(A loud sighing sound.)

(The sound of knuckles popping.)

Let's begin the surgery.

For starters. Apollyon. Let the boy speak.

Why not? Are we afraid people are going to hear him speak and figure out who he is by his gnarled tooth accent? You like to run your mouth for someone who has no reason to say anything at all. You are not the one who has everything on the line here. He does. You can talk all the shit about me that you want, but the fact remains. Your boy is scared shitless unless he fucking man's up and starts talking up his game. Let's face facts. You have no fucking pull in this match. So until your pathetic little puppet actually says something you are pretty much nothing more than my favorite chewtoy verbally.

I look forward to your ghostwritten response.

Or does the machine not have a voicebox?

He looks good for a wannabe body builder.

Oh. I'm sorry. I'm suppose to be impressed with the fact that he won that match and the “Action” title right?

I got two of these worthless things and going for number three. Fuck. Your. Wannabe.

That's exactly what he is. He doesn't have it! You know it to! That's the funniest thing about your so called “machine”. Oh sure. He's got a few matches under his belt right. He beat Jackson Steed.

Fuck Jackson Steed in the eye with a (This part of the promo is lost for fear of everyone getting sued.)

He's a loser.

You beat A loser.

Actually wait, Polly, you aint beat shit! Your boy beat up someone under the assumption that he was Jacob Connelly. See the rest of these mother fuckers might be buying this bullshit. I'm not. You know why? Because I had to deal with the same shit with this mask. After it was outed that Trent was the original Ataxia everyone thought it was him under this mask. Oh...so much fun fucking with people.

Then again that's all that gets you off isn't it Polly. My lord Satan.

Okay Kevin Sullivan.

I'll bite.

So you're a bad guy? Right? Heh.

Bitch please. The only thing bad about you Polly is your pathetic attempt to be a bad guy. I mean I do the whole scary guy trick, but everyone knows it's a gag. Dubbing the man's voice over was about as subtle as shitting in a person's mouth.

Although it sounded like Lion whenever we have to deal with his “promos”.

Oh are we going to make fun of all the people I've lost to as well? Please do? Then you and I can compare notes to all the guys you've...oh wait...you have done less than your man has.

If you are trying to make him out to be a threat please get him an acting coach. You are about as threatening as Amanda Summers. In all seriousness Shadow's tired gimmick is much more threatening than your devil worshiping wannabe ass.

This folks is what you are suppose to be afraid of.

I rest my case.

I mean if you were going to for a satanic reference name really you should get something that can't be made fun of as easily as your name is Polly. Seriously. The only thing you can really make fun of with mine is A Taxi. That's about it. Or make tax jokes. Taxedermy mabye but that's pushing it. We can just keep on coming with the hits Pollyanna.

Sorry is this A POLLing?

So Lyn what's next on your attempts to make fun of me? Oh yes. You say Farenheit is cold...



If you are going to make this easy you should really stop helping your boy. Your concern about the Axis is quite amusing to. I think it's really funny. The fans. The boys. The staff. They all think that we're just gonna start beating the shit out of each other to get that damn belt.

Are you all really STILL trying to predict what we are going to do?

All right Polly Pocket. Let me clarify this for you so maybe your “Judas Priest” listening ass might actually understand something. Your boy is a machine right? That means he can be broken. You think him being bigger or stronger than me means something?

Oh...I do hope you pay attention in math class now. 3 on 1 equals he's still fucked.

Time out! JACOB!!! Congrats on getting out! And your right...I do look sexy in high heels.

Wait. Could it be that you and Celcius are the same person?

How about the more important question...Does Ataxia give a fuck?


Because this match is not about what demented little shit your fucking little manbeast wants to try and pull. You may have the rest of the wrestling world fooled faker, but you can't pull that trick on the man who mastered it!

It doesn't matter who you are under that mask.

So you beat the “King of Shoot”.

Whopdee crap.

You got a pile of shit title that isn't even fucking worth as much as my “Hybrid” belt right now. Hell that match at least had a real opponent. You. You got a glorified squash match.

You beat Jackson Steed.

Again. Not impressed. Face facts kid. You may have Miranda fooled, but the rest of us in this match all know one thing.

You aren't impressive. You aren't invincible. You are going to fall.

Nothing your mouthpiece can say is going to prevent that!

Hell...he admitted that you don't have a mind. You know what happens when puppets don't have their strings. Snip. Snip. Shithead.

So you're going to be SFT's last world champion?


As fitting as that would be I am afraid it will not be so. Shadow will not fall so easily to the likes of you, but once you fail at this and you want to get someone who can use you properly Grudge and I can always use a third member.

Here's your cracker, Polly. Now go take a huge glass of shut the fuck up.

I got better things to do than waste my time on this promo. I'll be back later.

Everyone is wondering why I did it. Everyone has been talking about. Ataxia shows respect.

We see Ataxia walking through the curtain at the end of his match backstage. We see an irate Trent Steel tackle him to the ground and start punching him in the face.

Let's just say some people are afraid I'm blowing my cover.

Ataxia doesn't stop Trent. He just keeps laughing until Miranda Steel pulls her father off of him.

I looked and saw something I couldn't have. I tried to be as dignified as possible.

Ataxia spits blood out of his mouth towards Trent who is still cursing at him. Ataxia reaches up and pulls off the mask. We see ghost white hair coming out of a entirely bandaged head. The red eyes and teeth flash at Trent like a vicious dog. The whole face is bandaged saved for the red that keeps pouring through. Ataxia stands up slowly.

Why? Why do I put up with this? Why do I pay the price of someone else's sin Trent? Why have I put up with all of your abuse all of these years?

Ataxia snaps out of his euphoria. He looks at Miranda and sighs. He turns and stars walking away from Trent. Holding the mask he walks off camera.

Sooner or later. It's going to happen. It's going to come to a point where I have to return the favor. How can I though? Either way...I lose...Oh well...I'll still win. I'm good like that.

Let's look at the big elephant that no one wants to talk about.

The World Title.

I do not care.

I haven't since The Lethal Lottery. So why should that change now?

Dirk gives a shit about it because he wants to prove himself. I got nothing to prove. If I felt any different Lion would have left the ring in a god damn body cast.

Dirk wants to prove he belongs the same way that Dawn does.

Unlike “some people” in this federation she actually deserved her shot. Just like Emerson deserved my gratitude for a good match last week.

This will not be a good match. This is going to be a complete and utter holocaust.

Five people enter. Only three people are walking out.

The mission is simple. Remember. The match dictates that within a certain limit is when the world title is to be decided. The three of us have a mentality of may the best person win.

The problem is...two people do not belong.

So you I guess someone should start seducing Captain Cold.

Because there is only one goal at this damn pay per view. That's to end two people's attempts to take a world title that doesn't belong to them.

Let's face simple facts here. I would love it in a perfect world for everyone of our group to be happy. That's not going to happen. Dirk wants the belt. Dawn wants the belt. I don't want the belt.

So it seems my friends, and I do call you this because you are, we have a problem.

Dirk's right. Paper, rock, or scissors will not solve this problem.

So what do we have here? We have what we like to call in this industry a “clusterfuck”.

Or do we.

Let's look at this from the most important and overlooked perspective in this sport. Mine.

In that ring is going to be a massacre. Bodies will lie as broken as their dreams. Everyone wants the big prize, but me. Why is that? I've already held a world title Dawn. I know the pressure you are under. That's the ONE thing I have over the rest of the opponents is I know what you are going through. Everyone is gunning for you. Everyone is hating on you. Everyone wants to destroy you.

Except me.

Dirk doesn't want you destroyed. He loves you. He wants to prove to you that he is a worthy student by beating you at your best. You are the best my Scarlet Lady. Better than he who wears the bag. Better than the one eyed wonder. Better than the glittered one?

That's a question you two get to answer.

Dirk. I thank you and Dawn for saying truthfully that I deserve this shot.

However...I abstain.

The World Title is what we all strive for in this industry. It is the defining symbol of every wrestler's career. It is what drives the rookies in the indy feds trying to get a break to the old ones trying to make a comeback.

So why does it mean nothing to me?

Because I will not let something so pathetic destroy what I have built. It would be so easy. You are all so easy to break like clay.

I would get no satisfaction though.

I would go from being “The Messiah Pariah”...to “The Reluctant Champion”.

If I win this belt it will be off of someone else who has won it off of you two. I hope this does not happen but you can count on me to stay out of this trail by fire.

This is not how this should happen between us my friends.

This is how “they” settle things in their world.

We are “The Axis of Ultra Violence.”

We are that which turns the whole wrestling world.

This is a bond that will only be broken when it has to on our terms.

Not on theirs.

So I say unto you. Dirk. Dawn. You two can settle who wears the crown of SFT. I swear I will not steal it from you. That is not my purpose.

So my Lady and my Glittered friend...you two need not fear a turn from me.

I am Ataxia.

I don't need a world title to be a champion!

So rest easy my friends. I will not turn my full wrath upon you.

Let's give these people a show they will never ever forget!


Trent Steel:...Glad we could be civil about this.

It's been a few days. He wants to make sure I don't take things personally.

Ataxia: I'm as civil as civil can be. We need to clear up a few things.

Trent Steel: What's that.

Ataxia: You know who I am under this mask. So I am going to tell you this one time and one time only. I'm not who you think I am.

Trent Steel: Look...kid.

Ataxia: Shut the fuck up.

Trent Steel:...

Ataxia: The only. The only fucking reason why you are not in a hospital with a broken jaw is your daughter. Now you are going to listen to me or you and I are going to go round two and this time she's not here to protect your ass.

Trent Steel: Getting brave aren't we.

Ataxia: Courage is always been my worst quality.

Trent Steel: You know. As long as we are being perfectly honest with each other I think it's time we talk about something that is bothering me.

Ataxia: What's that?

Trent Steel: You seem to think you can take me.

Ataxia: I know I can. Big difference.

Trent Steel: Really? You wanna test that theory?

Ataxia: Do you? Ask yourself one thing old man. With everything you have done to me lately do you really want me to take out my frustration on you?

Trent Steel: It doesn't matter who you are, in or out of that mask, you are going to leave her alone.

Ataxia: Sir. That's not my call.

Trent Steel: Make it your call.

Ataxia:...You know I think we are done.

Trent Steel: No. Sit your ass down.

Ataxia: Why?

Trent Steel: Something else you should know about.


Trent Steel: It's bad. I just found out this morning.

When it rains it pours.

Then there was one.

Oh. How I am so disappointed that you are here. It's a joke. This is suppose to be the best of SFT in this match. What the hell are you doing here?

Oh you beat Hayes. No. Sorry. I call foul.

If not for me you wouldn't have gotten here bitch.

I've been fucking with that kid's head. He was no where near the top of his game thanks to what I've been telling my friend Grudge what to do. So you can thank me for your easy win. Why? I could have told Grudge to lay off Hayes. I could have had him give you the beating you deserve bitch.


You are now officially in a totally fucked situation. Not only do you have to fight me and Dirk again, but now you get to deal with Dawn as well. We all know how well you handle yourself against her as well.


What are you going to do? Kick all three of our asses and walk out with the world title?

Please Miranda. That's worse fiction than Twilight.

Why don't you just see things for how they are going to be. You will not win this match because let's face facts. I'm not turning on my friends.

Dawn wants to stay world champion.

Dirk wants to win it.

Temperature wants to get his first loss.

You want to show the world your ass again.

So what does Ataxia want?

Maybe Ataxia wants to give you another shot at trying to beat me to a bloody pulp. Something about me laughing in your face seems to be getting on your nerves.

Something about how easy it was for me to shrug off your “bad ass” punches.

You want to be the toughest one here. Well with all your talk you have yet to back it up.

Now. Do us all a favor.

Run with it. Just shrug it off like I know you are going to do because the camera is on you. See the truth is I know what is going through your head right now. How can I get myself through this and win the title. When you figure it out I hope you enjoy yourself.

Then again you always do don't you?

Tell me does the sex, drugs, and rock and roll drown all the ad shit you've done or does it just band aid it?

Tell me dear just what you want to do to me. Be as descriptive and violent as you can be.

Because no matter what sick thing you think you can do to me.

I promise you. If you want to go down this road with me that you will not be everyone's spank bank anymore. I promise that you will be the one that needs a mask. You will be the one that has to rely on their wrestling ability instead of their lips to get what they want.

After I'm done with you. Oh. I'm going to be called an artist.

You got my full attention deary.

That means beyond a shadow of a doubt you are going to come out of this match with a lot of pain that you didn't count on. Remember kids.

Ataxia always has something planned to make the show just that much more enjoyable to watch.

Think of Miranda as the girl that always turned you down in high school.

I'm going to do to her what you've always wanted to do to that bitch.