Day in and day out we fight. Why do we do it.

Some people do it for fame. Let's face facts. You do this to become somebody. The whole world is full of nobodies that you will never know the name of. I bet you don't even know just who all is in your personal sponsored fan club. Do you Emerson? What do you do this for?

Pride? What pride? You're in SFT. Pride means that you work for Shadow? I highly doubt that. There is no pride in this pisshole. That man has raped so many careers just to make his money. It's not pride that keeps you here or doing what you're doing.

So why are you doing this?

The belt. It means less than nothing to me. This is a all or nothing for you. A win here gets you a title and a chance at getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Title.

Is that your dream?

Do you wanna know what mine is.

To take dreams like yours...and crush them.

I'm not the hero.

I'm not the villain.

I am “The Messiah Pariah”.

That means that I am here to do the right thing and that scares all of you because you know this place should not exist.

Not anymore. Join up or run somewhere else. It's the only way you will survive. This place is already infected.

I'm the disease that there is no cure for what so fucking ever.

I'm going to take the dreams of every little wrestler in this organization. Crush them. Grind them into powder. Stuff them down Shadow's stupid gullet. Then...You are all going to thank me for it.

This isn't the house that Shadow built.

This is your house.

And I'm going to obliterate it to make you see that he is nothing.

No one can take this place from you unless you let them and you have let me.

Why would I tell you this now? Why not keep it a secret till the moment of truth.

Because I want you all to see it coming and know that there was nothing you could do to stop it.

I have been pulling strings here.

Everything that has happened I have had a hand in.

I have done what no other wrestler has done in this federation.

I have you all by your balls. Even you Miranda.

None of you have figured out my method just yet.

Something is coming.

Someone just needs the right push.

Someone is going to return.

I've already brought “The Grudge” to SFT.

Now...I just need to keep pushing. You hear that buzz?

People are getting interested. People are coming back. New faces that show promise.

All of it.

Is because of what I am doing.

You'll see.

I've got you all.

And I've got all the time in the world to spring the trap.

Rest easy...

It'll all be over soon.

We fade on Ataxia sitting in his hotel room on his bed.. We see the mask on it's dummy head. The room is pitch black save for the light coming from the side of the bed that Ataxia isn't on. We can't make out any details about him but we can hear him.

Ataxia: The plan is simple enough that no one can screw this up.

Trent Steel (On Speakerphone): Which is why I am questioning why you are having such a hard time focusing on what you need to do.

Ataxia: Oh I dunno.

Trent Steel: Yeah right kid. I know you're pissed at me, but this is for your own good.

Ataxia: I doubt that.

Trent Steel: Stop doubting or I'll have to break your face.

Ataxia: Someone beat you to it.

Trent Steel: I was meaning to ask you. Who did you see while she was punching you?

Ataxia: Hmm?

Trent Steel: Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. You always picture someone in your head when you go off on one of those crazy rants of yours. Who were you thinking of?


Trent Steel: I thought so. So you think you could laugh off my punches eh?

Ataxia: Good night.

Trent Steel: Ohhh. I think I hit a nerve.

Ataxia: Go get fucked and stay out of my head all right.

Trent Steel: Oh someone's gonna get made fun of in the back for this.

Ataxia: I'd tell you to go to hell, but you've been married before.

Trent Steel:...Low...Blow...kid.

Ataxia: Sorry. I guess it's a natural reaction when someone fucks with someone else's love life eh?

Trent Steel: Point made. Still. You are not seeing her.

Ataxia: She wouldn't have me even if she wanted me. Relax. Your safe.

Trent Steel: I'm safe. You're the one who would have the problem kid. Talk to you tomorrow.

We hear the phone hang up. Ataxia dials another number. It rings and finally picks up.

Ataxia: Hey.

Miranda Steel: What cha want?

Ataxia: Nothing. Getting ready to watch a movie.

Miranda Steel: Wanna cuddle and talk about how much boys suck?

Ataxia: Sure. Just gotta put my face on.

Miranda Steel: I got another idea.

Ataxia: Emmm?

Miranda Steel: I'm going to get dressed. I'm not going to wear any underwear. If I come to the door and see your real face I will spend the entire evening letting you do whatever you want to my naked body. If I see the mask...clothes stay on and we watch a chick flick.

Ataxia: By chick flick you mean...

Miranda Steel: Re-Animator of course dear.

Ataxia: Emm sexy Combs or sexy you...what a choice.

Miranda Steel: Yep. So what's it going to be Taxi?

Ataxia: Get ready to get your Combs on.

Miranda Steel: Aww poopy...

The phone is hung up. Ataxia sits on the bed for a while. He gets up and looks at the mask. He takes it off the dummy head and holds it in his hand. After a while we hear a knock at the door. Ataxia walks to the door without putting the mask on. He looks through the peephole. He sighs. He looks at the mask and at the girl outside. He smacks his forehead with the palm of his other hand and then puts on the mask as he opens the door. Fade to black.