprints. No nothing.

You want to take out Nirvana. Go for it. I can do it easily.

And he knows it.

Go ahead bitch hit me with your best shot. Then after the bell is rung and I am still standing all you will hear while you are on the mat is this ringing in your ears. No cheers, no music, nothing but this...


We fade in on the CWF logo.

So this is where I come in. Who am I? What is my purpose to this tale? You aren't getting a name because it's not important. You ask to see the real me Connelly. This is the real me. The man who I was before was a mask. You want to say that I hide. You want to say that I should man up? I manned up a long time ago. I manned up when I defeated the man monster that no one else could defeat in CWF. I defeated the unbeatable world champion! I came here and challenged your so called best with Hect and Nirvana. If not for Redd I would have beaten them then taken this stupid world title for the glory of CWF. That dream is no longer a reality due to some stupid business decisions by our boss. Now...I intend to have the same fate land at SFT. This federation will die. I will choke it the fuck out. You want to piss everyone off. Stand with me or just be the little pissant we all know you to be.

We fade in on Ataxia training with Miranda Steel. He has her in the starting position of a german suplex.

I haven't had anything go right in my love life. Ever. Who I was. Wasn't confident. Wasn't good at anything. I was never the person that I wanted to be. I had to hide what I was good at. I did the college thing. I did the career thing. I still do. Not for myself. For other people. I just wanted to be fighter. Wrestling was the farthest thing from my mind. I was doing cage fights where no one knew my name. After a match. I got to meet my idol. He had a proposal for me. The mask. The mask of Ataxia.

We see the same image from earlier of Trent handing the man in the hoodie the mask of Ataxia.

He found me. I had just broke a guys arm in the ring. The struggle to control my anger. It was consuming me. I had fear. I had true panic. He handed me the face of terror. A mask of a hero that I could do whatever I wanted to.

We cut to a image of Ataxia standing in the CWF ring with the world heavyweight title.

Titles mean nothing in the long run. The rush of proving you are the best is one that will last your entire life. I want you to feel that Connelly. Just not tomorrow. You've already served your purpose. The piss poor effort from all involved with the world title will be shown. I will stand on my own. Trust me I didn't try to kill you. If I would have you would have seen it coming. I would have told you. You would have been armed. You would have seen me without my face. I don't want to kill you Connelly.

We see a picture of Trent Steel holding a bloody and broken Ataxia after a streetfight that he won in CWF.

Why kill...

More bloody pictures of Ataxia winning despite the odds against him.

What I can save.

We see the last picture end with Ataxia looking at Miranda as she gives him a hug. The look on his face for the first time is one of real happiness.

Now you know me. This is the real me. The Messiah Pariah. The hopeless romantic. The one who will not get what he truly wants. Just like you.

We see Ataxia in live film in the SFT ring holding up the National Title.


Fade to oblivion...