How cute.

You grew a fucking backbone. That's funny. It really is. So you work at JC Penny to make ends meet. Is that my fault? Is it my fault that as a former world champion, which I earned that belt, I get offered enough money to do this professionally. This is what I'm talking about. SFT isn't even as bad as some “counter culture” federations that operate out of bingo halls.

This thing makes the NWA look organized.

You want to tell me I don't know you? Oh I know all about you. The thing is Emerson. I don't care.

Because truth be told you will never become a true professional until you decide to become a professional. You are working a shitty ass job and then wrestling on the side for what? For your health? I bet JC Penny really loves it when you come in all beat up week after week wrestling in Europe and then flying back. Tell me. Just how do you work that into your schedule?


I think I just retcon punched your origin story there slappy.

Where's my guitar?

Family is what you live for eh?


Oh that's rich. Family eh? So your not going to screw over that little boy eh? Tell me. Just how much of a good father are you going to be when after I get done breaking your face in Emerson. How well are you going to be a good provider after I break you in half at Titans?

What kind of man willingly gets into a ring with someone like me when he has responsibility?

A suicidal buffoon.

Aka. You.

I would pity you, but I can't pity anyone.

Am I content with what I have. I have nothing.

Look at me. I am like Ozymandias. I have the world and I have nothing.

It's life. You don't have what you want. I have everything everyone else wants. I have a title in a hot promotion right now with a chance...a chance to win it's world title.

I don't want it because it's not worth it.

You think I am ungrateful? You are full of shit. You know nothing. I never wanted to come to this place. The only reason I did was for something for a place that has since shut it's doors. In order to keep up the work that I have to do I have to give up the girl that I have wanted since I can remember.

So don't think for one fucking second that I am not going to give you everything I have in this match.

Because I aim to misbehave.

You want to go one on one with Mariah Carey?


Get ready to get your ass handed to you “hero”!

Because tomorrow night. It's not about the world title. It's not about the national title. It. Is about just how much of a hero you are. You might be the guy. You might be the man to beat the freak!

Come on Emerson. Everyone. From a jobber to a legend has always got one good match in them. There is a time when a man like me finds himself at a turning point. I have no real competition. That bitch who thinks she bested me for a brief moment, because I saw it on the tape, found out she didn't have a prayer of beating me so she saved face.

She played smart.

You...have one chance. One moment to make yourself a hero. Do it for your boy. Do it for yourself.

Do it for me.

Maybe you might just strike a cord and change my mind about this place.

Let's see if you are made of sterner stuff.

We fade in on Ataxia with his back to us. He's wearing a hoodie with 'The Axis of Ultra Violence' logo on it. We see he is in a locker room. The camera pans away to black as we start to see a montage of Ataxia getting ready.

'He's a freak! He's a no good psychotic freak!'

We see taped up hands being covered by opera gloves.

'He just got piledriven into a car and is laughing about it!'

A white dress shirt being buttoned up.

'There is a thin line between madness and genius and this guy lives on it.'

A long black tie is being tied on.

'How much more pain can this guy take before he passes out?'

Black dress shoes being tied.

'That laugh...someone stop that damn laugh...'

Black suit jacket. Pressed to perfection. Put on with care and attention.

'Those damn red eyes just freak me the hell out.'

A mask. It's placed on. His eyes are shut. No more words. Suddenly we hear a sound. It's becoming a roar.

'Ataxia! Ataxia! Ataxia!'

He turns to the camera with his eyes shut and flashes that smile. He opens his eyes and starts to laugh.


The laughter is deafening.

'Let's dance hero...'

Fade to black...