I don't want it.

That's something no one seems to grasp. I do not need this world title. I never have. I've already won a world title. It means nothing to me. It has never meant anything to me. When I came here it was the prize for “The Lethal Lottery”. All I was going to do was win it. Then when I lost it I was going to leave.

So why the fuck do I want that pile of shit now?

I do not.

Unlike a few people who claim they don't care I actually don't. Emerson...so far you are the smartest opponent I have faced outside of the Axis. You actually get that I am exactly what I say I am. Congratulations. You're the smartest person on the roster.

You are also the man who is going to get a beating from hell this week.

It's not your fault. I'm having a bad fucking life right now.

Gotta take it out on someone. Sorry.

It has nothing to do with the world title. It has everything to do with my final goal. Picture if you will the man who gave you the opportunity to do something that no one has ever done in this industry. You've followed his rules. You've stayed out of his way. Now. Because you show one once of human emotion. Genuine feeling for somebody that he happens to care about. You have to make a choice.

A lot of you say I should just tell him to go fuck off. Rip off this mask. Profess my undying love for his daughter right?

You would unless you knew what he and I both know.

I am a person that has caused a scar in the Steel family.

So I will never get what I want even if I go with what my heart says is the right thing to do. I am aptly named “The Messiah Pariah”. Because I can make the hard choice that no one wants to face. I don't get what I want.

So no one else is going to either.

This is to everyone in this stupid cluster fuck.

I am going to take years off of your career when this all comes to a head. Take notes. Do your research. You might actually survive if you take me seriously for once.

Though I know some of you are to stupid to do so.

My face is already healing. You thought it was so easy to beat me to a bloody pulp Miranda.

You remind me of my mother. She hit like a little bitch to.

You want to make a man really bleed.

You never fucking cut him. You never punch him. I've already won this match. Not because Emerson admits he is afraid of me.

Because I know that my rage must be salivated or someone is going to die.

I am going to do what has to be done.

Not for the National Title.

Not for the World Title.

Not for SFT.

I'm going to destroy this place...for you.

The fans. You deserve a much better form of entertainment than this selfish stupid sloth-filled shit station.

I am “The Messiah Pariah”...

That's all I ever will be because happy aint on the menu.

Ahahaha...oh fuck it.

Going on the press junket tour of SFT is interesting. Especially when you are not one of the featured ones on it. I sit back and see superstars giving interviews about how they are going to be world champion soon and I just shrug it off. I'm only interested in one person.

We fade in on Ataxia watching Miranda Steel giving an interview with the Women's Cup next to her. She see's him and smiles for a moment. Ataxia starts to walk away as Miranda ends her interview and walks over to him.

Miranda Steel: You think you're going to get away with stalking me without saying hello?


Miranda Steel:How. Shatner. Of. You!

Ataxia: I do what I can. So are you sticking around SFT?

Miranda Steel: No questions please...

Ataxia: Sorry. Just wanted to know if I would get to see you.

Miranda Steel: What wanna be “road buddies”?

Ataxia: Oh yes. Totally my plan.

Miranda Steel: That's your problem. You always stick to the plan.

Ataxia:...Not always.

Miranda Steel: In the whole time I have known you. You have never. Ever. Not had a plan. Hell. I know you got one right now. You have thought of every single way this conversation could go. You read people well Tax, but you are predictable to.

Ataxia: Really?

He moves in close for a second and then backs away.

Miranda Steel: See. You know this can't work out.

Ataxia: You have no idea how well I know that.

Miranda Steel: It makes no sense. Why would dad give you that mask if he hates who you really are?

Ataxia:...I....I can't tell you about that.

There is a long pause. Miranda finally breaks it.

Miranda Steel: Howse your face? Did that bitch make you uglier?

Ataxia: No improved it. I look like Brad Pitt from Fight Club.

Miranda Steel: Smexy...

Ataxia: I try.

Miranda Steel: To answer your question I haven't made up my mind yet. I don't think it would be good for you and Dad if I stick around.

Ataxia: Make the right decision for you. Don't worry about me. Your father and I are bound to lock horns eventually.

Miranda Steel: Maybe I can help if you'd just let me...

Ataxia: No. If you knew I would never have a chance to...Let's just say your a smart girl. You'll figure it out.

Miranda Steel: I don't see anyway I could hate you.

Ataxia: You don't know me that well. Goodbye dear. I got to go train.

Miranda Steel:...You are a horrible liar.

Ataxia: Yeah, but I don't know how to end this without one of us getting hurt.

Miranda kisses him on the cheek and walks away.

Miranda Steel: Who says pain can't be fun.


Fade to black.