...wow. Apparently I got under someone's skin.

Hehehehe. Oh this is so cute. It's almost like a shoot. It's almost like your actually trying to really push this monster thing like it actually matters to me.

My hand doth not shake from this fear you say I have.

You say you want to beat me up in my “locker room”. You say we can only win by gang tactics. Someone doesn't pay attention to things around here. Most of the time we prank people like Redd. Glitterbomb to the face. Such evil...evil...things to do to people.

So individually we can not take out your monster?


You really should do your research before you say something that fucking stupid.

Obviously you haven't looked in my past to well have you Polly wanna cracker?

I've destroyed every “monster” thrown at me. It doesn't matter how big and bad your fucking little toy is. I'm going to rape his undefeated streak. I'm going to take your monster's one thing that makes him a threat and take a huge massive crap on it.

Get ready to have Jacob Connelly lose something else to me.

The chance to end your little champion's reign of terror.

Oh sure. He can hit hard. So can Miranda. The thing is you saw what happens with that.

I laugh it off because nothing can hurt me!

Go ahead. Break my body and I will laugh in your face. I will get up. I will keep going. You do not want me to ruin your little toy so quickly do you?

He's the Action Champion after all? Which is an attempt at the Hardcore Title right? Which means your boy thinks he can be more brutal and violent than Ataxia right?

You know. I haven't really lost my temper yet. I would really hate to give Shadow a lawsuit from parent groups about violence on television.

Who am I kidding. It's a great idea.

Hey. No one says we can't go ballistic in this match right?

I mean I could end up paralyzing your little fucking bitch.

See. You say I should worry about him right?

Polly...what about you?

I don't have to hurt him to fuck him up right?

That's an old bad guy tactic right. If I were you I'd hide and not show my face at the pay per view. Because the fun thing about me. I can walk around backstage and no one knows who the fuck I am under this mask! I've walked past you a lot of times and you haven't figured it out yet. Each week I walk in and no one does anything because let's face it...

They don't want to see me lose my temper.

You apparently do though. See. I don't have to hurt your boy to beat him. All I have to do is finish you.

Dawn hasn't accepted anything yet. Let's look at the situation. Four people against the champion and it's a time limit. I can understand where that would be a problem for anyone including your boy if positions were switched.

Well...if your boy could get out from curtain jerking.

Which I doubt.

But...But...He beat this guy and this guy.

Take the tampon out of your holiest of holes please.

After all you say I'm afraid of your boy right? I should be scared of him? Why? Because he's bigger than me? Stronger than me? Hell...he's probably better looking than me to I wager. Wouldn't take much I make Igor look like Brad Pitt.

The point is what do I have to be afraid of? A bigger guy that me? I fought a seven foot tall shaved gorilla with Lion and let's face facts. If I can survive being grappled by that sweaty, smelly, disgusting body odor spewing pile of walking feces then what in the world can scare me now?

Another guy in a mask?


Nope. Not gonna happy Polly.

Am I disputing that your guy is going to hurt me. No. Am I disputing that I will be in a lot of pain after this match? No. Am I saying that your boy is going to truly best me and become World Champion?

Yes. Yes I am.

Because I know one thing. He might be able to beat up Dirk. He might be able to beat up Miranda. He might be able to beat up Dawn. Me? I seriously doubt it.

I also know another fact. You've been talking a big game and we have a new thanksgiving tradition with “The Axis”.

We grab a limb and make a wish.

He's big and bad but what if he loses a kneecap?

What if put to much pressure on his neck?

What if I break his fucking spine with a “E.R. Stat”?

See you can try to break me. It won't work.

I know stuff that you don't. I know that no one is going to walk out of this working properly except me.

Because I don't care. I've beaten so called “champions” before in this federation. Your boy beat up two washed up wrestlers.

The truth is despite what everyone thinks of this “child”, as you so wished to call me, the fact is I have never backed down from a challenge. I may have lost it but I have never ran from anyone.

So you're wasting your breath on trying to scare me.

Oh no I might get attacked before the match. Oh I really hope you do. I hope I get taken out completely. I hope I never have to see that stupid belt.

Fuck the World Title.

While we are at it. Fuck anyone who wants the stupid thing.

It's a waste of fucking time.

Fortunately I got nothing better to do.

So this match might actually be watchable if you can get past the carnage.

I know I will.

Will you?

I listened to what Trent had to tell me and it angered me.

Ataxia: So...we've been compromised?

Trent Steel: Not yet.

Ataxia: So how do we fix this?

Trent Steel: I suggest you staying away from me and checking in with your family.

Ataxia: I'd rather not.

Trent Steel: This isn't about what you want.

Ataxia: When is it?

Trent Steel: Now is not the time to get emo.

Ataxia: I am not getting emo. I am being fucking realistic. This is not...

Trent Steel: You either do this or it's over.

Ataxia: Then it's over. I'm tired of hiding who I really am.

Trent Steel: You don't even know who that is. Trent Steel: Then don't do it and ruin everything you've planned.


Trent Steel: I never said this would be easy.

Ataxia: Yeah. You're the one who doesn't lie to me at least.

I left. I didn't want to but I did. Back to wearing my real mask for a while. I want to vomit.

Well someone is probably passed out drunk somewhere after being violated by thirty men and a few goats.

But enough about Shadow. Let's talk about a real “lady”.

Dawn. I know you and I don't talk a lot. Partially it's because I'm attracted to crazy women and we all know dating on the team just wouldn't work out. I'm sure your a lovely person outside of the ring and you always make me laugh, but that is as far as this goes.

*holds up a rose*

I cannot let myself fall for you for I love another who won't give me a time of day. I am sorry. *poses*

AHAHAHA...Had a few people going there eh?

Truth is I can make a better belt out of sandpaper and tinfoil. Heck you know I can. Craft day is awesome in the house of Axis.

Again no worries. I understand why you want it. I prefer to use this time instead of going after the belt, to instead, go after something fun.

I'm going head hunting. Whose with me?

Polly asked me what my place was.

My place is where I decide it is. Right now it's beside you guys instead of against you. Besides. Someone is coming dangerously close to pissing me off. I trust you both will stay out of my way when it happens.

Speaking of piss...how is everyone's favorite golden shower victim?

Come on Miranda. Tell us how you are doing? Enjoying the “Ke$ha” lifestyle?

Wait. You can't do that. That's Dirk's gimmick.

SHINY AND SATISFYING!!! Oh my stars such a wonderful man with his glittery goodness in everyone's veins. Mancrush. No lie. I just love how he runs because I want his thighs. Oh Dirky you are just a dream like hot fudge on top of ice cream. Oh my god! Oh hell yes! That's a wrestler that is a success!

*Marks the fuck out!*


Barf bags are avalible wherever it is you “normal” people hang out at.

Freak. Druggies. Whores. Hell...my kind of people.

Like Jesus I'd rather hang out with sinners than hypocrites like the rest of you. You are all just jealous that we accept our freakyness and you hide it.

Speaking of things that are better left alone.

Miranda. I can only hope the promo department got my little holiday incentive to not film you this week. I've noticed a great increase in ratings because let's face it. You are a cancer when it comes to being entertaining.

I'm a tough girl who can win. I can do anything a man can do.

Yeah yeah yeah. Go cry a fucking river of feminist tears elsewhere. A woman has all ready proven you suck at being a wrestler so why the fuck are you trying to beat up on us guys? Oh. That's right. Cause no one likes you. Not that you “care”.


Deny it all you want. When you are alone at night thinking of how many people you've screwed over it starts to get at you. Lie all you want to bitch. We all know you aren't one of us.

Psychotic behavior doesn't fit you.

Or are you going to try and hit me again for calling you out?

Come on bitch! Hit me! HIT ME!!

Hahahahahahaa...You can not fucking throw a punch.

You are no threat to the world title. Hell you aren't even a threat to a curtain jerker.

I won my qualifying match. Well if those matches have taught us anything they can be manipulated. Case in point. Jackson Steed ran his mouth. Got stomped. You ran your mouth and thanks to me are about to get stomped yet again.

If...If Fahrenheit has any sense he knows not to fucking trust you. That just leaves us to break another wishbone from a turkey.

Break you two in half. Then I just sit back and watch a REAL world title match. Dirk vs Dawn. Student vs Teacher. Glitter vs Glamor for Gold!

Miranda. I hope you understand that this is nothing personal it's just you don't belong. I think you need to move back to where you belong. The indies. This is the major minor league and let's face it. You don't fucking work well.

I mean if my "girlfriend" can kick your ass what hope do you have?

Oh you beat me with a chair and your fists and I still was standing.

What are you going to do here? Please! Hit me with something creative. I know it's hard for your brain what with all the fun partying you do to kill your brain cells, but do try to hurt me this time.

Because nothing you can do is going to hurt me girly.

Now go back to the strip club where you belong.

Dawn. Stay Classy.

Dirk...Be fabulous!

This is going to be like an early Christmas present...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Everyone wants to know about the man behind the mask. I don't care to let anyone know because the guy you see on television is really who I am. I'm not "Jon Smith" or whatever name they gave me. It's not my real name. Let's just say I know I was given up as a child. Oh poor Taxia...He was abandoned and left alone. You'd think that. You don't know the whole story and if I have my way you never will. I am the greatest living representation of someone's worst sin. If that gives any clue then congratulations are in order. You are smarter than the average bear. I called them up. I shouldn't play this. I don't care.

Person: Hello?

Ataxia: Hey.

Person: (BLEEEEPEEED)!!! We didn't think you were going to call! Howse the job going?

Ataxia: All right.

Person: Your throat sounds strange are you all right?

Ataxia: Dry throat.

Person: Sweetie you should really drink some soup then. Are you taking care of yourself?

Ataxia: Yes...mom.

Ataxia's Mom???: Hey I got a right to worry about my eldest.

Ataxia: Yes mom.

Ataxia's Mom: So did you get my email?

Ataxia: Net's been down today at the hotel. What's up?

Ataxia's Mom: They reopened the case.

I already know. I know what this is all about. I know how much this hurts her. I know how much me being this would hurt her to.

Ataxia: Oh.

Ataxia's Mom: Are you all right?

Ataxia: I never knew him mom so I don't see the big deal.

Ataxia's Mom: Look I know you don't like talking about your biological parents, but if you want to talk you know I'm here.

Ataxia: Mom. I'm fine. You been getting those checks?

Ataxia's Mom: Yes. Dad's thinking you could help us retire early with all this money your making. Your brothers and sister miss you.

Ataxia: Well tell those little shits to not give you to hard of a time.

Ataxia's Mom: What the mouth junior. I'll come over there and kick your butt. Are you going to be around at Christmas?

Ataxia: Hopefully.

Ataxia's Mom: So...bringing anyone special? Ataxia: MOM!

Shut up you know you have these conversations to.

Ataxia's Mom: Son. I'd like some grandkids before I'm to old to not play with them.

Ataxia:...You aren't that old mom. All the other kids are still in high school. Hell (Bleep) is still in middle school.

Ataxia's Mom: You are so getting soap for Christmas.

Ataxia: Sorry.

Ataxia's Mom: So is there a girl?

No. There isn't. There is no girl.

Ataxia: Maybe. Bye Mom.

Ataxia's Mom: What??!! Detail...

I hang up and cut off the phone. Payback for all the telling me about her sex life with my adopted father. I smile. Then after a while the guilt comes back. I'm not who she thinks I am. I'm not who Trent thinks I am. I am Ataxia. Right now I know my opponents will rip this apart.

Ataxia: Counting flowers on the wall...

Let them. I've got nothing to hide. What my name is means nothing. Who I am is what they should worry about.

Ataxia: That don't bother me at all...

I have no rules except the ones I want to play by.

Ataxia: Playing solitaire till dawn...

Right now I am the most qualified person by rank in SFT to wear that Title.

Ataxia: With a deck of fifty one...

They can't stomach it that I am the better one in the eyes of the fans, the bookers, and pretty much everyone else.

Ataxia: Smoking cigarette's and watching Captain Kangaroo...

The best part is I don't want their prize. I don't need their prize.

Ataxia: Don't tell me I've nothing to do...

Because I want a real challenge...Not a trophy that means nothing to me.