My my my.

(Insert someone is on the rag joke here.)

You know for someone who doesn't give a fuck you really seem to have a problem when someone is just shit talking. That's all this is...why are you getting so defensive? Maybe you need to take your own advice and go have some fun.

Oh yay. You did exactly what I thought you'd do. You acted like a whore and no one really cared what you had to say.

Oh well. Your attempt at insulting me provides me with some amusement. For example, Mike Myers? Please. This thing is such low quality a spray painted Captain Kirk mask would be a upgrade. It's a burlap looking bag for fuck's sake. You could have done so much more with that. Here. Let me help you out.

Hey. What kind of moron came up with this gimmick! You wear a piece of shit mask and a two dollar suit. Aren't you rich? Can't you afford a better outfit. Opera gloves? Really? I thought you couldn't get any gayer for hanging around Dirk Roman! Come on. The teeth and the eyes make you look like something Tim Burton farted out years ago. You are pathetic. You smell funny. You couldn't get it up if I took off my clothes! You can't get a girl like Miranda Steel! You're ugly! You suck! Nothing about you is decent or humane! You don't deserve her you pathetic, retarded, dickless, ignorant, stupid, fucked up, flesh eating virus breeding, brain infected, PARAMECIUM !!!

Now...try and insult me (female body part that describes Miranda to a T).

Come on! Tell me what a “badass mercenary” can do to me? Hurt me with a chair? HAHAHAHA...Come on. You can get creative. How about water boarding? Huh? Fuck that. Let's get real. Let's slit some bamboo and jam them between my fingernails and fingers to watch me scream in agony because every nerve is on fire due to how you placed them! Shoot me in the stomach? Watch my bleed out for days? Come on...tell me what you really want to fucking do.

You call it torture. I call it Tuesday.

You think you know me? Please bitch, you don't even know yourself. You are the one wearing the bad Halloween mask. Not me.

I'm honest about everything except what doesn't matter. Who I am outside of that ring matters not. You. It's all you want to do is to hide who and what you really are.

I know a lot more then you think I know about you. See. I do watch your promos. I just don't give a fuck.

Just like you obviously don't do your research. After all the sign of a lazy wrestler is how they view their opponents. Now you can bait people to do what you want them to do...just like I did you.

Because now you've wasted time. See how easy it is to manipulate a woman to do what you want them to do. See, my Miranda, isn't just a woman. She's an equal.

...and I'm going to shut my mouth right now before I infuriate my mentor further.

If I was dishonest like the rest of you I would have edited it out. I know better. I should do that. Any rational human being would not egg on such a beast as Trent Steel.

See, I don't blink. You do.

You did it with your promo to. Just like you will do it with your match.

You're going to knock my head off?

Little girl, you need to grow up. You think you are some badass because you served in the military? Let me ask you a question? Why aren't you there? Because you are no longer some badass. You think you can do something to me because you've had military training? What makes you think that you aren't messing with someone who has more than you with this mask? See. This is a match with rules. In the real world you could just shoot me. Here, like me, you have to play by the rules. It's really easy to get someone disqualified.


Oh wait. That doesn't scare you does it? Oh...maybe you're right.

Maybe...I need a new girl. If I can't have one Miranda...I'll get another one.

The question is this. I can ignore your sex appeal during the match, but can you ignore mine.

Come on pretty one. You always like to show off like a whore. Maybe you want it? I mean after all. Officer...the way she's dressed. She obviously wants attention.

Ask yourself do you really want my attention?

I know the answer is no bitch. Too bad you got it now. You want to paint this mask red? Fine. I want you to do it. Go ahead. Do it. Stop me! I want you to! Come on! STOP ME!!!

Because if you can't no one can right?

So when I get up after you have “taken my head off” then maybe you'll realize that there are some things in this world that you can and will never be able to take out.

I am one of those things.

Honest. Now...who is the faker dear? The man with the cheap ass mask or the bitch hiding behind her boobs?

As for originality. I am more original than you. Because unlike you I don't do it for attention. I do this to actually tear the place down. You all just don't see the strings being pulled.

Enjoy the ride puppet.

By the way, buy some “hygienic” products please. Your muffin...don't smell so fresh.

Now onto the real whore of the group.

Oh how cute she's got you doing bitch work. I'm so fucking pleased. You two even forgot about me in that promo against Dirk. How fucking cute. Really. I think it's funny that you both thought that you were the only group that could do a double team. Please. Here at Axis T.V. We pride ourselves on being able to DP any match we can.

But I'll save the final thrust for my partner.

Time to take a shot to that bromanced face of yours!

First off. You made a joke about my name that I made in one of my first promos are so bad that you need my help insulting me to. Jesus do I have to hold a class on this shit?

Both you and your insignificant...See I can say it without a “u”...partner can't seem to insult a guy who looks like me!

By the way I have the best defense for you. I know it's mean. I just know that this is the best way to deal with someone with your “problem”.

A figure a sellout for a sellout right?

Sorry for the cheap pot joke, but let's face it. You are nothing more than a cheap wrestler in a fancy suit and I'm a great wrestler in a cheap suit.

You want to talk about my past, but you want me to ignore the fact that you were LET GO?

Okay. We'll play hypocrisy rules. Fuck CWF. Fuck your title reigns. Let's look at the present.

Whose got two titles? Me? Do they matter? No. Just like you. They. Don't. Matter.

Have what it takes to make it in Strike Towers. Sure I do. It's called being untalented and needing a push and drugs to make me seem cool.

Go fuck yourself or better yet go have babies with your partner. We need more tabloid shit in SFT.

You want to talk about the present? At present you are going to get your ass kicked by two of the most dangerous and fabulous men in SFT. Speaking of which. Here comes the thrust!

Transgender title. I like that. Too bad I'm all man beneath the glitter. You can't accept me because I'm different. We are the freaks. I'll admit, though through no fault of my own, I didn't beat Miranda exactly fair and square. Of course, in a no DQ match, what did you expect. It's not my fault this freak has friends and you don't. Anyway, I think I said enough. Obviously I did my job. I "irked" you. So you attacked back, attacked me, just as I knew you would, and while you both are trying to take your anger out on me... boom, Ataxia. Fresh and ready with more than ten of you could handle. Jackson, the point is you left, long enough that I had never heard of you, I've been here almost four months. I've been working, and winning, all those four months. You have to crawl back up to my level. As for little Alex, Miranda, when someone specifically requests we don't interfere. We don't interfere. I guess I should have made that request in our match, oops. I forgot. I have you on the defensive, whether you want to admit it or not. By the way, not that I'm easily offended, but I think you guys may be on the border of breaking certain rules about sexual harassment. I really don't like being compared to a fucking cigarette. So in the future, attack me with a little more integrity and use big people words, not ignorant ones, like you do. So for now, this flaming homo is going to go stock up on lip gloss.


GTFO with your “original” selves.

I am not pursuing anything but putting your ass out of a job!

I'm setting this bitch ablaze and watching you all cry as your paychecks go away.

That's right pop collared douche...I'm coming for your beer and bitch money!

Now that I have the party animals attention with both of you maybe you'll start giving a fuck since something you care about is on the line. Your aint got one!

I've faced people like you before.

The good looking guy. The guy who gets the girls I crushed on in high school. The guy who makes it look so easy to do what you can. The guy who always gets what he wants. That's what you are Jackson.

Till you meet someone like me.

Someone who worked hard to make it look easy. The one who lives, eats, and fights for this business. Your company fucked with I get to fuck with you. Once I'm done, aside from The Axis and my other allies, no one will want a damn thing to do with SFT wrestlers.

I'm going to turn you into federation cancer.

Have fun playing bingo halls for the rest of your fucking life with your “bro”.

We're not done yet. Not by a long shot.

We fade to the outside of the recording studio as Ataxia walks out of the booth with an angry look on his face. There stands Trent Steel glaring at him.

Ataxia: What?

Trent Steel: You are not going to see her again. You got me.

Ataxia: This can wait.

Complete calm on his face Trent punches the wall breaking the brick. Ataxia takes a step back.


Trent Steel: I know who you are under that mask. You know why I do not want you seeing my daughter.

Ataxia: I thought we were past all of this!

Trent Steel: You think I can just forget about who you are? What you are to me?

Ataxia: You fucking hypocrite.

Trent Steel: Chose your next words very carefully.

Ataxia:...You came to me. You sought me out. You knew and you gave me this.

Trent Steel: I can and I will take it away.

Ataxia: You want to do this?

Trent Steel: Promise me you'll stay away from her. It won't come to that son.

Ataxia: Don't you ever call me son again...Let me think about it.

Trent Steel: You got two choices. You can call it off now. End this. We all get along just fine. You don't...

Ataxia: What?

Trent Steel: You wanted to know what would bring me back to SFT?

Ataxia: Really?

Trent Steel: I will unmask you. I will ruin you. I made you and I can unmake you.

Ataxia: Why don't you just shoot me?

Trent Steel is the one with the shocked look on his face. Like Ataxia struck a nerve inside of his mind.

Ataxia: So either I chose to be exposed or I chose to let the girl I care about slip though my fingers. Fucked if I don't and fucked if I do Trent.

Trent Steel: It's a simple decision.

Ataxia: Easy huh?

Trent Steel: You are a smart kid. You will do the smart thing. You got a promo to finish.

Trent walks away as Ataxia gets a crazed look in his eyes. He turns back to the booth.


(the sound of a micstand against glass.)

I am going to be very careful with what I say just now.

The titles don't matter. The match doesn't matter. Nothing fucking matters.

I'm not out to win a fucking match tomorrow.

I'm out to fucking murder someone.

I want to take something beautiful and destroy it because all I have ever had to do was make this look easy.

I have a hard choice to make.

I swore I would never do this again.

Why...why does it have to be this way?

Why when I show my real face do I have to hide my feelings.

Don't I get to be happy? Just once?

Don't I get to do what I want for me? What is the purpose?'s a wrestling promo.

Know this. Steed. Miranda. You really should invest in a good doctor for tomorrow.

Someone's going home a bloody mess.

I'm all ready one. Hit me with your best shot bitches. I can take it.

Because nothing you can do can hurt me anymore.

I am fucking invincible.

...I don't feel like laughing though.